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    Will Take Two reinvent next years game F1 2021 or?

    Yes 2022 will be the full next gen game. Bit like 2015 was a flop but 2016 was much better. I’d hate to see more micro transactions. When you pay £65 for a next gen game and then additional cash to gain stuff, frustrates those who don’t have that money let alone the principal of not handing over additional cash. Yes the game needs a overhaul and is needed. With the power these new consoles bring it need to be utilised. How that will look will be interesting. A more immersive race weekend? The base game is there and visually 19 and 20 look much better. However the little things need looking at. Safety Car can be refined better, the wet weather transition needs to be longer and not a script. That’s just a toe in the water.
  2. tarrantino

    When will back markers be allowed to overtake safety car?

    Maybe next gen. I think it’ll take a lot for this set of consoles. Who knows what 2022 will bring with full next gen
  3. tarrantino

    Will ever ever see player mechanical failures?

    This has been discussed for years. I remember Steve Hood saying it wasn’t being put in as players didn’t want to get lap 59 of 61 for example and lose the race. Didn’t realise that this was what people wanted
  4. Don't forget the game was designed for the Xbox One which as you state is limited to Kinect voice command. When the F1 game is built for the next gen, then I suspect we'll see a change.
  5. tarrantino

    So, I went throught the 10 seasons of "My Team"...

    I’m going to add to this. I was completing Singapore FP3. Bit of context as it started dry but quickly went wet. it dried out at the end with 6 minutes left so everyone went into the pits bar Gasly. So he completes his first two laps and was completing lap 3 when the session ended. If you look at the video, his first sector is a 27.586 and then the session ends. Not surprised he jumped ahead of me with the usual ending session bug but wondered where he gained the time because it wasn’t stand out as the track was transitioning. You’ll see he completed an additional THREE LAPS! We all know weird things go on with skipping but @BarryBL three laps? IMG_0553.MOV
  6. tarrantino

    1.13 patch is out

    The weather report is not meant to be 100% right just like IRL.
  7. tarrantino

    1.13 patch is out

    It was my guess as hadnt updated but that’s good to hear.
  8. tarrantino

    1.13 patch is out

    Just means you can save 11 different liveries. So could save each season decal for nostalgia
  9. Morning @BarryBL. When can we expect a hot fix for this? I’ve got away with it in Spa and Monza but will be hitting Singapore soon which we all know we need blue flags there!
  10. tarrantino

    Bottas P1

    Lewis was was mechanical in mine. Although since the updates Lewis has come back stronger it seems.
  11. tarrantino

    OMG I lost everything

    Maybe take a look on the Xbox forums and see if anything is on about loss of saved games. May help
  12. tarrantino

    OMG I lost everything

    Should be saved to the cloud on Xbox?
  13. tarrantino

    Save files on next gen consoles

    Xbox is all in the cloud so should carry over?
  14. tarrantino

    2000th bug report topic celebration.

    Yeah but they don’t have the sales figures of COD and never will. COD is played all around the world where as F1 is a very specific sport/game. With less income they are unable to expand to the heights of Acitivision or EA for example.
  15. tarrantino

    2000th bug report topic celebration.

    How? Warzones creators Activision have a bigger amount of resources and time compared to CM.
  16. tarrantino

    2000th bug report topic celebration.

    You cannot compare Warzone to F1 that’s ludicrous. Also I’ve had the safety car many times so your childish repetition is false.
  17. tarrantino

    PHOTO MODE - Share your pics!

    A soggy 🇨🇦
  18. Thank you @BarryBL for the update. Glad you’ve been able to replicate now. Let’s hope it’s a hot fix so we don’t have to wait too long.
  19. @BarryBL I think this needs looking at. Plenty of evidence here. When is it going to developers?
  20. Something isn’t right if multiple users are getting the problem. Did you try in MyTeam or Championship?
  21. tarrantino

    Bottas P1

    Bottas is over 100 points ahead in MyTeam too. Lewis had 3 dnfs in a row.
  22. @BarryBL Yes 100% race. I did wonder my 1.12 patched after Q1 would it happening during a race weekend bug it? I saved and came out of the game and returned and it still had the same problem. It was a massive train behind Latifi at the end. I saved on lap 40 at my second pit stop
  23. Yes no problem. Also to add to this corner cutting warning goes off too. I just ran over the chicane at full speed and no warning all all. However I do remember it working ok yesterday when I started the race as made a mistake at T4 and had that warning.
  24. @BarryBL Same here on the Xbox. Mid session save in MyTeam in Hungary. Cant say for certain whether it was like that from the start. I have attached some photos. You’ll see Perez Bottas and Hamilton stuck behind the Williams and a Haas. I have a video but it’s taking a while to upload
  25. tarrantino

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    You don’t get it? It’s not about the Ferrari engine as a whole. The user gets a better engine than the AI Ferrari. How does that work?