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    F1 2020 My team fuel consumption bug ?

    If you do the race pace it’s in clear air without a car in front of you. How often will you use DRS in a race? I use it if I’m behind a car. Watch FP2 and they don’t use it for their race runs IRL.
  2. tarrantino

    Big Monaco changes coming up

    Haha no. Just more loving space
  3. tarrantino

    doesnt matter what 2nd driver!

    Yeah same, I ditched Callum Ilott and got George Russel in and GR got a podium in his second race. Callum never scored a point.
  4. tarrantino

    F1 2020 My team fuel consumption bug ?

    Also don't use the DRS during the race program
  5. tarrantino

    Can you delete a mid-session save?

    The difficulty will be locked out though.
  6. tarrantino

    Can you delete a mid-session save?

    Afraid not. Just play out the race and move on. Take a look at the AI calculator a few pages back. Help you put for AI balance.
  7. tarrantino

    Any patches planned

    EA are not getting directly involved right now. Letting Codies get on with it. This is the model that’s served for 11 titles now
  8. tarrantino

    Any patches planned

    Nope. It’s done with. 2021 is the focus. This how it is each year.
  9. tarrantino

    Big Monaco changes coming up

    Yes they’re reclaiming the land. Saw it on a program on BBC2 over Christmas
  10. tarrantino

    Will pitcoins in F1 2020 be carried over to F1 2021?

    Will pitcoins in F1 2020 be carried over to F1 2021? - F1 Chat - Codemasters Community Don't need ANOTHER THREAD!
  11. tarrantino

    F1 2021 game

    Unpicking the initial wording what is really innovative here? Not too much it seems right now. Whilst 2020 is a good F1 it still doesn’t feel polished enough at times really. Bottle OP never been addressed. MyTeam liveries pretty poor.
  12. tarrantino

    Question on Qualy Pace program and Qualifying times

    It’s been happening for years.
  13. tarrantino

    Question on Qualy Pace program and Qualifying times

    Been spoken about plenty of times here. The AI balancing between tracks doesn’t help. Doesn’t always correlate sadly.
  14. tarrantino

    No longer enjoying F1 2020

    No I won’t be getting 2021. I don’t tend to get every year as it gets repetitive and only got 2020 due to MyTeam as my 18 save was going well.
  15. tarrantino

    What is the Best f1 game ever

    Formula One on the PS1
  16. tarrantino

    Switching from PS4 to Series X

    Have a look here. I used this and works a treat
  17. tarrantino

    No longer enjoying F1 2020

    Yes absolutely. Cricket 19 being totally different. Not ever their official forum and they take the comments and get patches out specific to the problems. I find that there are some fundamental problems with gaming today. Firstly the ability to patch I think is a huge problem. It almost postpones the problem until later down the line. It doesn’t encourage the studios to put out a top game from the off. Also the youtubers are a waste of time. They’re never going to say a bad thing form the off. Too many watch their videos and buy into the hype. They won’t say a bad word as it’s more money for them getting the game early each year. I know CM need to appeal to as many as possible, but the Fortnite stuff is just pathetic.
  18. tarrantino

    No longer enjoying F1 2020

    We’ll see what a small chance of one update. Personal I can’t see it but might be wrong. I know things are different this year but chances are that the cycle will start all over again soon. The teases, the closed beta, the hype. Ready for a late summer release and then 15 patches later complete silence. I’ve enjoyed this one a lot more than previous versions, but those stupid pitcoins and XP isn’t F1. This is a bandwagon and it was clear when it appeared in that first survey it was going to happen. Yes I appreciate they are limited with money and resources but the points above are right. Although I saw 3 crashes at Hanoi last week which was the first time in quite a while I saw a crash and SC. Series as a whole has gone backwards and the radio silence is classic yet again.
  19. tarrantino

    Tips for manually define race strategies and tyre wear

    There’s a bit more to it than the only difference being how quick you get there. Whichever soft tyre being used for the race weekend will be the quickest. However it will get hotter quicker. Another factor to watch is those tyre temps. If they get too hot you’ll slide about and the. It’s just a downward slope. You’ll notice that the harder the compound the cooler it’ll run which is part of the reason it’ll last longer.
  20. tarrantino

    New Podium Pass - XP

    That’s quite a jump at the end! I have enough for VIP now but doesn’t look worth it. Had VIP in season 1 only.
  21. Think it was 3-4 laps max myself at 100% distance.
  22. Yes to both. I had a storm in Austria and the safety car came out until it cleared a bit.
  23. tarrantino

    Safety Car

    See this existing thread
  24. tarrantino

    Qualifying tires / Tires to start the race

    You do Q1 on one set. Then Q2 on a brand new set. The Q2 set you will start the race on if you get through to Q3. DO NOT use those tyres in Q3. Codies don’t highlight this in the tyre screen so you have to remember. I usually do this: Q1: Softs 1 Q2: Softs 1 and then Softs 2 Q: Softs 1 and then Softs 3.
  25. tarrantino

    New Podium Pass - XP

    Is this the last season? Glad it's reduced