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  1. This was an example I pulled from MyTeam season 1. Sorry you may have to run back and forth but look at Gaslys first sector time. He sets it on lap three. However watch his timing screen at the end. IMG_0641.MOV
  2. Crying about it here will not help. It's been stated people have been chosen and that's it. The game is out soon and the beta is not an early access to the game at all! I think this thread along with the other betas have ran their course now. Let the testing commence when access is given and just get on with it.
  3. Yes 100%, as I said before I think a few believe it's an early access to the game. Game is out soon anyway and 2020 isn't shabby by any means!
  4. tarrantino


    It’s not like the search bar is just above the new thread button either. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  5. And now being 35 I feel positively young after all this!
  6. Half on this thread just think it’ll be a chance to play F1 2021. No idea what really needs to be done.
  7. If you do the race pace it’s in clear air without a car in front of you. How often will you use DRS in a race? I use it if I’m behind a car. Watch FP2 and they don’t use it for their race runs IRL.
  8. Haha no. Just more loving space
  9. Yeah same, I ditched Callum Ilott and got George Russel in and GR got a podium in his second race. Callum never scored a point.
  10. Also don't use the DRS during the race program
  11. The difficulty will be locked out though.
  12. Afraid not. Just play out the race and move on. Take a look at the AI calculator a few pages back. Help you put for AI balance.
  13. EA are not getting directly involved right now. Letting Codies get on with it. This is the model that’s served for 11 titles now
  14. Nope. It’s done with. 2021 is the focus. This how it is each year.
  15. Yes they’re reclaiming the land. Saw it on a program on BBC2 over Christmas
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