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    Performance Patch coming soon?

    I have Honda so I'm not concerned at this exact moment BUT.... There are quite a few who want to go to a Ferrari engine OR have one and will be over powered compared to the works engine which is pretty ****.
  2. tarrantino

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    Don't be surprised that Ferrari had something to do with that.
  3. tarrantino

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    Which if you want to be realistic you now cannot run with a Ferrari engine
  4. tarrantino

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    I think @s00zster is right though. If you have a Ferrari engine right now, you're not affected but Ferrari, Hass and Alfa are. If you have Honda for example it won't matter.
  5. tarrantino

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    So if you’re not a Ferrari powered car and move to them do we get the reduced engine? This is stupid if your team powered by Ferrari hasn’t been affected.
  6. tarrantino

    R&D Resources Info

    It’s your team.
  7. tarrantino

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    Well their wording is as clear as mud so who knows.
  8. tarrantino

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    It needs to be simplying apply to existing save or not in MyTeam. Pretty easy and everyone has been saying this for weeks.
  9. tarrantino

    Performance Patch - MyTeam power units?

    Yeah that’s a weird statement. @BarryBL can you confirm?
  10. tarrantino

    Favorite Classic Car

    Damon Hill’s 96 Williams.
  11. tarrantino

    Safety Car due to heavy rain

    How weird just reloaded my Austria mid save and it has just started throwing it down and the SC is out.
  12. tarrantino

    MyTeam Monaco HELP

    Have you checked the tyre temps as you go around? Monaco is notorious for heating the fronts. That causes understeer which means you push harder which causes higher temps and so on. Trick is almost to drive slower to go faster.
  13. tarrantino

    Safety Car due to heavy rain

    Been there a few years now. Been a long time since I’ve had that.
  14. tarrantino

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    The state of some of the comments on here. Don’t bother reading the thread or understanding how this works. Codies will also have to get this signed off by all the teams. Will Ferrari want to look as bad on the game as IRL? It has become clearer but to get it right they want as much data as possible. Guarantee that they’ll be people moaning things haven’t been done right even when it arrives.
  15. tarrantino

    Why the Ferrari's Weichai sponsor still present in the Game?

    I’m surprised CM didn’t ask your opinion alongside the F1 drivers about such items like slipstream for example.
  16. tarrantino

    The Worst Things Jeff Says to You

    To add to that you’re a lap down and in high mode with half a lap left, technically have 1 and a half laps left
  17. tarrantino

    The Worst Things Jeff Says to You

    Yep had that. End of Q3 less than 30 seconds left - This rain will continue for another 10 minutes
  18. tarrantino

    Tyre Strategy

    Hope for a nice safety car too. However starting on the hards will negate that as you’ll only go softer and then Less laps.
  19. tarrantino

    Damage model

    I think you’ll find most actually want a better system. However the teams don’t want to portray their cars as brittle and sponsors are also involved hence why you just crash to the safety cell.
  20. tarrantino

    Patch 1.09 | Patch Notes Deep Dive

    Superb patch, nice to see the numbers for colour customisation.
  21. tarrantino

    F1 2021 and beyond compatible consoles...

    All Xbox One games are backwards compatible with Xbox One Series S and X. Think of it as a PC upgrade with but still running Windows 10.
  22. tarrantino

    F1 2021 and beyond compatible consoles...

    The new S is a next gen without a CD drive. There is a slight kerb on the video output I believe but has the same graphics card. Think the SSD is restricted a bit. I saw a really good comparison but can’t find it atm. You will be able to play them on there. It’ll be a bit like the current Xbox One original v the Xbox One X. Both play the same games. One is able to do 4K for example.
  23. tarrantino

    Tire Regulations

    The game keeps one set of each compound locked out. Only if you make it to Q3 you can use the new soft set that was locked out. However you qualified 14th so free tyre choice and access to the unused set from Q3
  24. When you start a new practise session and then jump straight into any of the practise programs you can select tyres as per normal. Once you have completed a practise program or two and go to the tyre selection screen (See below) the ability to change compounds is frozen out. You cannot change between soft, medium or hard or jump between wet and dry. If you right or left bumper then this doesn’t clear it. Only if you left or right trigger does this then clear the problem. Xbox One 1.08 MyTeam Yes seem to happen quite often and possibly every time but because I only mainly do just the practise programs this isn’t noted at each Grand Prix. I did not it when it wet dry to wet and also in Hanoi when I switched tyres getting used to the track By going to a practise program from the start of a session or a mid session save and then going to change tyres manually. By pressing left or right trigger. Gamepad. See below
  25. tarrantino

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    Suits Merc perfectly this. The Lewis Nico battle although interesting was very difficult behind the scenes, with Toto having numerous conversations between them. Lewis has the race craft which showed today. Not just all about the car as you need someone who can drive it.