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  1. How many more threads though?

    Yes you have an opinion but you have started three threads about it. 
    And? It's a free world isn't it? Or i have a limit of what i can post while you are in this forum yes? I notice that you also can answer and address the points i make about the game though, you just carry on defending it!
    I haven't defended or slated the game either way. Yes you are allowed to voice an opinion but we've had three topics. Just take a step back and relax. Stop getting so worked up. 

  2. Online is a lot of fun better than F1 2013 however the glitches are annoying as hell. And the traction with a wheel is poor in wet conditions I can just about manage to cope with dry though but the tyre wear is crazy because of the wheel spin!
    Yes this game is a joke!!! My copy's in the bin!!
    So how many threads do you have to say YOUR opinion and try and force down everyone's throat?

  3. Who uses a pad to play a Formula One game? There are plenty of 'driving' games for those people. Mario Kart etc. 
    Me, because I really don't want to pay for a wheel when I have plenty of other things to spend money on. I don't have the space, and I don't want to set it up every time. 

    Its just like the PC V console comments that. How people can't accept everyone has a different setup and way of playing is stupid. 

  4. I haven't actually bought or played F1 since 2011 version. I was frustrated with the post patch. 3-5 cars dropping out and retiring. Also dropping FP1 and FP2 from 2012 was annoying. 

    I have a Xbox. I don't have a setup decent enough to enjoy the game on PC. Although I could run it easily on my machine. 

    I believe this will be the last chance for a while to enjoy F1. 

    Ive seen positive and negative. I also have a £15 game voucher. Big debate really as to whether to get or not? 

  5. Seriously let's have some patients here. You have all been on the forums since 2010 you know the rules. Every video and official release has to go through FOM. Codies have said time and time again they are bound by what they can release and wish they can release more! 

    Before anyone points out about loving Codies etc I havnt actually bought F1 since 2011. 

    The video does look good visually. Sounds as stated are going to be fixed. We have two months yet before the release so we are on a delayed timescale from previous years. 

  6. I'm having the same problem Xbox 360. Just 1% 0% then says it can't download. Tries several times. Edit tried one time after posting then it worked. :)
    Loore said:
    paul299 said:
    Loore said:
    We're looking into it and are talking to Microsoft, apologies I know that it's not ideal.
    Thanks. I tried downloading it again last night and it finally worked.
    Great stuff! Can anyone else who was experiencing this give it another go?