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  1. 15 hours ago, Shark2Racing said:

    ???????? Why ???????? How can you find out about the right amount of fuel if you do not use DRS - fuel mix and ers ????

    This only force you to slow down in a race at a certain moment...

    of course weight might be higher at start 

    But racing longer than five laps you all need to take this into account 

    not sure if the program here is always helpful............

    If you do the race pace it’s in clear air without a car in front of you. How often will you use DRS in a race? 

    I use it if I’m behind a car. Watch FP2 and they don’t use it for their race runs IRL. 

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  2. 13 hours ago, Schneehase said:

    Start to drive, go to the menu and select "restart session"? You are back at the starting grid, go to the menu and select "exit to main menu". You get a warning "session progress will be lost". You accept and after you can restart the race from scratch (should even include the video before the start).

    The difficulty will be locked out though. 

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  3. 1 minute ago, JonathanGreen88 said:

    Gutted just hope now ea have taken over we get proper updates like fifa constantly has 

    EA are not getting directly involved right now. Letting Codies get on with it. This is the model that’s served for 11 titles now

  4. Unpicking the initial wording what is really innovative here? Not too much it seems right now. 

    Whilst 2020 is a good F1 it still doesn’t feel polished enough at times really. Bottle OP never been addressed. MyTeam liveries pretty poor. 

  5. 14 hours ago, StanleyGoodspeed said:

    Definitely! The stupid dances in weird kiddie pyama’s are ridiculous.

    I’ve been frustrated with the XP, Podium Pass, Pit Coin situation from the start. 

    The worst thing is that you can’t ignore it, or opt out. After every training session, qualifying or race, you’ll get the podium pass and items shoved under your nose. 
    And now, with the latest patch, a pop up item store window when starting the game. 

    I’ve paid € 80 for a premium game, not some mobile free to play app. This kills the game for me, far more than all the other complaints frequently read on this forum  

    I’m not against DLC, in fact, I welcome it. But it has to be something substantial, like cars, tracks, challenges, etc. Not this Podium Pass nonsense.

    The vibe I get from Codemasters is that they’re lazy, greedy and do not care about the sport, or their customers at all. 

    Just curious, are you still getting F1 2021?

    No I won’t be getting 2021. I don’t tend to get every year as it gets repetitive and only got 2020 due to MyTeam as my 18 save was going well. 


  6. 1 hour ago, s00zster said:

    Yeah, I can't see them improving any of the points I made unfortunately. Definitely won't be pre-ordering 2021 this time, just don't like the way the series is headed at all.

    And you're right - it's a bandwagon. The whole story mode in 2019 felt like they were trying to copy FIFA "The Journey" mode and even then it was half-baked, then the whole Podium Pass thing is trying to copy games like Fortnite. It's a teenage cash-grab. You start to realise the demographic Codemasters have started to aim for. The whole eSports hype thing, pitcoins, emotes, it just comes off utterly shallow and completely against what a Formula 1 game should be. Cutting edge engineering, physics, drama, danger - not prancing onto the podium to perform a spot of linedancing.

    I hate to rant, I never meant to rant. I was originally just going to mention how great F1 2018 felt when I went back to it, but then I realised there were other things that are being ignored and the realisation that I started to seriously dislike the direction the game is heading.

    Also, I understand there's a structure to bug reporting having myself been a beta tester for several games, but there are people reporting bugs, perhaps not in the correct format but clearly enough for a dev to use a bit of common sense that it could've been logged and fixed just by asking "what platform are you on?" rather than "we won't accept that until you retype the whole thing in this exact format" and by that time the person who's reported the bug is probably so frustrated by what they've just experienced in the game that they just can't be bothered. And that partly might be indirectly down to the demographic they've aimed the game towards, ironically.

    Or worse still, ignored completely. I've seen people put a ton of effort into their reports and months later, no answer at all. There needs to be more mods to deal with stuff like this. Too much is getting missed or pushed away due to being perhaps overly rigid and not enough staff.

    Yes absolutely. Cricket 19 being totally different. Not ever their official forum and they take the comments and get patches out specific to the problems. 

    I find that there are some fundamental problems with gaming today. Firstly the ability to patch I think is a huge problem. It almost postpones the problem until later down the line. It doesn’t encourage the studios to put out a top game from the off. Also the youtubers are a waste of time. They’re never going to say a bad thing form the off. Too many watch their videos and buy into the hype. They won’t say a bad word as it’s more money for them getting the game early each year. 

    I know CM need to appeal to as many as possible, but the Fortnite stuff is just pathetic. 

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  7. We’ll see what a small chance of one update. Personal I can’t see it but might be wrong. 

    I know things are different this year but chances are that the cycle will start all over again soon. The teases, the closed beta, the hype. Ready for a late summer release and then 15 patches later complete silence. 

    I’ve enjoyed this one a lot more than previous versions, but those stupid pitcoins and XP isn’t F1. This is a bandwagon and it was clear when it appeared in that first survey it was going to happen. 

    Yes I appreciate they are limited with money and resources but the points above are right. Although I saw 3 crashes at Hanoi last week which was the first time in quite a while I saw a crash and SC. 

    Series as a whole has gone backwards and the radio silence is classic yet again. 

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  8. There’s a bit more to it than the only difference being how quick you get there. 

    Whichever soft tyre being used for the race weekend will be the quickest. However it will get hotter quicker. Another factor to watch is those tyre temps. If they get too hot you’ll slide about and the. It’s just a downward slope. 

    You’ll notice that the harder the compound the cooler it’ll run which is part of the reason it’ll last longer. 


  9. 3 hours ago, Y2Kev said:

    Thank you tarrantino for your response. Had it been a longer distance I don’t know how long the safety car would have come out for, but since it was 25% distance it was only out 3 laps, which I believe is the maximum for this race distance.

    Thanks for your reply, Bicarda, this is the first time in the F1 games over several years I’ve seen this. I didn’t realise it was a feature and am pretty impressed by it.

    Think it was 3-4 laps max myself at 100% distance. 

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  10. 5 hours ago, kexxra said:

    okay so i quali by using one-lap, not by Q1, 2 and 3, however i’m still starting on 30% plus worn tyres. can anyone explain that? 

    You do Q1 on one set. Then Q2 on a brand new set. The Q2 set you will start the race on if you get through to Q3. DO NOT use those tyres in Q3. Codies don’t highlight this in the tyre screen so you have to remember. I usually do this:


    Q1: Softs 1

    Q2: Softs 1 and then Softs 2

    Q: Softs 1 and then Softs 3. 

  11. 7 minutes ago, BarryBL said:

    Hi @ReimvomSchleim

    Happy to hear you like our changes, and yes, we’ve been able to see how players are progressing and have rebalanced the amount of XP required to level up to give players a better podium pass experience based on how everyone as a whole plays the game.

    Is this the last season? Glad it's reduced