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  1. diveplane

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    great potential this sim and u guys nailed the sounds great , needs more reverb in the wooded areas the cars. but over all fantastic. player control of all the car functions as a option lights wipers etc hazzards everything. also realistic crashes u hit a ditch boom tires gone thats it , engine damage and over heating also needs to be added. out the race as in real life. arcade mode we can damage maybe but keep going. want to see a online replay system added people can share race footage , more camera angles and free roam camera view track side. maybe introduce multiplayer viewing watch other players drive around. would like to see test track straight section to test cars speed. also multiplayer rallyecross new mode , also spectate as well othe rpeople can come in watch races. more world locations and a concrete test circuit for all the cars. player added content in the future new cars tracks. but codemasters is finally going in the right direction with this.