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  1. tarrantino

    Ferrari Livery 2020

    FIFA doesn't have a tobacco linked sponsor in it? Also gambling isn't on there either?
  2. tarrantino

    Ferrari Livery 2020

    It'll be whatever Ferrari sanction and or use when they cannot use Mission Winnow like in France for example.
  3. tarrantino

    Idea for F1 2020 Codemasters - Historical Circuits

    This was about classic tracks 😂 San Marino would be a good one.
  4. tarrantino

    Negotiating the curves with a gamepad?

    Yes it is practise. Breaking in a straight line is the best way. Also check out the setup page here. It’ll make the car feel so different and then you can break later. The majority of turns start breaking at 100m board and then as you get braver you can break later.
  5. Yeah it’ll be F1 2020
  6. tarrantino

    Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez Aero - Question

    It ain’t hard to incorporate a wind sound affect when the DRS is open is it. It’s the same sound every time. Much like the pit stop. Car comes in and regardless of team same sounds are played and off you go. I saw no difference in any circuit re performance and if there was wouldn’t we be given air temp and track temp in a lot more detail? Rain is just a model with a scripted drying up phase which is way too fast IMO.
  7. tarrantino

    Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez Aero - Question

    I can’t tell if you actually believe this or you’re trying to troll us all!
  8. F1 did back a few years ago but it was awful and because the customer base didn’t really change it was scrapped.
  9. tarrantino

    Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez Aero - Question

    Haha no way is this coded in! They can’t even get the tyres looking right.
  10. tarrantino

    Is it me or is the input dying out?

    For as long the casual game picks it up and continues then the money will keeping rolling in. This series has seen certain improvements but the core of the game is still showing the same bugs. Communication typically poor from Codies. Cycle will start all over again in March 2020
  11. tarrantino

    Will AI drivers performance be updated?

    @Wynterdust why are you surprised? This is Classic Codies! The silence now will continue until a possible patch in November and maybe one in December. This is how they’ve always worked. @ChasteWand don’t get sucked in but the discount and save the money. Until Codies are hit in the pocket they will continue this cycle and mediocre support and product.
  12. tarrantino


    Superb work
  13. Keep dreaming everyone. This series is stuck in the same old loop. Release in the summer, patch hard but same bugs keep occurring. Support will end soon. Then about April it’ll begin to hype again with talk of the next version. Yes great ideas but Codies are stuck with what they can fox and implement. They’re fixing the same things each year with patches. It’s not implementing new things. They do not have the time or resources to produce a well polished game.
  14. tarrantino

    Predictions as to what Patch 1.11 will bring us...

    Are people going to buy into the hype for 2020? Same bugs, same support.