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  1. I can't seem to select a championship for the Modern Hillclimb car, I just bought it and want to give it a go in career to upgrade it, but I can't seem to find it, any ideas?
  2. Looking forward to your next season guys, very enjoyable to watch.
  3. I saw a black Lancia Delta Integrale in my hometown about 2 days ago <3
  4. What?! they plan on upgrading the current 300Bhp to 380?! Are they trying to recreate Group B? 380 HP is where the Metro 6R4 is at.
  5. Your making me worried for my Indonesia leg, depending how Corsica goes Indonesia might be a must win Rally haha!  Ah, it's probably not that bad, I was like 14 when I raced that championship, pretty sure I got some better rally skills now :smiley: 
  6. Ah, the good old days, I played this game so much, I was never able to win Indonesia on Intermediate difficulty, Always ended up in a ditch losing time, had to come in 2nd. Game was fun though, and had pretty fun cheats too.
  7. I do like rally cross as well, but I always tend to get back to the roots of Rally, most fun and challenging discipline of all.
  8. Can we please have some decent headlights on the mini countryman like the ford fiesta has? I can't see anything in night stages, I can't get a higher spot then 6th place on master, it's literately not drivable.
  9. I know what you mean, it's been bothering me a little bit, I try not to pay attention to it too much, but yeah, the dust from the tires seem to clip through the dust that's far behind the car, probably because of the dust slowly dissipating, I think it might be a sort of transparency that is being used there, I think that's what is causing the clipping.
  10. Good work on that box art Porkhammer, looks cute, lightning makes it a bit unrealistic though. Not to mention the explosion..
  11. Very cool bro! Looks like you had some fun and good experience, you've been a lot quicker since your first video, good to see you improved! I liked it! :smiley: 
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