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    New structure at CM ?

    I know I have said this a few times, but I'm convinced it's to do with the tyre bug in 2011. The whole "people don't use it" was an excuse to cover up the fact they couldn't fix the bug. 
  2. tarrantino

    Patch confirmation?

    100%? Ok whatever. What difference does it make if they are playing career mode? They might be fed up of people ramming, can't commit to a league time and day. 
  3. What platform are you on? On xbox you use the direction buttons and press right and it'll show a menu on screen you then select which tyre. N.b do this on a straight
  4. tarrantino

    QOTW #10: F1 2014 Game Reviews

    7 It has a solid base, missing some essential items. FP1 and 2 as an example. R&D / practise could certainly have a lot more challenges or targets put in. Something like a target time with x amount of fuel in the car. Simulate race pace.  I would prefer to see a slider 0-100% difficulty rather than the set fixed positions. This would allow a much more personal experience with the game.  More information about your performance so telemetry.  I think adding these in the next gen will certainly make it go a long way. I haven't had a wet race yet but 2011 showed that issue and a lot are pointing that out so that is going to disappoint when I get there. 
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    Will this pc be ok to play f1 2014

    PC Specialist is a good place for custom built 
  6. tarrantino

    F1 2014 Wheel Spin with Little Throttle

    I personally find the lack of traction a nice challenge. It was interesting though because after putting on brand new primes I could use rich mix and wheel spin was reduced. I think also I thought about it even more, really brought the throttle in slowly. The extra grip in the tyres through the whole lap off set the slightly slower acceleration out the tight turns.  Im enjoying the challenge. 
  7. Good for you, but why because the OP has bought it he's been scammed? Can you not accept they are enjoying it? Fair enough you haven't parted with your cash but why bash someone taking their time out to write and comment about their good and bad experiences? 
  8. Really nice read. Enjoyed both positive and negative aspects. Something CM can take a look at and use effectively.  Tyres I've found just as you have that they need managing. I tried to push in my second stint in Australia but with Rich Fuel and I had problems getting the traction down and was then defending for a couple of laps at the end of the stint.  Malady stint I didn't push as hard. Stayed in standard more and was rewarded with grip all the way to the end. I know less fuel and and the track rubbering in helped but it was a nice drive 
  9. tarrantino

    My thoughts on pad handling

    I tried to change a button but it didn't open the options up
  10. tarrantino

    F1 2014 Wheel Spin with Little Throttle

    Also rich mix on used option tyres really does spin the rears. You have to feather the throttle which sometimes is detrimental to your overall pace. 
  11. And? It's a free world isn't it? Or i have a limit of what i can post while you are in this forum yes? I notice that you also can answer and address the points i make about the game though, you just carry on defending it! I haven't defended or slated the game either way. Yes you are allowed to voice an opinion but we've had three topics. Just take a step back and relax. Stop getting so worked up. 
  12. How many more threads though? Yes you have an opinion but you have started three threads about it. 
  13. tarrantino

    Says it all!!

    Yes this game is a joke!!! My copy's in the bin!! So how many threads do you have to say YOUR opinion and try and force down everyone's throat?
  14. Me, because I really don't want to pay for a wheel when I have plenty of other things to spend money on. I don't have the space, and I don't want to set it up every time.  Its just like the PC V console comments that. How people can't accept everyone has a different setup and way of playing is stupid. 
  15. I haven't actually bought or played F1 since 2011 version. I was frustrated with the post patch. 3-5 cars dropping out and retiring. Also dropping FP1 and FP2 from 2012 was annoying.  I have a Xbox. I don't have a setup decent enough to enjoy the game on PC. Although I could run it easily on my machine.  I believe this will be the last chance for a while to enjoy F1.  Ive seen positive and negative. I also have a £15 game voucher. Big debate really as to whether to get or not? 
  16. tarrantino

    A Step Forward

    Oddly enough everyone is different. So why can't the OP think differently?
  17. tarrantino

    All F2014 video

    I'm sure I read somewhere that Williams chose that livery? These are captured at the time of the Australian GP?!
  18. tarrantino


    That bottom pic is Maldonaldo? If you check Romans car he has the mirror livery as shown in the top pic. 
  19. tarrantino


    No FP1 or FP2. Tyre bug from 2011 still not fixed so it's not not there. 
  20. tarrantino

    [VIDEO] F1 2014 Spa Hot Lap

    Forza doesn't no. However couldn't you argue that if they wanted TV camera style then wouldn't there be TV HUD?
  21. tarrantino

    [VIDEO] F1 2014 Red Bull Ring Hot Lap

    Seriously let's have some patients here. You have all been on the forums since 2010 you know the rules. Every video and official release has to go through FOM. Codies have said time and time again they are bound by what they can release and wish they can release more!  Before anyone points out about loving Codies etc I havnt actually bought F1 since 2011.  The video does look good visually. Sounds as stated are going to be fixed. We have two months yet before the release so we are on a delayed timescale from previous years. 
  22. This reminds me of the practise 1,2,3 debacle. We had all three in 10 and 11. 11 was patched then it became bugged so Codies removed as "no-one hardly uses it anyway" In other words, bug can't be fixed.
  23. tarrantino

    Black Edition Redeem Code - Not Working

    I kept requesting on xbox 360 and after a few goes it worked.
  24. tarrantino

    Camera Angle Feedback

    Chase cam needs to be higher and pulled out slightly. I do enjoy the T-Bar style came on the open wheeled cars
  25. tarrantino

    Black Edition Redeem Code - Not Working

    I'm having the same problem Xbox 360. Just 1% 0% then says it can't download. Tries several times. Edit tried one time after posting then it worked. :) Thanks. I tried downloading it again last night and it finally worked. Great stuff! Can anyone else who was experiencing this give it another go?