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  1. gfRally said:

    these are 600+ hp cars compared to the 300 hp Rally cars we have now.
    To be fair, we do have 480 hp rally cars now. Which are too fast already though :anguished: 
    Good job we won't be taking them on the rally stages then!
    No reason at all to restrict any of the cars to any of the stages/disciplines. :/
    Codies know we don't just want rally cars on hill climbs, but hill climb cars on rally stages as well.
    The Hill Climb cars are so, so much nicer to drive on gravel. They'll be fine around Wales and Greece.

  2. Rally and hill climb.

    It's about the cars though. To me, there are some very iconic rally and hill climb cars and liveries that I want to drive and they look great doing it.
    I have that connection with rally obviously, but also hill climb thanks to legends like the Suzuki Escudo PP and how it completely broke two iterations of Gran Turismo.
    I don't have that with Rally Cross. Instead I was using skin mods for DiRT 3 to put famous WRC liveries on the RX cars instead .

  3. macebig said:
    It was well documented in the old forums that Citroen was rather quirky about licensing.For example I clearly remember that they didnt want the DS3 in DIRT 3 but only the older C4 due tothem not wanting to release specific info about their current car.You may also remember that in CMR 04 Xsara didnt have the proper 2003 livery as was the standard with all Colin McRae's cars.
    Which is fair enough, but saying as it's already going to be in two other games, that alone is unlikely to be the case now, especially after the RX version has gotten in. Be positive! :smile: 
    The road going versions of the DS3 are also quite common in other games since DiRT3 (over 4 years ago, remember!).

    Liveries are always a quirky thing, that's not particularly unusual, I wouldn't read a whole lot into that.
    Apart from licensing issues there are almost certainly legal issues in regard to things like tobacco advertising which will never be a part of any official release. Something which was very plain to see with the classic cars in F1 2013.
    Alcohol advertising is also the most likely reason why the Ford Focus WRC in CMR2 and 3 is missing the Martini logo despite being Colin's car and, indeed, the logo is also missing from the Williams F1 cars in F1 2014 and will almost certainly still be missing in F1 2015.
    Same applies for the Kingfisher logo on Force India.
    (Funnily enough and as an aside, the Martini logo and Martini Racing banners were completely legible in Sega Rally and Sega Rally 2, despite the low resolutions involved. More innocent times though. Sega Rally was one of, if not the, first racing games to actually have officially licensed and recognisable racing cars and liveries)

    Regards CMR04, Total may have been a part of that. They were the key sponsor for the Xsara and it's livery. The car lacks any Total logos and I don't recall seeing any in the game at all. Since they can claim to own "Total Blue", that can have a huge impact on a facsimile of a livery.
    Michelin and Magneti Marelli logos were still present though, so yeah, that was probably a complicated one.
    That takes us back to the fact that even recognisable car liveries in many games still tend to be missing a number of key sponsors.

  4. The FIA WRC doesn't seem to have a complete blanket licensing package the way F1 does.
    After all, if that was the case, then any Codies rally games after the first Colin McRae Rally wouldn't have any cars in it. It was the only one with an FIA license.
    Most of the Colin McRae and DiRT rally games have existed alongside official WRC games and whilst they might not have been able to feature some of the real events, liveries or drivers, we've always managed to have the actual cars, past and present.
    Big case in point is that we've already got the Fiesta, despite the lack of a FIA license, so we know that's not the case with the WRC.
    Loeb Rally also has the DS3 despite the lack of one as well.
    So cars-wise, it's mostly down to the manufacturers.

    The good news is that as far as cars goes, getting a license for exclusivity is incredibly rare and requires substantial money.

    When it comes to the DS3 WRC, the fact of the matter is that it's in both WRC5 and Seb Loeb Rally Evo, so there's no exclusivity deal going on with it's licensing at Citroen.
    There seems little reason it won't be in DiRT Rally apart from Codies simply not being able to afford it, though Citroens have been a regular part of the series and, indeed, were on the cover art for Colin McRae Rally 04.

  5. Agree with all your points there, but just to point out that the Peugeot was actually sponsored by XBox in 2009 so the 908 livery was actually accurate.

    Yes, but Forza 4 was released in late 2011. The 908 started wearing Playstation logos in 2010 (to coincide with the release of Gran Turismo 5 of course).
    Forza 4 also included the 2011 version of the 908 in Matmut-Oreca livery.
    Point being, they didn't have to suddenly stop using the car(s) because a sponsor had changed to a competitor over a year earlier.

  6. gfRally said:
    Haha nice one Lee 

    And that's why we will probably not see an S1 in DiRT
    Shouldn't have anything to do with it at all, they are just a sponsor.
    An accurate livery maybe, but DiRT Rally, by default, doesn't have any 100% accurate liveries anyway, especially when it comes to sponsors.
    The Peugeot 405 T16 for example is lacking the Pioneer logo (and I'm surprised no one has done a more accurate recreation yet. Pretty sure there was one for DiRT3).

    The Peugeot 908 HDi FAP ran with Playstation titles, but that didn't stop it from being in Microsofts Xbox exclusive Forza series.
    It just didn't have the Playstation logo on it. In fact, they just replaced it with Xbox 360 titles. :wink: 
    Of course, despite being a console game, one of the stand-out features of Forza is it's powerful in-game livery creation and sharing systems, so the community took care of that pretty sharpish

    If you look back to even Colin McRae Rally 3, despite the Martini Racing Ford Focus WRC being the title car and the only one that could be played in the games "Become Colin McRae" career mode, it doesn't actually have ANY Martini logos on it.
    Martini logos in Gran Turismo are also censored in much the same way that tobacco advertising was in F1, barcode style.

    So yeah, all that kind of stuff is pretty common.
    Sponsors can have a say about their logos appearing/being licensed, but not something like the car itself. 

  7. Azoresst said:
    Yeah, I mentioned that before, you can quite easily work out one of the locations and guess the other. I all ready know, so me telling would be cheating!
    Finland and Germany? ;)
    And hopefully Sweden for the winter wonderland :)
    I hope for Norway over Sweden. But the again we would miss Collin's crest if we went to Norway 
    Both might make it.
    Pay attention around Pikes Peak and you'll see quite a few Norwegian  and Swedish flags dotted amongst the spectators as you climb up.
    Not much point in putting those in the game if we won't be going there, unless it's a deliberate red herring that will be removed/replaced further down the line. 
    Which would be a bit wasteful since it would mean a patch containing the whole Pikes Peak texture archives to swap out one or two texture maps.

  8. Not much to be honest, a few of us who went to codemasters back in November know one track, but not sure if we can say it yet. There have been hints to world RX license, and we know there will be two tracks at launch with a third coming later. Joker laps will be included
    If you signed an NDA, which I imagine everyone did, best not to say, or even hint at, anything at all until after it's been officially revealed/stated, or clearance is given.

  9. RallyDriven: I wanna see that ok. 5,5 metres wide road in the forest on the google maps, could you give me the coordinates ? :)
    I recommend you to watch some rally germany onboards and compare it to the game..
    Panzerplatte is part of the Baumholder military training grounds.
    Yes plenty of it is narrow, but some of the roads have to accommodate heavy military equipment, including tanks. It's not all barely wide enough for a single car.
    Some of the roads are so wide and fast they create chicanes on them. 
    For example
    The road there is at least 6 car widths, nevermind metres.

  10. BrySkye said:


    ...well... credit for that really quite well rendered Luftwaffe Tornado IDS in that last one. 
    This looks like as if the guy was really trying to crash into the fighter jet! :D
    Thing is, Codies might want to talk to Panavia about that one. Could be a licensing issue down the line, since it's very clearly a quite detailed Tornado IDS.
    I bring that up because whilst the Tornado was licensed by Panavia to be DLC in the console versions of  Bandai-Namco's Ace Combat Assault Horizon, the license for that, and only that, plane was not renewed for the enhanced 'complete' (but not really) version of Assault Horizon released for PC, so the Tornado is just missing from it.

  11. gfRally said:
    Did anyone get and screenshots?
    Of stuff in-game rather than just the car list in the menus? 
    There's a few knocking on Steam if you go to go to the games Community Hub and then click the screenshots tab at the top.
    Change the option to show 'most recent' and scroll a fair bit down.
    Some examples
    ...well... credit for that really quite well rendered Luftwaffe Tornado IDS in that last one. 

  12. Getting car licenses should have more to do with the manufacturers than a governing body.
    Ferrari F1 cars being in Gran Turismo for example.

    I would imagine the bigger stumbling block might be any arrangements between Milestone/Citreon/Loeb, saying as Milestone no longer have the WRC license, but the DS3 is 100% in Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo.

    As far as I recall, the only Codies games with the WRC license were the first three Colin McRae games.

  13. RookieOne said:
    Now, if only we could get the Celica ST185...
    They did not talk about it I can take ?
    Ideally both the ST185 and ST205. 
    But if we only get one, I'm afraid I have to vote strongly for the 205. It might not have been as important on the real rally scene, but it's significance to gaming is difficult to understate, especially since we already have the Delta Integrale and Statos.
    If there was never a Sega Rally, there might never have been a Colin McRae Rally either.
    I still dearly hope for the hopelessly neglected Corolla WRC as well. Not just for being in CMR and CMR2 (or any late 90's Rally game), but as Toyota's last venture into the WRC. Only competed in 2 seasons and won one of them, very nearly both.

    As for the other aspect that came up, I'm going to have to put in support for better replays and a free camera over a rally school.
    I do appreciate the value of a rally school, but as a content creator who likes taking screenshots and videos, I'm biased towards tools that let me be more creative.
    Oh how I wish I had access to the kind of dev builds that do include free cameras (albeit unpolished) to get screenshots and such which us mere gamers can't.
    Sadly, I'm not deadendthrills.com , so I'm dependent on devs leaving such tools in the retail game, like Bethesda did with Skyrim via the system console.
    One reason I've switched to PC gaming.