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  1. The Soft vs Medium debate is an odd one. IIRC something happened pre-release that forced them to make softs last a bit longer, but it's been a very long while since i've kept the debate in my mind. In my testing, the brutal understeer of old Softs kicks in around the 3 long stage marker, while mediums were only 1.5 long stages stronger, sometimes. It does seem to vary with gravel surface or stage degradation. I think i am more confident in saying its 3.5 longs for Softs/Tarmac, and like, 5 to 5.5 longs on Mediums/Tarmac.
  2. Shame we don't have car whitelisting like DR1 clubs, but we can try our best when the time comes.
  3. Ended on a better note. Note to self - just pick my usual favourite car in a class, instead of going "oh xx car is under-represented" 😂
  4. R5 wheelbases are sensitive to high stage degradation, i honestly want to uninstall while driving SS3, i am hitting the bump stop every 100 meters! With +3 bumps and max ride height and 2 clicks stiffer suspension! -_- I haven't even finished the stage i am so fed up. 🤣 EDIT: forgot to record the SS3 front somersault i had on the sharp double jump around mid-stage, ditch on right, fence on left. Just, somersault out of nowhere. I am going to bed.
  5. The hard downhill braking point seemed darker than usual on Germany SS1, so i slightly bumped the inside and got a triple puncture retirement as a result. Oops.
  6. Stage 5 - Fortunately i got out of this pickle instantly to continue this bumpy run of USA. Lost 2-3 in each stage since i kept cussing out High deg+Wet combo the entire time i was driving.
  7. Oh right, first page URL is still un-fixed, now its longer ' https://dirtrally2.dirtgame.com/clubs/club/39043 ' and of course, come join in.
  8. I just did a Dytut on stage 3, lost track that my braking grip is severely reduced and went from -7 lead to +33 deficit in final 4 corners 😂 EDIT: *****, your penalty must've been 40 seconds on SS6.
  9. Yeah, i had a similar "hold on now" about the tyres losing grip MrWhite, but then they recovered a corner or two later and kept going for the most part, other than braking distance faltering. And yea, since this club is usually 'high degradation' gravel, as a little self-challenge and to have that extra half stage or so of pushing available i plan to run mediums on most gravel events It does help that i had very mild practice on high deg to get that Solberg Club Greece top30 way back 😂 (rants about how physics made him lose a top 15 spot...)
  10. Greece is still Greece, probably the only event where i wont make mistakes 😂 I shouldve checked if mediums actually wear less than softs, coz i swear they had a *woop, here comes F1 tyre wear* in the tricky bit of Stage 6. >_>
  11. Well, i didn't expect DR2 to round down that hard in the SS4 service - i had to leave the engine unrepaired, my SS2 was just that bad. But it rounded down into some brutal misfiring territory when it wasn't misfiring before so pushing its limits hard = pretty simple terminal retirement later on.
  12. I went airborne unexpectedly in SS2 as well, or whichever had the fast uncuttable right 6 left 6. Couldve jumped over a 1.5m tall person there. I wasn't even near an edge, i was middle of road preparing for the chicane o-o. After SS3 i went to bed and.. - rage quit on SS4 due to forgetting its wet and not double checking the spares going away after an 'exit to menu' bug. Rest in pieces both rear tyres, TURN ONE. This game is ridiculously unfun lol.
  13. Someone poke Skyrex to update the club URL on first page to ' https://dirtrally2.dirtgame.com/clubs/club/39043 ' now, with that change and all.
  14. Just to finally appease PJ who kept reminding me about this thread.
  15. Imp08 is an odd one. Smooth surfaces it is great. Bumpy? Bottoms out much easier than any other car i've driven. I have to max ride height AND stiffen everything. I imagine degraded NZ could be a nightmare on it, with some ruts being enough to trigger a bottom-out. It is not a slow car at least.
  16. The average life for softs is 2.5 longs, depending on amount of Toe added (does wear tyres) and surface/overdriving. 3 longs should be easily possible with 4WDs. That's why im sad the 1/5/1 vote didnt go through, or whatever the option was, would have actual use for mediums, though barely.
  17. Probably not, but i am limited to the Escort because i am a dumbass 😄
  18. Wanted to be a speedy boi without a spare, punctured before i even reached first haybale 😆 I feel like i am done.
  19. I am passing on Monte from last time, i am not doing it with cockpit cam restriction, ever. I drive for fun, and Monte isn't in that plan. Good runs by Snoopy and Underclass.
  20. In this case of Spain, if you know how softs on wet handle, first 3 stages would've been on softs (i was before game removed my spare...) and then rest on wets, since they should have some boost on wet roads compared to any dry tires. The rule with Softs in general is Mostly easy 2 Longs + 1 Short, sometimes even 3 longs, depending on surface, which i think is easily possible on Tarmac. I suspect wets last longer, but only if it is all wet roads, than softs on dry roads. But yea, i lost the message i saw, but apparently the softs have longer life than originally planned due to some
  21. Wow.. Game decided that i do NOT have a spare, even though i clicked to have 1 after finishing setup, so retirement/Alt+f4 on SS3 because i crashed on the very first turn. I am so going to ragequit, because next one is Monte. Free points for anyone else, i guess. 🧂
  22. Yabby somehow did not beat me on Greece, though he was only 3 seconds behind in the end. These servers after PS+ though, yikes. Might as well uninstall 😅
  23. Holy !#$% fully degraded Greek stages are DANGEROUS. The starting 100 meters on last stage has potholes so big i immediately bottomed out and nearly missed the turn. 😵 That's what i get for not driving degraded Greece before - still did well, but that was one hell of a scare.
  24. What a mysterious front puncture right before the bumpy fast finish of Stage 4... Damn, did not wanna lose my spare before the wet stages started. 😕 Turned out well in the end, besides the 720 spin before i realized the punctured tyre was fully gone. Tyre wear seems nasty though, even mediums got 'Worn' in 4-5-6.
  25. I couldn't see my normal braking point from inside, so that was a nice 200 kp/h terminal. Oops.
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