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  1. tarrantino

    Inter-team Driver Transfers CONFIRMED for F1 2019!

    No intelligence in the system it seems
  2. tarrantino

    Haas Rich Energy logos

    Here we go again 🙄 They have been set to liveries in Australia and they will update when the teams agree. This will happen once a season if you’re lucky
  3. tarrantino

    F1 2019 - Microtransactions...

    True. Never thought of it like that
  4. tarrantino

    F1 2019 - Microtransactions...

    Obvious this was going to happy. They asked about micro transactions in their end of season survey a couple of years ago. The game looks the same as 2018, the F2 is just three races. Codies have lost quite a few customers.
  5. tarrantino

    Mechanical Failures: Still just for AI?

    Exactly. Human errors as a toggle, have either off, as it is now like the parts wearing or realistic. Realistic to have parts wearing and random failures.
  6. tarrantino

    F1 2020 Features — Suggestions and Ideas

    Yes that’s right you need the now defunct Kinect for voice commands
  7. tarrantino

    Mechanical Failures: Still just for AI?

    This won’t change. It’s been asked for years, even as an option for the user. Originally it wasn’t implemented as it felt the casual racer would be annoyed at the failure if you’re leading.
  8. tarrantino

    F1 2019 GAMEPLAY

    Updated liveries and lighting around the track but apart from that it’s the same as 2018. Same crash scenes, the bugs will still be the same and same cutscenes from 2015. Plenty will pre order and then realise the same thing. Codemasters will patch it, new bugs will appear and by Christmas people will be left wondering if they will fix problems. The series has stagnated now it’s pretty obvious that codies have reached their limit with this series
  9. tarrantino


    You’re missing the point. You a stupid penalty from because the AI hits you then you need a flashback. Turning them off removes the option to correct that.
  10. tarrantino

    AI need actual Tyre wear and strategy

    Yes although they will take a different strategy in terms of different tyres, it’s to a set pattern. E.g. soft soft medium or soft medium soft. Theres no “taking a punt” or stopping at the safety car period. Would bring so much more to the race.
  11. tarrantino

    New to F1 and racing games...

    Yeah it’s just patients at times. Races you’ll find will vary and pit strategy in longer races will play its part. Also some tracks are really good to race and some like Monaco are an absolute sod to get right.
  12. tarrantino

    New to F1 and racing games...

    The old saying practise makes perfect really. As you say you’re looking to learn the tracks so that’s a good start. The Time Trial cars are full spec so they will feel nothing like your career mode car. Just keep the AI low to start off with, then build that up as you go along and get better.
  13. tarrantino


    “Spent two years on this” copied last season and made some changes. Seeing is believing with this version.
  14. tarrantino

    Crossplay PC / Xboxone

    No afraid not
  15. tarrantino

    Grid Penalties Bug. They Aren’t Right (xb1)

    If you get into Q3 and set a time you will start on those tyres regardless of penalties. As for the other grid penalties, the problem is they are not listed. Do they may got a 10 place penalty for an infringement but also taken a need gearbox or engine element. Unfortunately we do not know do it’s second guessing. Plus the AI don’t pool their penalties in one race.