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  1. DRS is always going to cause a divide.

    Doesn't it sound though that without DRS it's hard to follow cars directly and not get close? I think without DRS you will see cars a bit like a repelling magnet. Get so far but unable to get close. This is because of the air coming off the first car. As Brundle has said in comms there is a lot of work done via the front wing to work the air. 

    We have seen pre Pirelli and a DRS that overtaking was at a mimimum not completely gone but significantly reduced. 

    Comparing overtaking to to even the 90's is a bit pointless as the cars are different then and now. 

    Currently DRS provides an overtaking solution but it's the car design that's causing the problem. 

  2. The lack of clear strategy also showed with the safety car being implemented after a lot of discussion and pressure from the fans. I agree the use of the ego engine was a problem from the off. This led to fundamental flaws in the code for the series which cannot be fixed. One fix creates another problem and it spirals into more problems. 

    The cost of creating a brand new engine for a specific game like F1 would out scale the benefits, especially to a direct audience. 

    I do do fear this an evolution rather than a revolution and it could cost CM, as patients is already wearing thin with quite a few. 

  3. I can only echo what many have said. 2010 was an excellent start and many thought it was going to be a long road of success. I had a race in China where I was going to take my first win and podium but got a puncture with several laps left bolted a set of options on and went for it. Got a podium but it was still great to put in 7 or so qualy laps and make up a few positions. Also say full race weekend. I enjoyed 2011 up to the patch where drivers around you retired as it was well documented there were no retirements and Codies try to "fix" that but broke it and left it. 2014 has a very polished feel around the graphics, it just lacks immersion. As with all when a race is over that's it. Nothing grabs you and says otherwise. You just get a radio message. The standings and then onto FP3.

  4. Well just been doing 100% in Germeny Xbox360 with a pad. I had mid saved my race but only as a marker in case of any problems. I got to my final stop and the car got stuck in the pits. After 40 seconds I gave up. No traffic around at all. Re loaded a few laps before my stop, went around again and entered the pits as scheduled on lap 52. Rosberg stopped behind me and pulled out and the car once again was stuck. Revving but going no where and no traffic about. Had no choice but to retire a certain podium. 

  5. You have to especially carful in the wet as well. Really have to feed the throttle to. It'll be frustrating as the AI are just super quick. 

    Really echo what what many have said. It's feeding the throttle. Get all your braking and gear changes down before you are turning and then slowly apply the throttle out the corner. Too much and you will light the rears up. 

    Pay attention to the force feedback in the pad. If it's rumbling when pulling away and your not on a kerb then take a little out the throttle, straighten it up more and then bring the throttle back in. 

    You don't want to pump the throttle as your wasting more time. 

  6. So @T4RG4‌ are you categorically saying that it was a design decision and nor because of the post patch 2011 bug? I understand testing can take a long time. 

    The biggest challenge now is Codemasters have to rebuild a damaged reputation. Dirt was a really good base and it could of been built apon. It just seems to stagnate at times. 

    Using Ego for F1 perhaps at the time looked like a good decision but it seem to restrict things at times. Underlying code causing fundamental flaws which cannot be fixed. 

    A downward spiral as people may not buy equalling less money and then a question from the team on how much to invest. 

    I dont have a next gen. I have a fairly ok PC but only a 20inch monitor and only 2 tiny speakers. Unlike my console setup. This could be the same for quite a few I.e. Not got an next gen. So many would feel that they missed out on a polished game. It's a shame but it will also cost Codies more in sales. 

  7. aktisti said:
    All those saying they don't need a patch: I'm 100% sure that you only play the boring career mode.

    Grow some balls, play against real people, and realize what we're talking about.
    100%? Ok whatever.

    What difference does it make if they are playing career mode? They might be fed up of people ramming, can't commit to a league time and day. 

  8. 7

    It has a solid base, missing some essential items. FP1 and 2 as an example. R&D / practise could certainly have a lot more challenges or targets put in. Something like a target time with x amount of fuel in the car. Simulate race pace. 

    I would prefer to see a slider 0-100% difficulty rather than the set fixed positions. This would allow a much more personal experience with the game. 

    More information about your performance so telemetry. 

    I think adding these in the next gen will certainly make it go a long way. I haven't had a wet race yet but 2011 showed that issue and a lot are pointing that out so that is going to disappoint when I get there. 

  9. So I just wanted to note down my experience of F1 2014. Specifically career mode. I'm on Xbox 360 and driving with a pad. I've done two races at 100%. Only assist I use is the racing line on corners only. 

    Specifically I just wanted to note my race in Malaysia. I'm driving a McLaren and since I haven't played since 2011 I wasn't sure on difficulty and so gone with professional. I will change as you will see why soon. 

    So I done practise. Started off wet and then it dried. I set the car up and then scrapped it for the dry. Qualy and the race were dry. I qualified third pretty much on the edge nothing more I could do with that. Hamilton was first and Rosberg second. 

    Race starts and I take Rosberg off the line but have to settle behind Hamilton. I then manage on lap two to take him at T4 and push off into the lead. Hamilton is so slow Rosberg takes him and is second some 10 second back. 

    That it stays through the first stint and I switch to lean to save fuel. As we all pit, me and Rosberg take options and Hamilton primes. At this point Hamilton is 30 second back. Slowly through the second stint Rosberg pulls the gap back and takes me in the next stop. We then battle for 10 laps interchanging positions between first and second before finally I come out on top. After using the second DRS to get back past Rosberg who took me on the first DRS. With me now first, Rosberg has to save fuel. He drifts to 5 seconds behind. As Hamilton then stops for options for the final stint he is pushing like crazy. That 30 second gap is reduced lap by lap until 2 laps to go. At that point Rosberg is taken by Hamilton. He then comes after me but I manage to hold out and win by 6 tenths.

    I had to manage the fuel mix too in all this. Lean at the beginning and switching to standard for a long time. I tried rich as Rosberg was overtaking me but I had too much wheel spin and lost time. It cost me tyre grip as Rosberg caught and overtook me. Finally I was able to use rich in the last two laps without major wheel spin to keep Hamilton at bay. 

    It was a race you had to always think. AI was intelligent to go with different strategies. It worked for Hamilton. I think I had a bit more life in my tyres in the first stint. The second I was struggling after pushing to keep in front of Rosberg  

    All in all a really good experience.   

  10. I personally find the lack of traction a nice challenge. It was interesting though because after putting on brand new primes I could use rich mix and wheel spin was reduced. I think also I thought about it even more, really brought the throttle in slowly. The extra grip in the tyres through the whole lap off set the slightly slower acceleration out the tight turns. 

    Im enjoying the challenge. 

  11. Seniku said:
    You knew it would be bad yet you still bought it..   I have no sympathy for you, you should have simply not bought it.  I'm still playing F1 2013 and its fine, I have no intentions of throwing more money at CM when I know for a fact they don't give a damn about giving us a good game, they are just milking us dry.  Well Steve Hood, enough is enough for me, you'll get no more here.  but I guess like the poster above, there are still a lot of people you can scam.

    Good for you, but why because the OP has bought it he's been scammed? Can you not accept they are enjoying it? Fair enough you haven't parted with your cash but why bash someone taking their time out to write and comment about their good and bad experiences? 

  12. I've given the game a good few races now and so I thought I might offer my feedback and what areas I feel could be further improved upon. I'll start by saying that like all the other games in the series, this game is a step up from the last one. As in all yearly sports games, it looks the same on the surface, but play it for a while and you can see exactly where the improvements have been made and that is not by a long shot the same game as the last.

    - The physics/Tyre model
    Now I play on the pad on the 360 so I can't speak for wheel users. Again, the physics are a step forward from 2013. The cars feel much heavier at the front which is more like how they should be, especially at low speeds. You feel like you have more control over the car which in turn makes it easier to drive on edge or hold back to save tyres and fuel. In 2013 it was a case of trying to make it to your pit stops and it was near impossible to make it past your scheduled stop or change strategy mid race. In 2014 however this is very much possible. I've already had a race where I've changed from a three stopper to a two and it didn't feel like I was punishing myself for doing so. I was able to keep a pace relatively close to the AI, slower obviously, but realistically so. I've also done a race where I've pushed harder than I perhaps normally would and required an extra stop because of it. This is something that does not need changing. The AI/player tyre wear gap is very manageable now thanks to the improvements and I hope to continue saying that after the patch. I've seen complaints about players not being able to match the AI on wear, but I can fully guarantee it is down to the way that A) The player is driving and B) The player has set up the car.
    There is the matter of the assists though. There are claims that they are always on regardless of whether you turn them off on the pad. I don't know if this is a bug or if it's a feature to make the game more accessible, it is something that needs looking at (though I imagine going by the sheer amount of threads on the matter that it doesn't need repeating here). I also feel that impact physics can be improved. If the AI connects with my back wheel, I would expect to be put into a spin. If a player does it to an AI, it works absolutely fine, but perhaps make the players car less bolted to the ground when it comes to contact with the AI.

    - AI
    Again, an improvement on the last game to the point where we can now actually race the AI. They mix strategies now rather than all pitting on the same laps and sometimes do different amount of stops per race as well. Again, people complain about the AI being too passive but I'll again point out that it's likely down to the way people are driving. They will back out of moves early if you weave about (wouldn't you if someone did that in real life?) and brake early if you block them. But drive like an actual racing driver does and they respond in kind and try and pass you. There is still room for some improvement though. There are some corners where they are perhaps a little too cautious such as Melbourne turn 1 and the first right hander after the two straights which could be worked on. They could still perhaps be a little more aggressive under brakeing but racecraft otherwise is a good step in the right direction. I do feel however that some AI cars pace should be altered slightly and it relates to team tiers. I've brought it up in a couple of threads but I feel that tier changes should make a return and expanded upon with mid season changes if certain conditions are met. For example if you succeed with several R&D's then perhaps your team moves up a tier to replace an under performing team in the higher tier. It would help liven up the career mode as well as mixing up the results somewhat. Williams this year for example have moved to what would be tier 1 over the course of the season. Mclaren in 2012 fluctuated between 1, 2 and even 3 at one stage. Track tiers could also be an idea as we've seen some teams struggle at certain tracks. Swapping Ferrari and Force India at Bahrain for example or Williams and Red Bull at Sochi. Aside from that there are some AI drivers that are performing consistently better or worse than they are this season. In my career so far Rosberg is consistently struggling to get on the podium which should not be the case going by the Mercedes' pace whereas Vettel seems to always be fighting for wins (usually the case but a big no for this season). Button underperforms compared to how he actually has this season and Massa seems to be in a completely lower tier to Bottas, same goes for Perez. In other words: I feel Rosberg,Button,Massa and Perez need an upgrade in performance and Vettel and Raikkonen a downgrade to make it a bit closer to this season. The gap between tier 1 and 2 is good in qualifying, but needs closing up for races and tier 3 needs to be a lot closer in general to tier 2 (a whole second gap is too much especially considering Toro Rosso have been right up there with the other teams). It's almost impossible for Toro Rosso to get close to the points as it is now.
    Again it would help keep the results from being too similar and liven up the career mode so you're not targeting the same drivers in the championship.

    - Overall
    In general the game is a step up from last years game. I have noticed other improvements aside from what I've already mentioned such as in the weather, penalty system and the track getting quicker over the course of qualifying. (AI seem to actually improve on their first lap times in a session now). Online now also seems a lot more stable compared to previous seasons.
    There are a couple of other suggestions I have for improvements though. I'm still in the belief that the player should suffer random race ending failures at times just like the AI does and more engine/brake/gearbox wear if you have simulation damage on in particular. I fully understand the reasons why the player doesn't suddenly suffer a DNF but it would greatly improve the atmosphere as you would never know if your car will make it to the end (just like in real life). Rewinds seem to remedy a failure if an AI suffers one. Rewind to a point before an AI car retires and they will carry on as normal for example. This could be the same for the player if they get frustrated with not being able to finish. I feel it would add to the immersion to the races and if the car wears down easier, it would give the player more incentive to preserve their cars just as in real F1.

    In conclusion, I am happy with the improvements made in 2014 and I am personally enjoying the game as it has met my expectations. That being said, I personally feel some of the improvements that could be made that I've listed above could help turn this game from an upgrade of the previous game, to a big upgrade from the previous game, in my opinion anyway. I hope they can be considered for the future.
    Really nice read. Enjoyed both positive and negative aspects. Something CM can take a look at and use effectively. 

    Tyres I've found just as you have that they need managing. I tried to push in my second stint in Australia but with Rich Fuel and I had problems getting the traction down and was then defending for a couple of laps at the end of the stint. 

    Malady stint I didn't push as hard. Stayed in standard more and was rewarded with grip all the way to the end. I know less fuel and and the track rubbering in helped but it was a nice drive