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  1. And Citroen with a new rear wing and wings over the front wheels.
  2. Just heard that Evans is a go at M-Sport for a full drive with co-driver Scott Martin.
  3. I'm disappointed as well. I was under the impression that since Ogier stayed at M-Sport for '18 that Ford must have stepped up their support, because I believe that was his requirement for staying there after the '17 season. But reading that article it doesn't sound like they did much at least financially. I also found it hilarious that when Ogier won the titles, Ford Performance was quick as heck to post it all over social media. Almost trying to take credit for it as if it was their blood, sweat, and tears that won those championships.
  4. I thought I remembered previously reading Paddon had signed for a full drive and it wasn't Hyundai? And I would've thought Mikkelsen had a full season too, but maybe not. I didn't think Hyundai before because that would mean Sordo and Loeb trading the 3rd car, but there's some rallies that they would both want to do. Looks like at least Suninen is still at M-Sport. Saw some footage of him testing. The Fiesta has some new aero at the back wheel arches. Looks like a mix of the old and the newer ones that Ogier sported a couple times.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AVfczw9bcU
  5. Wow, no Loeb in 2019, at least in a C3. Perhaps seeing him in a Fiesta for a few rounds next year isn't as far fetched as I once thought. It's the only team I could see willing to give up a seat for 3-4 rounds. https://www.autosport.com/wrc/news/140455/loeb-wont-get-citroen-wrc-outings-in-2019
  6. I understand whatever sponsorship money a driver can bring with him is crucial for M-Sport. But, I don't know. I feel like if Wilson can do it, I would give Evans one more season/shot. He's already invested how many years in him? Paddon, Evans, and Suninen I think would be pretty solid considering. I like Breen and he can be quick, but he still get flustered rather easy sometimes, albeit less than his IRC days. Especially if the Fiesta is going to be lagging behind on raw pace, I can see him getting into trouble trying to constantly over drive it.
  7. Yeah, but how would you police something like that? If it became a rule, you'd just have teammates stall or spin at hairpins, or have some kind of "intermittent" mechanical problem, etc, etc.
  8. Yes it is now. And it’s got new audio too :D
  9. Really? We are talking about landings here and not just in general? In that case it shouldn't be hard finding instances of people blowing tires on landings, do you have any links? I can't recall ever watching coverage and seeing someone have a blow-out from landing. Other than the tweet BrySkye found a while back (here) about Gronholm getting one from landing (in 2014) I don't know of any instances of this happening. So yes, it can happen. With the frequency and ease it happens in game? No.
  10. But.. but... :(  edit: So some people don't know how to adjust/finetune their suspension and dampers than complain about tyres being to sensitive. Now Codemasters upped the strenght of the tyres. I thought we were striving for realism, not simcade/arcadeism because people can't handle their suspension and dampers. I am so sad right now. Cause it's all Blizzard-Activision all over again; dumb stuff down till you have Diablo 3. From now on anytime you talk about how everything's fine, no one knows how to setup suspension, no one knows how to drive properly, etc, etc, and it's realistic
  11. From about the late 90's to 2009 there seemed to always be some great battles as far as the driver's championship was concerned. Like the 2006 season: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2006_World_Rally_Championship#Drivers.27_championship Not sure what's more impressive, the fact that Loeb took 8 rallies that year while being out the last 4 rallies (broken shoulder) and won the championship, or that Gronholm had 7 wins and only 1 retire that season and still lost by 1 point. Or 2009: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2009_World_Rally_Championship#Drivers.27_championship Hirvonen has 1 retire and fin
  12. Why would a whole new model need to be done just to change a part or two?
  13. Maybe they should get Loeb into the office to test it out and give his feedback. :D
  14. The 208PP? Oh lawd, sub 7min times for Pikes Peak here we come. :|
  15. For me Finland, next to Germany, are the biggest let downs in the game as far as stages go. Was really looking forward to Finland and after running it quite a bit after it was released, it's meh. There's no flow to the stages. The differences between the real stage and in game combined with v2 physics makes it a jumpfest. If you like it cool, for me it was disappointing. Germany was another location I was excited for. Different surface types with different levels of grip, some of it being quite dirty and busted up. In the game, however, other than the cobble stone intersections, there's no d
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