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  1. First of all : Happy New Year 😀 I fired up the 2019 version recently a while a bit too arcady for my taste I am having thrilling races with the classic tourers. I really hope you guys heavily expand on this class since it is such a blast to race in. I did see the Laguna has been confirmed which is a great addition. Myself as a massive Peugeot fan I would love to see the Peugeot 405 as a competitor for the Alfa 155 or the Peugeot 406 to put it straight against the A4 and Laguna. Is there anything you can share on this brand? In the past it was well presented but lately it is missing......
  2. It definitely looks interesting. Not sure if I can fully commit though. Joined and took the Alpine for a spin. I'll be battling in the lower regions 🤣
  3. It's Kylotonn in the pics. The plates are French ;)
  4. The game has wheel support 😉 The stages, the navigation and the feel of Dakar has been very well recreated. Just need to look beyond the physics. Just love that title 🙂
  5. Prodrive have done some massive bad publicity for themselves here in France. The French have literally zero support for them since the "Loeb - Elena" split. Studio is called Bigmoon Entertainment but they have been bought by Saber Interactive after Dakar '18 which is a fantastic and unique title (driving physics aside).
  6. Tried to get the famous "Climb Dance" by Vatanen, done with Dirt Rally. Tried to keep as close to the original as possible but used Dirt's OST and some angles aren't available. Still was bonkers fun to do 🙂
  7. After going through my favorite library again ... - Peugeot 203 ('60) - Peugeot 504 Groupe 2 - Peugeot 504 Coupé Groupe 4 - Peugeot 505 Turbo Groupe A ('86) - Peugeot 309 GTI Turbo Groupe A - Peugeot 405 MI16 Groupe A - Peugeot 205 T16 Evo 1 Groupe B - Peugeot 406 Coupé F2000 Love to sée some hillclimb tracks as well. I know Pikes Peak isn't an option but there is plenty of other nice stuff around. French "Pikes Peak" , Mont Ventoux 🙂
  8. I reduced the steeringradius and it works wonders 🙂
  9. Will give it a try tomorrow! Édit... Can't say Il feel a huge amount of différence with the tuning settings. Tarmac just seems off like it did in the original Dirt. I'll adapt my driving a bit and see if I can only make the rear a bit more heavy. Pretty bonkers car as well 😄
  10. Binned it on stage 11. Hit a rock, had a flat tire and engine was heavily damaged. Ran last stage in 3th and lost 3 to 4 minutes. For the rest it has been alright. In the 208 R5 all the way
  11. Hello all, I was wondering if someone can help with out with this one. I use the 205 with a stock setup on dirt and it is fine. However, as soon as I go to Baumholder and other tarmac stages, the back-end becomes really light in mid to high speed corners which cause the car to simply spin out at high speed. Any advice what setting I need to change to reduce the oversteer on high speed corners? Regards, P308R
  12. I dedicated myself this week to try and manage the 205 T16 (default setup) at Sweet Lamb. My first run last week, I did a 7:25,XXX but after a week of practicing it came pretty decently together this afternoon
  13. That are some nice additions meantioned above. May I add some Dakar stuff. Those dessert machines are fantastic and if you guys could add some stages in that spirit with a few of those cars (3008DKR I look at you) , it would be much appreciated from my side. Still on my wishlist: - Peugeot 504 (sedan and coupé) - Peugeot 406 F2000 - Peugeot 309 GTI - Peugeot 505 - Peugeot 208 R4 But besides that, I just had my first expérience in Scotland. Those stages are simply stunning and offer a real challenge 🙂
  14. This looks real fun. Will try to run a few if my timeschedule allows. I understood correctly it is R5? I am new to Dirt 2.0 but I have played the original one and D4 a "while" ago . ....édit.... And reads the huge article just above 😀 208 T16 in the garage!
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