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  1. That is quite awesome. Here is one from the first DiRT with some mods. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-lTE9d8hF8
  2. No i think its how u use your clutch that grinds your gears. Seriously, that buggs the hell out of me to :p
  3. Have patience, It could take more time than they thought. Maybe the crew is bussy with the new game or something else. It is not that the game is completely broken and it is not their fault that microsoft shuts down GFWL witch was a failure at the begining, in my eyes. I don't see other devs taking the least bit of effort in even saying to patch their game. Although i think some of codies games lack in quality(blurry dashcam, or no dashcam for example, but i think they have their reasons) they are still one of the beter racegame developers on the pc. Just give them some time to fix these thi
  4. How about some track deformation. If you start first at a rally, the track is clean, no cutted corners and stuff bit if you start later than other racers you see some deformation of the track, dirtier roads, more trails of the cars, grass is gone at some shortcuts.
  5. Actually it is just one screen divided into two sectors for each eye, so the vertical resolution is cut in half..
  6. I have seen one votekick, but that guy weas decent and thought i wouldn't vote for it. I made the decisive call and he didn't get kicked :). I will watch out when i will vote and will not go with the masses, well only if it's neccesary, like people that are purposely crashing into other racers.
  7. After playing grid autosport: No blurry and low polly cockpit cam. For me it just renders it useless and also look terrible, even if it is blurred.
  8. With a traction mod i would say The original DiRT because of the tracks/stages. Without mods i would say Dirt 2.
  9. Hey, i wasn't the one laughing, and it was only the car that was broken down :P. and its a game, you can be sadistic in games right? :P. I think it makes the game more realistic.
  10. I think it is nice to have some random encounters on stages. Like broken down cars with an angry driver or some animals that suddenly cross the road. I noticed that kind of random encounters in WRC: Evolved today when i wanted to try something different. It was also funny that the co driver laughed at opponents, who had a car that was broken down.
  11. I mean for the next part will be a real rally game, after that there will be a new Showdown part for example. Now i do 4 or 5 stages after one another and  i'm already done with that country because there aren't any stages left and i'm still around the 20 minute mark. and still i don't have sore hands :P. But it depends on the player so i sugested an idea on shortened tracks to do 30% of the normal stage times( about 4 minutes of the 13 minutes). they only need to change the checkpoints and check in stations (or something). It is an(hopefully) easy compromise to the beginers and advanced
  12. If you look to rally games before 2000 and now, there where much more tracks and longer tracks back then and much more diffcult if i can remember correctly. I remember doing a rally of 20 - 25 minutes in Network Q Rac rally, i thought it was Chirdonhead. You needed to drive clean(what i wasnt able to do back then :P) to finish the rally. Nowadays i don't have that anymore. Maybe they need to split the franchise one time they make a showdown part with gymkhana, drifting and that kind of stuff and the next time they make a rallysport part or something with rally and rallycross.
  13. I'd like to have longer and more stages per country like in reallife, about 10 stages(or more if there is enough time) and 13 minutes long or something. It would be harder and you need to set a beter strategy to end the rally well. And to tone down the dificulty you could shorten the tracks and give them less tracks before a service stop or for the whole rally, for example 30% of the stage(about 4 minutes or something) and only 6 stages to drive. to shorten a stage, you just place the checkpoints somewhere else and put the service stop on a good spot in the 4 minute range. Put the main focus o
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