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  1. When you use 3D, each eye has to see a different image. The passive 3D system on my TV splits the 1080 lines into 2 lots of 540 lines. One lot for each eye.

    So the image that you see has a resolution on 1920x540.

    That is simply how it is. If your 3D system is an active system then alternate frames are shown to each eye so you do get the 1920x1080 resolution.

    You are right, 3D on a passive system does look blockier and jagged but it has advantages over active.

    Is your monitor active or passive?

  2. Problem is that we are coming to it 3 days later than in the US. I would love to get stuck into the online right now but have to wait until friday.

    What is the punishment system like? Is it still the traffic lights?

    And do you still have playlists that you have to play in to get your level up? If it was just custom races then it would be far better.

  3. burgor57 said:
    Got the news today and pre-ordered after seeing the preview video and from what I read. As a big motorsport racing game fan I loved GRID1 and was so looking forward to GRID2. But man was I disappointed with that game. Never bothered to finish it. Hate it. I want back to basics real track based racing. Realistic scenarios and realistic challenging AI. I HOPE this version brings that to life and is not another disappointment. Can't figure why they are releasing for PS3 and not PS4 however? Anyone at Codemasters got the answer to that?
    Their official answer is that they are catering to their core audience who have told them that they are not moving to next-gen just yet. (Spin, as usual.)

    The real reason, of course, is that they wanted to get this game out quick to capitalise on the disappointment of Grid 2, but they haven't had time to develop it for a new platform.

    They know all the people that hated grid 2 are on last gen consoles. That is their market.

  4. One thing that does concern me about Grid Autosport...

    Grid 2 was clearly aimed at teenage, american "fast and furious" fans. Those, I suspect, were the people online doing all the ramming. They will now be attracted to this Grid Autosport game, thinking it is aimed at them too.

    I do not want to pay a large sum of money for this game and find that online is full of 12 year old rammers. I suppose the only answer is to watch the forum for the first week or 2 after release and see what the consensus is.

    The problem with that though is that by the time you buy the game, everyone else is 2 weeks ahead of you and it is very hard to catch up.

  5. Yep, there is no way in a million years that I would pay £45 for this. Not without a demo anyway.

    I only got my original PS3 Grid 2 because I got it for £27 on release day with a voucher I had. I sold it 2 weeks later for the same price I paid for it.

    £45 is a joke. Make it £35 for everyone and £20 for people trading in grid 2. That seems about right to me.

  6. Loore said:
    Longer than GRID Autosport, 2 years development still isn't 'several' that many believe happened, that's a couple.

    Autosport isn't rushed by any means, it's all been planned out to a meticulous level and the team have worked incredibly hard to get the game to where it is now. 
    The two years was just pre-production. The actual production was at least another year. So that is 3 years.

    Also, the developers described the process as "long". They talked about how they were able to take their time. In one interview they say it actually started after grid 1 was released but they had to wait for the technology to catch up.

    You are being just as disingenuous as you were on the old forum, Loore.

    When someone has to start arguing about the definition of "several" then you know they are in trouble.