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  1. I couldn't see my normal braking point from inside, so that was a nice 200 kp/h terminal. Oops.
  2. I wrecked Skyrex's 3rd position immediately after he posted his message. The joy of switching from Chase cam to Cockpit dash, and the resulting "Wait.. I CANNOT SEE THE BRAKING MARK-" *Goes off the road 4 times, very slowly* Especially in the wet. Ah well, I saw no Fords, so I drove a Ford, simple. Had quite the damage from bumping the edges on the fast bits though - had Wheel Geometry worse than the McRae Legacy scenario. o_o Edit: *curses in 'not podium finish' and 'racenet servers'*
  3. Yes, relatively weird notes like Right 4 Tightens into left 3 narrow over bridge? Rushed a bit since i saw its only 2 hours left so rushing+left Peugeot pillar blocking my usual braking marker means slide wide into a very surprising retirement. Don't pick french, folks! O_o Tbh this car just lacked any confidence in the trial runs so about expected type of ending.
  4. I ... went terminal on the bridge 1 minute in on the 1st USA stage... Why did i pick this Peugeot. 😅
  5. As expected Spain terminal crash, lost focus and missed a big braking point before what seemed a left 2 in terms of tightness, right into a tree. 😅 Spain is nasty difficult when i can't see the problematic tarmac sliding due to inside cam, let alone with dark/night/night stages as starting sequence.
  6. "Part Failure - Wheels" Wait, WHAT? So SS2 i got an unlucky puncture from a tiny bump on the exit of 'left 5 over crest' (or something) and was like "Eh, i am midstage, i dont see a reason to stop". But then i slow crashed after i slid out on another exit and ... it was terminal?? I wasn't even in fifth gear... Lesson learned, take 2 spare wheels for Finland instead.
  7. Very often do, yes. My video some posts back serves as proof that the tires, if not roughed up, do 3 tarmac longs with little issues, though i was tired as hell that day so i might not remember now if they felt off on stage 3 and 6.
  8. I got VERY bored, enjoy. I should drive when awake, however.
  9. Snaky115

    Need Help: RX2 Car Setup

    RX2s nastiest habits come from its Rear mounted engine, so one way to deal with it is to force understeer by various measures - softening rear suspension, maybe loosening just rear diff. I personally have hilarious amount of rear Toe-In and Maximum negative rear camber as well so rear doesn't go out as violently as before. Still losing it under braking if it is not straight enough. 😅
  10. Should be a WR contender even in Germany, Only Peugeot and Citroen are a whole tier behind the others, on some surfaces Skoda falls apart too. Check out 'Innerer Feld-Sprint' Dry R5 leaderboard. 😛
  11. Snaky115

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Videos!

    French navy reporting.
  12. Snaky115

    STI NR4 not as slow as it seems?

    This was explained somewhere... but TLDR - DR2 Mitsubishi Evo X weight is correct, unfortunately. Something about which weight they decided to list between the games - with both guys in or just car's weight. Idk, bull excuse for such a simple thing since Subaru weight didn't change among games. While i like my accuracy, i also like my underdog cars to not be very stinky garbage, but just garbage. >_>
  13. Snaky115

    crazy fast event times ANGELOMONTEIRO10

    ooh.. AI times are updating like that? Yeah thats gonna need an adjustment, fast.
  14. So my attention span failed, the very final 'Left 3' on stage one... if you fly off the track at full speed with bad mood, its a full retirement via "Unrecoverable car" ... Oops...
  15. Super bricked Wales on stage 2, Stage 1 went smooth-ish, Stage 2 i misremembered a corner and flew into a tree at 180kmh. Oops. :X