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  1. KickUp said:
    tbtstt said:
    Nothing will end the gossip thread. Here, I'll make it continue for a bit.

     Why are there no toyotas or a Citroen ds3 wrc in the game? And where is the Subaru 22b WRC and the Quattro S1 E2?
    Don't forget gymkhana and Christian Stephenson. When is DiRT Rally going to tell me that I'm totally rad and should put my replay on Yew Tube dude?
    We have a loading screen tip that says it ;-)
    I always forgot to mention this. You should have a loading screen tip that appears only after the "We really mean it... don't cut." that goes like this: "No, seriously, just don't cut." :D 

    The first one says "Don't Cut"
    The second one actually says "No, seriously. Don't Cut."
    So they kinda already do.
    It'd be overkill for the joke, but the only other thing to really add is if you cut and have a terminal crash, it'd say "I told you not to cut. Paul Smash. Your head. With the windscreen."

  2. kobeshow said:

    very true, I saw that side of the medal aswell, agree with everything 100% (and if I have to endure a Dakar game for procedurally generated rally stages so be it)
    ? That's nothing new. Even V-Rally 2 had a random stage generator on the Playstation.
    Thing is, people wanted real stages rather than completely fictional ones generated by code.
    The way pace notes were done in DiRT Rally would also be impossible on a generated stage.
    Unless you're talking about a real stage, but with the scenery generated at random which... seems odd.

  3. I don't think the strict security in place to prevent a whole lot of modding has much to do with licensing agreements.
    After all, we can replace skins still, even though we specifically know that the licensing deals with Audi and Citroen specifically do not allow anything but the approved liveries currently in the game.

    I'll bet money it's more because the whole game was build around online integration. 
    Remember, it was going to be called DiRT Delta. The online leaderboard and community delta is that integral to the concept.

    There's a difference between not supporting or enabling (as in providing tools for) modding and putting systems in place that actively prevent it, such as infinite loading loops and CTD's if certain files aren't right.
    That's not going to get changed, because the reason it's there isn't going to change. To stop it being exploited. 
    I almost wish I had a separate installation of 0.5 still, so I could easily put any car on Pikes Peak with the correct performance and no trouble. 

  4. It's probably worth consider that while most of us here see DiRT Rally as the future of the franchise and are thinking in terms of DiRT Rally 2 rather than DiRT 4, the gaming world at large, especially journalists, will be thinking of DiRT Rally more as a spin-off along the lines of DiRT Showdown.
    So they'll throw around "DiRT 4" more than us.

  5. austinb said:
    Underkex said:
    Back then it wasn't as difficult as today. V-Rally 1 and 2, Colin Mcrae Rally 1 and 2.., all they have perfect liveries without any WRC license. Perhaps all started when the official WRC games appeared on the PS2.
    Actually CMR 1,2 & 3 did all had the official wrc license. That explains the loss of such world rally team liveries in the following games.
    They didn't, that's a myth. Generally started because CMR had all the drivers. You'll find on the box and manual explicitly state the game is not authorised or licensed by the WRC.

    I feel wires got a little crossed. I wasn't referring to WRC liveries specifically, I was referring to official liveries in general and passable approximations of them.
    Subaru Team USA is an official livery, as was the Focus RS one.
    They weren't completely fictional like a number of the ones we got in DiRT 3 and in DiRT Rally.
    A few logos missing here and there doesn't mean anything. None of the Rally or Hillclimb liveries in DiRT Rally are 100% correct with every single sponsor logo.

  6. Not perfect.
    With the exception of the original Sega Rally which actually had the proper Martini logo and "Martini Racing" on it's Lancia Delta, all subsequent games have had the legally required amount of censoring of alcohol & tobacco.
    It's still doable. V-Rally 3 still had them all, which also came out after the first official WRC PS2 game. So did Sega Rally (Revo/2006).
    Mind you, the license doesn't have to be exclusive to one game.
    People forget that in 2010, there were two officially licensed WRC games. Milestones first WRC effort and Gran Turismo 5.
    Ironically enough. GT5 had a mode called the 
    Sébastien Loeb Rally Challenge.
    That kind of went full circle in the end.

  7. Rallycameraman said:
    particularly getting the 95 Impreza livery, got to be a first for a console game?  
    First for a Codies game, but the livery has been in others before. It's technically even in SLRE remember.

    Sega Rally 2 for the Dreamcast had it all the way back in 1998.
    The livery choice in that game was almost perfect actually. About as complete as you can get for a game that didn't have a WRC license.
    Especially the Japanese version which had the Group A Ford Escort, but removed from the Intl releases.

    Everything had a proper livery.


    I'd say the Sega Rally 2 car/livery list should really be the starting block for every rally game that will ever be made. :P 

  8. Job3k said:
    Its not possible to make a any car any track mod for dirt rally like in dirt 3?
    Doesn't seem like it. 
    In DiRT 3, we could edit the databases. That's how we could add completely new liveries and car tiles instead of just replacing existing ones.
    That could also be used to put any car on any track in a 'legit' way as far as the game was concerned.
    Security for the data in DiRT Rally went through the roof, with more of that data put into much harder to edit files. Maybe even ones beyond being practical to crack. 
    It's a much less moddable game than D3 was. 
    The price paid to try and increase the integrity of the game leaderboard component.
    Once v2 handling started rolling out, we can't even swap car models and physics anymore.
    We have to swap out whole tracks, which brings it's own problems and I honestly wouldn't be surprised that Codies would put in some effort to stop that from working too.

  9. SkyRex said:
    By the way , could the 208PP be 'That other car' ??
    Not based on what was said about it, no. 
    It is a fairly recent development for the 208 PP to come into fruition, probably only since confirmation for the console release was given.
    Just months ago it wasn't happening.
    #ThisCar has always been on the cards, with confidence, since early May.

  10. DeoraTwo said:
    gfRally said:
    Pretty cool that they went as far as changing the spectator cars for the all gravel PP, it's that kind of attention to detail that makes me smile.  It all adds to the subliminal atmosphere that sets the tone for the entire event.

    It will make a nice contrast to the all asphalt with 208.  

    Will the 208 be in a class all its own, or will there be competition?  
    Nothing even comes close to the 208's time. Maybe the 2014 Norma could beat it in the hands of some aliens, but the 208 has the Norma beat by 47 seconds. I suspect it will be alone.
    That alone doesn't really matter in the game.
    I mean, just look at what's in Group B. The Peugeot 205 E2 is pretty much in a league of it's own, especially compared to the Quattro.
    Not saying there will be more. To be quite honest, and as much as I'd like to see at least one Suzuki make it since they pretty much defined the mixed surface era, I doubt there will be any more cars over what we've seen now, unless something very special happens.
    But performance difference alone probably wouldn't be a deciding factor.

  11. I thought consoles were 1080p max, with the Xbox normally only hitting 900p?
    Ah, we're talking about very different things there.
    I was talking about texture resolution, not the actual image rendering on the TV.

    The car textures in the PC version of DiRT Rally are what we call 4K, but not the same 4K as the TV standard.
    TV 4K is a 16:9 format. 3840 pixels × 2160
    When people say 4K in relation to textures, they mean 4096x4096 (Textures have followed the most standard multiples. 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, etc)
    Texture resolution is one of PC's greatest strengths vs console.
    It doesn't have to mean super high quality, crisp textures though. Some devs would use a single 4K texture, but fill it with lots of smaller parts.

  12. If that's the same location, there's a more apparent difference.

    The textures. They are much less arid. It doesn't just look like a different year, but a different season.
    Adding a few bits of roadside detail, trees, signs, etc is one thing.

    Completely different textures is another one all together.
    If anything is happening with the console version, I'd be expecting the texture resolution will be reduced in some areas.
    While they can certainly support 4K textures, I can't really see the PS4, nevermind the XB1, being able to run DiRT Rally at 60fps with a whole lot of 4K textures going on. They just don't have the bandwidth.

    But I really can't see CM completely redrawing the textures just as part of the porting process.

    Just photoshop tweaking? While I kinda doubt CM would use Photoshop heavily (it always bites developers in the rear end), the immediate trackside colours look pretty similar between both pictures. It's just the background mountains that looks so different. 

  13. What I'm saying is, if you know why but can't say, then it's probably better not to say you have the knowledge in the first place.

    It just adds an additional element of intrigue that the info has been shared with anyone, which is going to make people talk even more about what those reasons might be, the opposite of what you're trying to achieve. 

  14. SkyRex said:
    Underkex said:
    Citroen and Toyota licence are nothing to do with budget. Both won't appear in DiRT Rally for different reasons (well anymore Citroen models)
    What kind of reasons?
    AFAIK (might be wrong) Toyota because they had a cheating car and because they really got into some disagrement with CM. And Citroen because of SLRE and exclusive Citroen focused stuff there
    Paul outright stated on a DiRT Show that exclusivity deals regarding SLRE and 'other games' had nothing to do with acquiring or not acquiring any licenses (with the obvious exception of Porsche because EA actually manage that license themselves. On that note, the existence of the Porsche expansion for Forza 6 just got leaked today).
    Don't think the history of the ST205 has anything at all to do with Toyota either, otherwise it wouldn't be in so many other games (it's in Forza 6 and can be fully rally specced), and it has nothing to do with the Tacoma or ST185.

    I really wish the vets wouldn't keep teasing knowing reasons they can, apparently, never disclose (and then get a tad bit uppity and talk about beating dead horses when people try to discuss what those reasons could be). 

  15. Depends how many there will be. 
    2 cars seems to be enough to form a new class.
    If its only one, I wouldn't be surprised if it was slotted into an existing class.

    Technically, you'd think the 2010's would be most appropriate for a S2000 car, since that spec of WRC car was based on the S2000 regulations.
    But saying as the classes are based on when the cars competed, rather than balancing, it'd go in the 2000 class, just like how we have two cars from 2001 alongside two cars from 2008 (give or take a year).

  16. grancab said:
    Renault 5 "fat bottom" turbo confirmed by this italian guy video

    Me thinks someone was rather naughty, especially with the embargo.
    Something else in there as well. 
    39 seconds, the old promo screenshot of the RS200 in the proper Ford Motorsport livery is being re-used.

  17. SkiddyMcCrash said:
     .I'm not saying that you stuff you post isn't interesting, useful or relevent, because it is, it's just not gossip.
    The majority of this whole thread isn't gossip. It's been the big melting pot of all things.
    I think restricting it to just that not only severely limits what can be said, but even kind of hurts the spirit of the thread, even more so when we're reaching the point where it's almost over until real hints of DiRT Rally 2 might start appearing in a year or maybe two.
    Sounds overly dramatic, but could anyone really deny it?
    But hey, you're the mod. 
    I'm not going to make new threads. In fact, I've never made a single thread here, ever. I'll just post less. :)

  18. Hmm, i don't recognise that livery, @BrySkye - but it's clearly not currently available in game :)
    I... coulda sworn you and I had exchanged comments about it before at some point, unless a joke is going completely over my head.

    Anyway, it's the Esso/Exxon livery, which is possibly the second most recognised Delta S4 livery, after Martini.

    It was actually in DiRT 3 as that games Authentic (#1) livery for the S4, though with the usual stripping down of sponsors, etc.