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  1. Ah, so definitely the worse case (and somewhat nonsensical) of the options. I could understand if we didn't know, for example, what the livery_** folders were without manually going through them from 00 to whatever number, loading up the game each time to find which ones could be modded and no one had really gone to the effort to find out, but to just not let textures load when the alternate encryption is in place seems kind of pointless. Almost, and I don't like to say it, spiteful. Because the risk is in the alternative encryption being cracked, not in just letting alternate textures l
  2. So just a clarification out of curiosity about the DLC cars. Is it the case that the game just flat-out won't load replacement liveries on them, even if the folder structure and file naming is correct like the other cars. Or is the issue that, because of the different encryption, we don't have access to the original files and files names in order to modify them? ie, if for whatever bizarro reason, Codies said "Oh, here's the Livery_** folder numbers, and here's the blank pssg texture files", the game would load them?
  3. ô_o                                                            What? Everyone got unrealistic punctures. Well, unless going very, very slowly. Then it didn't happen, unless a ditch looked at you wrong. It was just massively exaggerated. It was a bit more controv... no, there were out right arguments over that topic, so let's not just say 'everyone' like it was always one big, universal, happy, everyone agrees type thing.  To be fair, b
  4. ô_o                                                           
  5. I've no idea :( I tried to retore my previous Dirt Rally folder, but I don't have one. Ah too bad for me.  I don't think it would even be possible anyway. Before, the game was just calling up static images and panning over them. Now, it's actual video files. That's not going to be a simple drag-n-drop. Heck, code has probably changed in the EXE itself for the different call-up.
  6. Yeah, while I only tried one Super Store, which did have an advert up for the Sainsbury's exclusive steelbook edition, there wasn't actually a single copy of the game on the shelves at all. They had a couple for the PS4 and XB1 behind the counter when asked, but after checking the computers, the staff at least claimed that none of their stores have any stock of the PC version. Can only imagine they are all stuck in some distributors warehouse with no where to actually go. Can't force a shop to stock something they don't want after all. Didn't seem worth checking the other two stores after tha
  7. Cool thanks for posting that. “especially on the Xbox One where you get the motors in the triggers that allow us to give you more feedback for wheel spin and brake lock ups.” You can do this on PC too, I would love this feature. I don't know of a single PC game that has made use of the impulse triggers on an Xbox One controller, even ones which do support them on Xbox One, like Fallout 4, Project Cars, etc. At this point, a year after they were officially released, I'm not even sure that Microsoft's PC drivers actually allow for it, saying as no one has implemented it.
  8. Erm, let's not get carried away and start being selective with our memories. Mini WRC and the i20 are based on concept cars, the Impreza R4 is not an R4 car at all. The MkII Escort isn't truly authentic to the category it's in. They've done well, but they have made compromises and settled for the best they can get at times. Yeah, but those are pretty much ALL licensing issues. Not the team's fault. And? Regardless of the reason, it's still compromising, which is what you specifically suggested they had not been doing in DR. Whereas lots of the game is, in fact, a compromise for
  9. Erm, let's not get carried away and start being selective with our memories. Mini WRC and the i20 are based on concept cars, the Impreza R4 is not an R4 car at all. The MkII Escort isn't truly authentic to the category it's in. They've done well, but they have made compromises and settled for the best they can get at times.
  10. What is the meaning of this Mr Coleman? I thought you said, just a few posts above, that all additional content (read cars and tracks) had already been announced. What are you hiding sir? Not cool. lol Doesn't mean it has to be related to DiRT Rally at this point, or at least doesn't mean it has anything to do with the April update. That's what's all been revealed. What is coming in April. The future beyond that is a little more hazy. Of course, having a look doesn't mean anything will come of it in the end anyway. If a licensing deal falls through, then all that data and work gets
  11. Yeah, that picture is really old and in retrospect, I'd say it's meant to represent "DiRT for the fans" which is what DiRT Rally is.
  12. Didn't say a new model has to be done. However, a new license does have to be acquired.
  13. Ditching a car model for another one is also ditching all the money that got it first model there in the first place. That specifically, however, is a useless consideration economically speaking. What does matter is wether a replacement model will net the company more income. Already having a model that is 'slightly off' here thus means that the replacement model has to generate so much more revenue just by being more accurate that it covers its entire development costs. This latter part is of course highly unlikely. So... it's not a useless consideration, economically speaking, and y
  14. Coulda sworn SLRE didn't have the proper one either... or maybe that was earlier pre-release pictures. All the 'official' liveries in SLRE are very basic adaptations. Without at least a couple of sponsors present, many of the liveries don't look that good. Anyway, as for Paul's comment, it's worth noting that it's actually kinda vague. It doesn't say WHO only allowed them to license the concept car. Could even have been CM management for all we know, who knew they already had source files for the concept car from DiRT 3. Plus, there was almost a whole year between DR hitting Early Access and
  15. We don't have any way of knowing if the manufacturers have certain obligations or restrictions themselves. The FIA certainly asks the manufacturers taking part in their series to respect their own official licensing deals, which certain companies take more seriously than other ones.  Generally, these are compromises. Might notice that the RX Mini doesn't have the same problem. 
  16. Lydden Hill. There are definitely no new tracks or stages of any kind (except all gravel Pikes Peak). It's been stated that all the new content has been revealed.
  17. If it happens, it would have to be before then. Anything after August for the first DLC release would probably not be considered economically viable by management. A long lead time into DLC like that requires both a stable long-term audience who will still be playing and willing to spend more, and/or be a very substantial amount of content that are more like expansion packs. While DR likely will have a certain long-term audience, I don't think it'd be substantial enough to make DLC released that far after release a worthwhile investment.
  18. That's the key point. Just like when you play a game/sim and drive an F1 or LMP car with traction control off, you do have to apply the throttle very gently in the lower gears as you exit a corner. The amount of power means you WILL spin if you don't.  It's in those cars where I've mainly felt the benefits of using wheels and pedals over a pad, because it's 100% about being very smooth with the steering input and throttle. In many ways, the polar opposite of manhandling a rally car. I wasn't saying it should be impossible to make the car spin or behave badly, it's just so different from
  19. Setup and driver matters a lot. On top of that, it's "Work in Progress". Just because there isn't that text slapped on it, doesn't mean everything is finished. They clearly said this could be the submission build sent off to Sony and Microsoft, which, if we were to use the proper terminology, essentially means we're in the Release Candidate build phase rather than true beta. The amount of WIP time is becoming somewhat limited. ;) For that to be the case, it's almost certainly content complete. I suspect the game will go gold in the next 4/6 weeks, then work will accelerate on the Day 1 Cons
  20. Depends how much of the grip is coded into the track itself, vs the cars. In theory when it comes to a simulation, the biggest problem with playing PP at the moment is the cars. The PP modifications never took tarmac into account. All the modifications turning them from Group B to Pikes Peak cars had 100% gravel in mind (even more so the 405) , so it's understandable they would not be as suited for tarmac and somewhat compromised by it. Not so much about the gravel version having less grip as it is the old PP cars not being able to take full advantage of the tarmacs extra grip. Like a car tha
  21. Ultimately, the games handling has been tweaked towards gravel and such. No matter the car setup, I doubt it's going to be fully capable of a proper tarmac simulation as it is, and even then we're talking about magnitudes of difference between a rally car on tarmac compared to this particular beast. Despite the looks, the 208 T16 has more in common with Peugeot's 908 LMP than it does any rally or earlier Hill Climb cars. Not just the fact that it literally has the 908's rear wing. It had purpose built tyres, etc, that are just very different from anything fitted to a WRC. That particular car
  22. I'm sure they especially like how, despite having the official FIA WRX license with it's connection to Monster Energy, there are still more Red Bull liveried cars in the game than Monster ones. And that disparity is only increasing with the update.
  23. While they have the final say of yes/no, neither Citroen or Hyundai own the rights to provide the entire liveries on their own. For example, you need to have Martini's individual go-ahead and license to use the Martini Stripes, even if Lancia/Fiat and Ford are a-ok with the old official liveries being used. Also depends how much the manufacturer is bothered about potentially upsetting the FIA for current/very recent liveries. Hyundai might care about that more than VW.
  24. Since I had the unfortunate displeasure of having to deal with a swarm of cheaters in another game, I do know that there's such a thing known as "Cheat Engine" and it basically changes the data in the RAM, therefore a hash check won't do anything as the game files are never changed. Hacks do alter the game files usually, but cheats aka trainers... most of the time don't, which is the biggest issue. Much like the Game Genie which Codemasters themselves invented and sold. ;) That little irony should never be lost on any of us here. If it wasn't for the Game Genie, Codemasters might not have b
  25. I think most of those people are just excited about the new content coming to the PC version when the console one is released? There's also a few people here cant play the PC version, like @tbtstt , who have been waiting a long time. Some people can't play DR at 60fps on their PCs, but already own a XB1/PS4, so it's a way for them to do that without an expensive upgrade. And some just want a physical version. Being on the community test team, I intend to get the steelbook version (if it still actually happens) and leave it sealed as a memento to myself of something I was involved in.
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