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  1. Ah, so definitely the worse case (and somewhat nonsensical) of the options.
    I could understand if we didn't know, for example, what the livery_** folders were without manually going through them from 00 to whatever number, loading up the game each time to find which ones could be modded and no one had really gone to the effort to find out, but to just not let textures load when the alternate encryption is in place seems kind of pointless.
    Almost, and I don't like to say it, spiteful.
    Because the risk is in the alternative encryption being cracked, not in just letting alternate textures load.

    C'est la vie then. Honestly, having not kept up with the game so much, I wouldn't have bought the 01 Focus last night if I'd known there wasn't a chance of getting something a bit more... legit on it. =p
    But it does explain why skin modding for DR2 is comparatively inactive in relation to what the original DR was or even D4, despite the re-introduction of the D4 custom texture loading method.
    Unfortunately, its kind of only encouraging me to carefully pick and choose which additional DLC I decide to buy going forward, rather than going all-in on the new season pass.
    Which is a genuine shame as I'd like to support it.

    Though who knows what might be in those special livery packs, which... just so happen to not be available to buy separately... Hmm...

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  2. So just a clarification out of curiosity about the DLC cars.

    Is it the case that the game just flat-out won't load replacement liveries on them, even if the folder structure and file naming is correct like the other cars.
    Or is the issue that, because of the different encryption, we don't have access to the original files and files names in order to modify them?

    ie, if for whatever bizarro reason, Codies said "Oh, here's the Livery_** folder numbers, and here's the blank pssg texture files", the game would load them?

  3. I'm afraid this would be impossible. Paul doesn't work at Codemasters anymore.
    Remember that to record the pacenotes in DR, Paul sat in a full motion simulator and was driven through the stages whilst reading his notes. That's why they were so natural and accurate.
    The pacenotes were specific to each stage, not a selection of soundbytes that were edited together.

  4. porqchopz said:
    WRC DLC wouldn't happen as the WRC has their own game
    I think it can also be more complicated than that.
    Basically, the FIA isn't strictly obliged to only give the WRC license to just one game/developer.

    2009. Black Bean/Milestone acquire the WRC license for 4 years.
    2010, October. Milestone release their first WRC game.
    2010, November. Gran Turismo 5 is released. It also is officially licensed by the WRC, with the relevant cars featuring actual WRC logos on them.

    So more than one game having the license at the same time has happened before.

  5. The DiRT Rally AI was flawed. I did some tests with that before VAC came in, using tools that let me see exactly where the AI's times would sit on the leaderboards, and found that the easiest AI was perfectly capable of setting times that put it well within the top 100 of the world wide leaderboards, occasionally even breaking the top 20.
    That's absurd when you think about it.
    The easiest AI could set times which less than a 20 people playing the game could beat?
    That's not really a sign that people were crying and just not putting the hours in. That kind of talk from the veterans just saddens me and reminds me why I stopped coming here regularly after Early Access ended. 
    The actual data leans towards issues with the AI's difficulty curve. Or lack there of.
    Given that the game had so many AI difficulty settings, the differences between easiest and hardest were just too small.

    Yeah, the top few % players in the world are going to find it too easy now, but that's what the Community Challenges, Time Attack, Online and organised leagues, etc are for.
    DiRT Rally had its AI calibrated by the devs actually doing tool assisted runs of the stages (things like infinite flashbacks), ironing out mistakes etc in creating their internal delta times. A process that can't be readily applied to the Your Stage concept, so it has to be implemented in a different way.
    There is more AI behind the AI, as it were.
    It may well see some tweaking as the data starts feeding back to the team.

    Personally, I don't think catering too heavily towards the Porkhammers of the world is a particularly great way to do things either.
    There was talk in the DiRT shows of just how impressed they were by the top times being set, and feeling the need to make adjustments as a result. But its entirely possible to put too much emphasis on the top 1% of players.
    Maybe DiRT 4 has gone too far in the other direction, but DiRT Rally was by no means implemented perfectly either.

  6. Yeah, I know all about the licensing issues.
    I consider this a wish list. It's what I want, not what I'm most likely to get. ;)

    Though the Toyota thing looks increasingly strange with them showing up in just about every other game like Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo (of all things) and now Assetto Corsa as part of the Ready to Race DLC.
    Say what you want, but its really looking like Toyota rally cars are appearing in just about every game that ISN'T by Codemasters. ;P

    So its not developer/publisher exclusiveness, it's not refusing to let damage be shown, it's not embarrassment over being caught cheating and its hard to imagine 505/Kunos Simulazioni paying hand over fist to include a car that doesn't really fit their sim all that well.
    Makes it seem a bit hard to say its just Toyota that is the issue, doesn't it?

    I think Toyota has kept coming up because its hard to make straight forward sense of it, which makes you start to wonder if Codemasters/Toyota just have some serious beef with each other on a business/management level (not the actual devs who make the games) and just don't want to work with each other.

  7. Peugeot 206 WRC
    Toyota Celica GT-Four ST205
    Toyota Corolla WRC
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV

    That'd be more than enough to make me happy. :)

    Anything else would just be a bonus: 
    WRX Audi S1
    WRX Group B Audi Quattro E2
    The modern 'WRC' cars from DiRT Rally that didn't make the transition, excluding the Mini.

    It would certainly seem strange if there wasn't DLC to add a few cars, a new environment or two, and possibly a couple of extra WRX tracks, but who knows. DiRT Rally was a bit of a special case and the only non-F1 game prior to that was GRID Autosport in 2014, so internal ideas and policies may or may not have shifted.

  8. Just a little update here.
    Tesco Direct were taking pre-purchases for the PC Steelbook weeks ago as the UK exclusive retailer.
    I got mine when they were still taking them as you can see here.
    They stopped taking them about a week or so ago, I presumed because they'd sold their allocation.
    That's fine. I wouldn't have expected them to have stocked that many of a PC version, being a supermarket.

    Hoooowever, they just phoned me in the past hour to tell me that, in fact, there are no PC Steelbooks available from their supplier, and asked if I wanted to cancel my order, or get the normal plastic case.
    Since the price is 99p cheaper than buying on Steam directly anyway, I've kept the order (a refund would take a few days to go through).

    Really disappointing though. I was prepared to buy DiRT Rally twice to have the PC steelbook, because it felt like a real accomplishment having helped with it by being in the pre-public multiplayer testing.
    Buuut I really can't afford to try my luck with Amazon.de to have two PC keys for DiRT4.

    Ah well!

  9. Not sure anyone called out the S4, it's a fine engine sound, but like all the Lancias, it's a placeholder :(
    Didzis did, but more to the point
    Don't forget, even if the sound isn't a genuine recording, it *IS* a recording, so it always bests other games :)
    So don't back up by saying it's just a placeholder now. ;) You literally said even the placeholders were better than anything else.
    They are perfectly acceptable, and certainly better than *some* games out there, but the inclusion of the cars sampled to much higher standards does make them stand out like a sore thumb by comparison.
    It's caused an undeniable lack of consistency. The sounds of a selection of the cars are simply in a completely different league compared to others and that has to be remembered when thinking of the Total Package.

    On a different note, the upgrades thing can't really be compared. Upgrades in DiRT Rally don't seem to affect the sounds, even if they maybe. technically, should. Such as power upgrades
    But GT has modifications ranging not just from engine tuning and mapping to fitting multiple different exhausts, and things like that COMPLETELY changes the sound of an engine. With over a thousand cars, most of which can go through that full upgrade process, impossible is the most apt description.

  10. Don't forget, even if the sound isn't a genuine recording, it *IS* a recording, so it always bests other games :)
    Most games of the last 15 years have a recording of some kind, that alone isn't really note worthy.
    Gran Turismo uses recordings for a lot of cars, believe it or not, but you'll not hear many people championing that for it's audio. :P 
    (one of it's huge problems is that the samples have to accommodate for all the modifications you can do to the car and it's engine, all of which affect the engine audio. So it's basically impossible).
    We couldn't really say the Delta S4 recording is a real stand-out, since it lacks that very distinctive super and turbo charged combination which some other games have done better. I doubt Dave would say he's really all that satisfied with some of the placeholders.

  11. There's a lot of variation, mostly down to what could and couldn't be recorded to current standards.

    The Group A Impreza 555, for example, is a stand-out car that champions (hehe) @soundfx 's work.
    The Ford Focus, well, that's based on much older recordings from the Colin McRae Rally days.
    Then some cars like the Lancia Delta S4 are simply the best that could be done with whatever they had.

    Today, it seems the Manta is finally getting some love, though who knows if we'll see the fruits of that as an update in DiRT Rally or as something stored away for the future.

    EDIT: To be clear - before the hashtags are taken to heart, almost certainly something to be stored away for the future.


  12. wow so the engine didn't allow more than one car on stage uh codies? hahah very cool story indeed
    You're forgetting this is a mod on PC.

    There's a rather big difference between being able to bodge together something as a mod compared to an officially implemented feature that has to perform to a certain standard, including the additional limitations of working on console.
    Things a mod doesn't have to take into consideration.

    We've had AI cars running on rally tracks ever since Rally Cross was implemented. It involves just replacing the RX tracks with the Rally ones.
    They aren't particularly clever about it though, just cruising rather un-competitively. There's also an issue where it actually becomes impossible to actually end the stage you're playing. You can drive through to the end, but you'll just have to select Quit from the pause menu.
    It also disabled online.

    From what I can tell in these videos, part of this mod is actually a trainer which allows the game to function in online mode, despite swapping cars.
    Being able to put the 208 T16 on a rally or rally cross stage is one thing, and a really awesome thing.
    This game should have always had ACAT and it remains a sore sport that it's one of the features SLRE managed and Codies couldn't, regardless of the reasoning.

    Being able to do it online, with times being recorded to the leaderboards, however, would obviously classify as a cheat.

    Saying as none of the non-RX cars have proper LOD models, we're also seeing cars pop in and out of nowhere in the videos, or just drivers floating around. That's not something that the modder is going to be able to resolve either, not unless the games file formats get well and truly cracked, allowing us to mod in new LOD's and, by extension, completely new cars.

    The 'engine limitations' line is in regard to implementing these features to an acceptably high standard.

  13. Yeah, it's a joke that doesn't really make a whole lot of sense on the modern consoles, because they do in fact have youtube/twitch integration as pretty core, heavily promoted functionality.

    So a self-referential almost but not quite in-joke ends up looking more like a valid suggestion on those systems, kind of taking the sting out of it.
    (whilst PC's obviously have options, you'll typically have to go to rather more effort to set them up).

  14. dirt3joe said:
    They're not randoms though - they're your mates.

    I think the idea is a good one. People like to chat in lobbies and Dirt rally is a pretty intense game. the time spent chatting you could recover your energy for the next stage, and of course you would need to do figure out car repairs as well.

    It would be good to watch each person from the lobby - and I'd hope that it wouldn't be too hard to do.
    Erm, I said that it IS possible to do right now with your mates, via leagues and a private chat function.
    A bit inconvenient, but quite possible.

    So the requested system of a lobby and matchmaking system etc would mainly be there to allow you to easily play against randoms

  15. And unless they planned this game with a very small budget, low sales/high trade ins = bad for all of us.

    I honestly don't get the whole "I don't want to win, so no one else should be able to either" if someone wants to buy the game, to get some realistic racing and still be able to win, that is their choice. And just because they aren't as good at the game as you or I, doesn't mean they should never be able to win against the AI. There is literally no reason whatsoever that rewinds can't exist for those who aren't as good to be able to enjoy the game better. If you're to weak minded to not use them because they are there, that's your own problem.
    Well, they did have a very small budget and did plan for low sales.
    The game exceeded it's life-time sales target during Early Access, which tells you it's sales target on PC was no more than 200,000.

    Nevermind the rewind.
    Whilst I don't believe there is any really  good reason for it yo not exist in the game, it's not a fundamental requirement either.
    After all, we DID manage in games prior to it's introduction in GRID.
    That's actually a bigger problem with the AI and one I pointed out right at the very beginning - That there is a distinct lack of a proper curve in how the AI improves.

    There just isn't a whole lot of difference between what the Open AI does compared to the Master AI.
    If you're going to have 5 levels of AI, there should be a notable difference between each level, and that was never really the case. It was always very marginal. The curve was just very very gentle. 

    Though the difference has apparently been increased with the console release/1.1 update.
    It was not uncommon for the easiest AI to be setting times well within the top 100 on the leaderboards, even the top 20, after the game had been out for over six months, which was pretty absurd.
    The Master AI could have stayed where it was, but everything else would have benefited from being bumped down quite a bit more. 

    benttoe said:
    To everyone who wants PvP Rally, Go to 48:30 for an answer from the Codemasters themselves
    But he was answering "multiple cars on track"...i was more leaning towards lobby, spectate, start after eachother kind of thing.
    Lets say 6 players enter a lobby, pick their car, then start after eachother (like real rally) so the ones not yet started can spectate until they start. The ones finished/crashed can spectate the ones still rallying.

    I don't think i want it like in SBLR where you have big orange/red/green transparent cars obstructing my view 
    I know, and I know you're asking for something different, but what he said is that most people do want multiple cars on track.
    Throughout Early Access, that was very much the case when the topic came up. 
    People wanted the staggered starts.
    Anything less than that would fall into the "Not doing it properly." category.

    The situation we have is that what you are requesting, with the lobby and times, still wouldn't satisfy the people that wanted multiple cars on track, just as the current delta times/leaderboards/leagues system doesn't satisfy you.
    It's a system that might appease a tiny amount of additional players whilst doing nothing to alleviate the frustrations of the others.

    The difference is fairly minimal. After all, it's possibly to organise a league amongst friends racing at the same time and using private chat, which would pretty much create the experience you're after.
    Though I do have the rather biased mindset of "Why the hell would you want to be in a lobby 'chatting' with randoms?"

  16. I bought it for ps4 so i could be wrong but i thought you pc players bought a game in production and they were adding things in as time went on i dont see that as dlc?
    Yes, that was Early Access. The price also increased gradually with each new major update, so depending on when you joined Early Access, you got a better deal.
    But that ended with v1 released in December and with it, the games official roadmap.
    There was no obligation to release the additional content made for the console version for free as v1.1 in April.

  17. They could do free dlc but the word free is dead in a company
    As people who've been playing the PC game,which the first three posters are, we just got a huge chunk of free DLC that included a new stage (Pikes Peak 100% Gravel), 7 new cars, a number of new liveries and two new classess in Rally Cross.

    None of which was part of the PC v1 release and which they COULD have tried charging for, saying as the PC version is priced significantly cheaper than the console version and those of us that signed on at the start of Early Access paid a heck of a lot less than even that.

    But that's not going to offset the fact we've been playing this game for a whole year already, clocking hundreds of hours.
    There will almost always come a point when it's time to play something else.

  18. AirBiscuit said:

    Because you conflate graphics and AI I'm going to go ahead and assume you don't
    Assume away.
    The error in my wording was actually in bringing a slightly different topic into the conversation, which is the lack of AI on rally stages.
    The limitations of the engine have been freely admitted by the devs. This is their reasoning as to why there is no AI staggered starts on rallies, but AI does exist in Rally Cross.
    That's what I was explaining in regards to resources and engine limitations.
    The two topics have traditionally been very intertwined here, but not entirely relevant to this particular thread which is 100% multiplayer focused discussion, so I'll hold my hand up to my mistake in bringing the wrong topic into it.
    That said, you don't have to be so arrogant in trying to make a point.

    The discussion related to having online multiplayer using ghosts or staggered starts has been discussed at length, but was controversial.
    Whether or not we as users agree, there was a certain feeling that despite people claiming to want it, staggered starts were ultimately unpopular with people having to wait their turn.
    With priorities being rather tight in this game, everything was a balancing act between how requested a feature was, what resources were required to implement it and how many people would actually use it once it was made available. 

    Ghosts were also considered perhaps too much of a compromise with some being very much against it.
    Personally, I'm absolutely fine with ghosts, but the more hardcore crowd can be fairly venomous about them being a distraction.
    So we are left with leagues and delta times, even if it's not to everyones tastes.

    The core of my answer, which you've glossed over, remains true.

    Time and money, with this being a game which always had a limited development budget compared to other Codies games or even previous DiRT titles.

    Perhaps the biggest problem of all is that the game has been released as a full price 8th Gen Console game to quite a bit of PR fanfare, leaving the games difficult origins increasingly unknown to those that weren't part of early access at the beginning and also those that haven't been privileged to have private conversations with the devs behind closed doors.
    It's a great game, but releasing it as a full price 8th gen game when it didn't have the development budget of one makes its shortcomings more apparent.

  19. Draconian666 said:
     I just don't see how you couldn't make a separate game mode, they have FIA rallycross which has 4 cars on the screen at the same time why couldn't you make the mode where there's one Car vs one car on a track if you lose your eliminated win you advance like the older versions?  the it cant handle more cars make zero sense why do they have fia with 4 cars on a short track so why not 1v1 This game lacks modes  but a great game.
    Time. Money.

    The engine can't handle multiple cars on the actual rally stages.
    Making new, smaller  tracks needs time and money and in a game that's admittedly hurting for content, focusing resources into such a multiplayer mode that could have provided new rally stages would be controversial.
    Rally Cross itself hasn't been universally loved by all players, some of whom feel it was a waste of the games limited budget.
    Rally Cross with multiple cars is possible because it takes place on very small circuits.
    Instead of rendering 8+ miles of road and scenery with massive draw distances, it's rendering some extra cars and processing their AI.

    Remember that a console port, while always a possibility, was not a part of the games development that was set in stone.
    It only happened because Early Access on PC was so successful and the critical reception so positive.
    DR exceeded it's lifetime sales expectation before it was even fully released on PC.

    Though that does also give you an idea of how low the expectations were from within certain parts of Codemasters.

    DR is a throwback in many ways, and one of them is the lack of emphasis on online multiplayer.
    That said, I'm fine with that. I'm kinda sick of games crippling their single player content for the sake of online which, by the very nature of the market, is only truly active for the first couple of months, unless you have something very very very special on your hands with no equivalent (talking GTA and such)

  20. membran said:
    But it was established that this was not possible on a legal level. Whilst Microsoft may now be willing (they weren't a few months ago, because this is something Codies already investigated)
    Out of interest, can you provide the source for this? Not doubting you, but I'd really like to read this.

    It's in the DiRT Shows which can be found on Youtube, rather than a written article.
    Livestreams that the devs held to mark each major update throughout Early Access.
    Think it might have been the most recent one, but if not, than probably the one before which I guess would have been the Christmas special.
    Obviously one which was streamed after the console port was confirmed, as it was a pretty common user question.
    That's a lot of stuff to watch through, but if you're never seen them anyway, it's about as much insight into the games development as you could possible get.

    Basically, you need the go-ahead from Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo etc to take any data out of their systems.
    There was also mentions of factors such as how do you communicate that people are using different systems. 
    When push comes to shove, will MS or Sony actually allow the other systems logo, for example, to be displayed within the game denoting who is playing what version.
    Even the current, system specific implementation of Racenet is only possible with their blessing.
    That's a noteworthy point because in the earlier Xbox 360 days, Microsoft kept XBL and the console exceptionally locked off. 
    For quite a while, Final Fantasy XI was the only game that made use of services external to XBL (it had it's own subscription, separate from XBL Gold), it was a strategic move on MS' part to try and help establish the console.

    Is it in the interest of gamers? Only if it's implemented absolutely perfectly. As soon as you start getting discontent and people start arguing "They won because they have the PS4 version, it's an advantage" etc, it all falls apart.
    Even in DR, that's a factor. The XB1 version has more documented drops in framerate.
    MS have also been very specific in mentioning cross-play would be done to user choice, and options would be in place to ensure that if you want, you will ONLY play people on the same system as you.
    I think that's also a little bit telling in their overall confidence level.

  21. Yes, Microsoft have opened up their system, but that doesn't mean a single thing unless Sony responds in kind.
    Which probably isn't going to happen. The whole thing has been a rather masterful bit of PR by MS. When they made the announcement, you can bet they would have been very confident that Sony would not take them up on it, allowing them to claim a moral high ground.
    Ultimately, Microsoft have everything to gain from such a scenario whilst Sony, already with a 2:1 system sales lead, gains nothing.
    They don't need to adopt cross-play to increase the user base.

    On a technical level, it was possible even before MS did this for Racenet to act as the intermediate between all three formats,
    But it was established that this was not possible on a legal level.
    Codemasters need approval from both Microsoft and Sony to implement such a feature, even with their own external service.
    Whilst Microsoft may now be willing (they weren't a few months ago, because this is something Codies already investigated), it's a dead-end without Sony.

  22. There's a certain magnetism that favours the cars ending right way up, but it's not absolute.
    Main reason being that if you DO end up stuck on your side or roof, you'll be put through an auto-recovery which puts a time penalty on-top of the actual crash.
    So the game is lenient with such punishments to encourage you to keep pushing on instead of restarting.

  23. PaloSamo said:
    People need to understand that to be competitive a driver needs to create his/her own pacenotes during a recce. DiRT Rally features what the devs call 'route notes', which have to appeal to everyone's taste and that is not an easy job. Paul Coleman is a co-driver to Jon Tucker, and I believe these are Jon's notes we are hearing in the game (obviously, read by Paul). I think they have done a very decent job, because the co-driver doesn't sound robotic or generic, and it actually feels as if he was sat next to the player.
    Not quite... Co-drivers make the notes. They aren't just there to read them.
    Paul made all the notes in the game.
    What people really need to understand is that to be really competitive, a driver and co-driver need to build a relationship and understanding with each other.
    It's why you don't change co-drivers all the time.
    When Subaru were doing that documentary years and years ago, there was a pretty good segment with Phil Mils up in the middle of the night going over the pace notes, tweaking things and talking about the process.

    Start at 6:23

    You should have gone with this vid instead lol
    And miss the chance to self-promote? 

  24. You'll have to be a bit more specific about which part of the OSD you're complaining about.

    If you mean the progress bar on the left, that's down to the stage you're dring.
    A rally sprint stage has only 4 sectors, whereas the 100% Pikes Peak course has 10 sectors.
    As for the bottom right, only cars with a turbo will have the little boost gauge.
    The top right, below the main time, the split time only appears when you are nearing a sector marker.

    If the problem is what looks to be overscan, I imagine there will be options to adjust screen settings so that the edges of the image aren't cut off.