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    Xbox update

    I would expect the latter. No platform has had a significant update since the start and I suspect they’ll all come at together onto the same version.
  2. tarrantino

    Xbox update

    Chances are here 1.03 will be 1.05 with all the other platforms reaching the same level. Two updates in 1 patch. Happened before.
  3. tarrantino

    Mercedes car

    Yes. Both Merc and Codies have confirmed in a tweet
  4. tarrantino

    Williams/Mercedes old liveries still in game?

    Merc and codies have tweeted to say ours coming. Patients
  5. tarrantino

    Voice commands on Xbox.

    I thought this was the code in the Xbox OS that it always has to be via connect.
  6. tarrantino

    Naming team as Honda

    Repsol. Not quite F1 but works
  7. tarrantino


    Looks real nice and a brilliant way to highlight the message. That said I’d imagine CM knew this and it’ll be patched in for Day 1.
  8. tarrantino

    New Williams livery F1 2020

    I would imagine with Rokit parting ways it would be embarrassing to have them on there. It’s a brilliant livery. Their best in years.
  9. tarrantino

    F1® 2020 First Look | My Team

    Yeah I agree. I think though that’s too far for this current crop of consoles. Possibly the new gen consoles will gove the devs an opportunity to build on this.
  10. tarrantino

    F1® 2020 First Look | My Team

    Imagine that you’re second being your teammate and you could just tell them to pit every time. I get what you’re saying though. Playing it properly would work a lot and bring something to the game.
  11. As a rule of thumb too you want to breaking at 100m that’ll be the latest. Gives you a guide where you need to break. Break earlier to begin with to get an idea.
  12. Think you can either hit reset or chose select default on the controls again
  13. Yeah I have never changed my settings on a controller. Should all be default. As @BarryBL stated, use the racing line. Have it 2D if you find it annoying to learn the tracks. I turn it on for France as I don’t know it even now!
  14. tarrantino

    F1® 2020 First Look | My Team

    So if power unit upgrades are being made by Merc we know this be passed down to customer teams. However why do we have access in MyTeam and also career of a customer? Will our upgrades go back up to? E.g McLaren power unit upgrade goes to Renault and visa vesa?
  15. I’m not surprised. The difference between the two in terms of game play isn’t that much. I never got 2019 so I’m playing 2018 now before 2020.
  16. tarrantino

    Mechanical failure

    That was also spoken about by the infamous Steve Hood. His decision were very strange at times.
  17. tarrantino

    Which Engine?

    Which engine will you start MyTeam with?
  18. tarrantino

    Which Engine?

    Yes of course budget is key, I know everyone would love the Merc engine.
  19. tarrantino

    Mechanical failure

    Yes I agree too. You just want to have that in depth career or my team mode you need that. I get the odd one when you start a session but you lose 5 minutes or 2 minutes it’s just not the same
  20. tarrantino

    F1® 2020 | Driver Ratings Announced Part One

    Strolls Dad brought him 10 points
  21. I don’t play multiplayer. I don’t have the ability to lock in specific time or day to play. So my perspective is offline
  22. Wet-dry and AI Pit strategy. Yeah that’s two but linked some what. The drying time is too quick and you cannot make a strategy when it rains. It’s very rigid when you pit for wets and back to drys. You cannot make a gamble for a couple of laps and gain a lot of time.
  23. tarrantino

    Cool down lap added to game

    Have it as an option but o don’t think it’ll bring much to the game really. You’d then have to program pit entry and parc femme at the end.
  24. What engine would you use For Audi? Keep it German with Merc.
  25. tarrantino

    Codemasters beating your expectations with F1 2020 title

    Let's not get too hyped! I fired up 2018 and was presented with this buggy situation. Bottas was stuck driving around with the pit limiter on and a big crash with multiple penalties.