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  1. I won't be buying any DLC ever.  It's a scam. The cars and tracks should be in the original game that codemasters charge £30 - £40 for. If nobody buys it they will soon get the message.
  2. Yeah just looked in the right place and I do have the SLS.   Thanks for your responses.
  3. Just looked at the DLC under properties in steam and it says I have the black edition installed.   Also, what is the high res texture pack?
  4. I wonder if I have been had.   I bought a key from cdkeys which said black edition. It even says black edition on the invoice.   I put the key into steam before the release date and preloaded the game.   But I have never clapped eyes on the SLS black series so it can't be the black edition.
  5. It works a treat. Game plays very well on my 5 year old Nvidia G 103M Laptop. Have to have the settings low of course.    
  6. Thanks Loore.   I have made sure the option is checked on both clients so I am just waiting for GAS to download on the laptop so I can try it out.
  7. I have only ever installed steam on my main PC. If I put steam and GAS on my laptop to take away with me, how will it work? Will it sync up, or will I be starting the game from scratch on the laptop?
  8. It has only been happening tonight. Middle of an online race, my screen goes black, my desktop appears, and then Grid Autosport launches again. Any ideas?
  9. I quite like it and I was one of the most brutal critics of Grid 2. The online is fun. Doesn't seem to be as many hardcore rammers as there used to be. I like the selection of tracks and you get to drive a large range of cars straight away. Get it from a cdkey site and you should be able to pay well less than £20. Worth it, IMO.
  10. Change your download region to London and you should get lots of players.
  11. When you use 3D, each eye has to see a different image. The passive 3D system on my TV splits the 1080 lines into 2 lots of 540 lines. One lot for each eye. So the image that you see has a resolution on 1920x540. That is simply how it is. If your 3D system is an active system then alternate frames are shown to each eye so you do get the 1920x1080 resolution. You are right, 3D on a passive system does look blockier and jagged but it has advantages over active. Is your monitor active or passive?
  12. But the passive 3D on my TV splits the resolution so only half the resolution goes to each eye.
  13. Just had my first race online and some dickhead called monomorph was just ramming everyone until he was at the back of the pack and then he retired.
  14. What is with the humungous update? Let us play the sodding game.
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