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  1. we were all on topic THEN YOU started this READ PAGE 8  or 7 by stamping your feet in a hissy fit coz we compeard  PCARS  2 F1 2015 which WAS & IS IN CONTEXT WITH THIS TOPIIC you then tryed to bully the MODERATORS into snuffing out anything 2 do  with  pcars then on top of that u  insult us  when people bite back dont like it  and play the victim  tipical BULLY ONE MORE TIME IF YOU DONT LIKE WHAT IS ON  HERE DONT READ THIS TOPIC .
  3. At least pcars HAS one on 4 formula classes A  B  C & ROOKIE  PLUS GT3  4 &5 & LM 1&2  read  my  last  post on this matter. 
  4. Nothing CM are lazy ok it looks nice but so dose a super model with an STD imagine the dev meeting hay fellas we have nxt gen so err lets scrap central game mode cos its old outdated and our target gamers are 15 year old kids who play NFS games thay whont miss the challenge of getting  mannor racing to a 1 point season finish oo adriver in to a top team over a 5 year season mode we will add afew cut seens and a few repetitive  voice overs we know the fools err fans will buy it and tht pcars will not sell with all that F rooky C B A  stuff and AI with an I Q and who would whant t
  5. And yes im being sarcastic CM are LAZY devs slightly mad  put them to shame on feedback to the fans CM of old made games for the fans like TOCA 1 & 2 the C M RALLY GAMES now its games are utter trash  made by devs that that are not fans of the sport hope f1 flops big time so f1 liceance gets a fresh dev team  CM needs a kick up the backside looks like pcars may be the game to do it.
  6. if pcars dumps all over f1 2015  as seems like it might then who knows  ? the sport will go to were the mony is  pcars 2 may become the go too guys this gen sad to say f1 is not justifiable any more as a stand alone game CM may have just  made it a dead certainty by ripping the single player to shreds we all know online  is a laggy demolition  derby  this is the death of CM f1 games as a profitable  franchise my prediction  is that by 2017 CM ditch f1 then f1 will go to turn 10 or slightly mad as part of  forza or pcars 
  7. Oh dear some one at CM has taken the stupid pills at thiinking this was a good move err HELLO planet earth calling CM  give up f1 and let pcars have f1 liceance ASAP. 
  8. Pretty bad I would imagine as a most sports  games these days come with a career mode as standard. In fact in the past couple of days I've just started career modes on a couple of my snooker games Won 1 tournament and have got to a final on another which will certainly help my ranking points but then I've had a couple of stinkers too in that I've been knocked out straightaway.  Given P cars has a career mode it's going to take something really special I think for F1 2015 to overcome it. Without a career mode I'd suspect that'll be impossible.
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