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  1. Ok cool, just checking. From what I've read it seems like it was Deep Silver's doing striking the deal with Epic. And up until a few weeks ago it was supposed to be on steam. No, you're not the only one. I still see it as a necessary evil as it's by far the most used on the PC. Aside from what I've read about other launchers/clients, I'm really particular about not installing a bunch of different programs to do the same thing. I'm not too much into conspiracy theories except for when it comes to software. 🕵️‍♂️ I just don't trust most other companies, not that I really trust Valve either, but I've been on Steam since HL2 was released. PS. No tinfoil hat emoji? Pff.
  2. I just noticed, Deep Silver tweeting about DR2. Please tell me the same nonsense that happened with Metro Exodus isn't going to happen with DR2? #nosteamnobuy https://twitter.com/deepsilver/status/1091321776162906114