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  1. When do they start, or are they already running lol
  2. cromie89

    What are Your Top 5 Rally Cars?

    Carlos Sainz's 1998 Castrol Toyota Corrolla
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    Hey, was playing Grid Autosport an hour ago then decided to quit so i could download & install the drag pack. That would have been 1am (GMT), i'm writing this at 2:05am (GMT) as i loaded up the game, as usual, hit the start button when prompted and i'm reading that my save is corrupted, instead of playing the game!  This is a first time problem for me with any codemasters game, but reading across forums this is an ongoing, randomly occurring  defect that has yet to be fixed, and makes loading saved games (an essential function) a lottery.   I won't be playing it Autosport again until the issue is resolved and may trade it in as until Codemasters come out and say this is fixed. Just read on the forum that amongst other things, the game save corruption problem was patched on November 4th 2014, well i can tell you that it is not fixed.
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    DiRT Rally Championship

    I'm up for another championship.
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    Which is the best rally game ever made?

    Mobil 1 Rally Championship on pc. Based on the British Rally Championship, 22 cars split between 4 classes, full length stages and rallies developed using Ordinance Survey maps so 10-25 min stages, in the Ulster Rally i was actually able to tear past my own home lol. One of the most challenging racing i think due to the length of the stages. Is one of the best rally games
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    DiRT Rally Championship Bonus Round - Monte

    Name - Ulster WRTStage 1 - 3:42.106 Stage 2 - 1:25.372Stage 3 - 3:26.224Stage 4 - 2:19.856 http://imgur.com/0eqz9MW http://imgur.com/tyyvsDj http://imgur.com/k0kFfgT http://imgur.com/D6Xb775 Well done to everyone, will have to make more time for next season (hopefully theres a next season :D).
  7. cromie89

    DiRT Rally Championship Round 3 - Wolverine Rally

    Hopefully i can repost this as the 1st post is a bit of a mess lol Name: cromie89 Team: Ulster WRTStage 1 Time: 2:54:241 - Mountain Drive Stage 2 Time: 2:38:743 - Quincy Mine Stage 3 Time: 1:19:285 - Lake Superior imgur album link - http://imgur.com/a/fxIZu#kR6nali Stage 1 - kR6nali.jpgStage 2 - oxkxnpj.jpgStage 3 - Fw95HUA.jpg
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    DiRT Rally Championship Round 3 - Wolverine Rally

    Name: cromie89 Team: Ulster WRTStage 1 Time: 2:54:241 - Mountain Drive Stage 2 Time: 2:38:743 - Quincy Mine Stage 3 Time: 1:19:285 - Lake SuperiorImgur screenshots & links: kR6nali.jpg oxkxnpj.jpg Fw95HUA.jpg imgur album link -http://imgur.com/a/fxIZu#kR6nali
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    DiRT Rally Championship

    Anyone going on PS3 tonight?
  10. cromie89

    Wednesday night D.R.C. live streaming events

    Ahhh right lol, hopefully there's a few more on tonight.
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    DiRT Rally Championship Round 2 - Safari Rally

    Name: cromie89 Team: Ulster WRTStage 1 Time: 2:39:379 Stage 2 Time: 2:18:869 Stage 3 Time: 3:12:358http://imgur.com/ghdnbFX http://imgur.com/XSMlra1 http://imgur.com/gspiVGP
  12. cromie89

    DiRT Rally Championship Round 2 - Safari Rally

    Good luck everyone. @justbiglee, i think Vic54321 mean a leaderboard for each round when its finished so we can all see how we placed lol. Any word on the Live stream nights?
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    "Next" DiRT game wishlist!

    I just want to start by asking for NO baja buggies or any american form of off road racing.Dakar Rally and vehicle classes maybe, Has to be a full compliment of Group B cars, INCLUDING THE LANCIA 037 (if possible lol)S2000R5 S1600Group AERC Class??Rallycross, modern and retro classesA safari rally with safari spec rally cars (see Celica wrc safari as an example)A collection of Modern era WRC cars from the last 15 years Longer, Mobil 1 Rally Championship style stages, longer RalliesDIRT 1 style career mode, with a choice of possibly branching off to rallycross?Use some old rallies like The Circuit Of Ireland (using 80's/90's stages)A nod to the man himself, Colin McRae and maybe Richard Burns in the form of cars they competed in and/or a special Championship? Just cant wait for DIRT 4 lol, Proper, Ken Block free (Now he signed with ea/nfs) rally sim lol
  14. cromie89

    DiRT Rally Championship

    Team Name - Ulster WRTTeam Logo - Team Members - cromie89, rryans11Platform - PS3Part of Live Streams - Yes