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  1. tarrantino

    Qualifying tires / Tires to start the race

    You do Q1 on one set. Then Q2 on a brand new set. The Q2 set you will start the race on if you get through to Q3. DO NOT use those tyres in Q3. Codies don’t highlight this in the tyre screen so you have to remember. I usually do this: Q1: Softs 1 Q2: Softs 1 and then Softs 2 Q: Softs 1 and then Softs 3.
  2. tarrantino

    New Podium Pass - XP

    Is this the last season? Glad it's reduced
  3. tarrantino

    Auto vs Manual for Overtake & Fuel

    Well you’d probably have a lap at most on overtake. Also depends on the fuel you have in the car. I only do 100% where strategy is key with overtake and fuel.
  4. tarrantino

    Auto vs Manual for Overtake & Fuel

    Overtake and fuel is more effective over a race distance. If you have it on auto you lose that strategy during the race.
  5. tarrantino


    No details of 2021 and you won’t until March. Has been stated by Barry they’ll be a driver risings update.
  6. tarrantino

    Ea sports it’s in the game

    They’d be foolish IMO to start from scratch. They have a good base to build on now. The cash injection and man power alone will help the series.
  7. tarrantino

    F1 2021 Spain New Turn 10 and 11 !!!

    So a hybrid of the old turn that they changed to slow things down.
  8. tarrantino

    AI behavior in qualifying

    See this thread So, I went throught the 10 seasons of "My Team"... - F1 Chat - Codemasters Community
  9. tarrantino

    Ea sports it’s in the game

    If they allow CM access to their resources and better funding then it could be a well polished game. If they want to dig their claws in though then it'll be loot boxes and Ultimate F1 team, buying cards for engines, upgrades and drivers.
  10. tarrantino

    Will Take Two reinvent next years game F1 2021 or?

    EA are about to put in a bid too!
  11. tarrantino

    PLEASE CODEMASTERS!! We want the Official Halo Hud

    The halo overlay is a F1 graphic not Sky Sports
  12. tarrantino

    Qualifying tips

    Yes this. Look for the thread on AI adjustment and you’ll see.
  13. tarrantino

    Qualifying tips

    Is your fuel drained out? Run the car on max from the off. Save your battery and then stick on hot lap just before the final corner.
  14. tarrantino

    Anyone doubting the Halo now?

    I think the halo debate can now be put to bed. Clear that it saved his life yesterday. Grosjean himself said he was a doubter.
  15. tarrantino

    is Bottas overpowered in your game?

    Yes he’s over 80 points ahead in my game. Granted Lewis had 3 DNFs in a row from Bahrain but he’s been way ahead.