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  1. While I understand your point and I certainly can't say you are wrong I would disagree. A new location would require new textures, trees, and scenery while a new stage could reuse a lot of these resources. And I certainly hope when the team went to the locations to research them they looked at multiple options just incase there first one wasn't what they were hoping for. Rally games have traditionally marketed there quality on number of stages and total stage length in the game, weather it is 12 locations with 24 stages (like we have now) or 6 locations with 24 stages would amount t
  2. Absolutely!! At least 1 more long stage per location (but I'd prefer 2) and a spectator/super special. Would mean we could have decent length rallies without having to repeat stages more than twice.
  3. I might be wrong but I thought the wrc claimed the 1.6 cars made dirt rally to much like wrc 7. In wrc 8 the only 1.6 is the vw, so having them wouldn't be an issue any more. But this is an argument the CM lawyers need to fight out and I hope they do. Can't imagine the 2017 cars being included though for the same reason.
  4. Definitely a subaru rally engine in the video, but the wrc cars don't sound like that because they used a nonstandard manifold, losing the traditional deep bark. That said, the sound may have nothing to do with what's coming lol.
  5. Can you (or someone) tell us step by step how to bring the D4 Liveries into DR4? I was pretty happy with the ones I got from the whole "my team" creator and wouldn't mind having them again.
  6. ARHHHHHHHHHHHH S#!T - thats gonna be midnight or 1am for me.  Guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow before I can enjoy it.........................unless we are ALL wrong about the date.  Just thinking, can you imagine if they stuffed this update? No wonder they are taking their time and getting it right lol. And Happy Birthday Paul. 
  7. I can't find a post anywhere that mentions this, but it's been bugging me since Dirt3 came out.  The Subaru Impreza in Gp A trim has a 6 speed gearbox, not 5.  http://impreza555.com/specs.htm I hope this might get corrected at some point. 
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