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  1. Imp08 is an odd one. Smooth surfaces it is great. Bumpy? Bottoms out much easier than any other car i've driven. I have to max ride height AND stiffen everything. I imagine degraded NZ could be a nightmare on it, with some ruts being enough to trigger a bottom-out. It is not a slow car at least.
  2. AMD vision is for laptops if i remember right. AMD cpus running inbuilt graphics, more of a 2015+ thing, too new for your x1300. (unless yours is Mobility x1300, but even then.. ?)
  3. Try the stuff from my 2 links before rambling on about Catalyst. Today GUI-less driver installs still install the respective registry keys and probably did back then, so the first app should work (unless something has changed after your 2 millennium old graphics card)
  4. Hmm. 😕 https://community.amd.com/thread/235771 Try the scaling app linked here then. I hope it can override the broken Catalyst center. If not, then i will leave this here as well. https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/AMD_Catalyst_Control_Center
  5. Ah. https://acertainkindofgamer.com/2018/04/11/pc-tutorial-colin-mcrae-rally-2005-pc-169-wide-screen-hack-advanced-particles-no-fmv/comment-page-1/ So you have stretched 4:3 like in this 2005 guide i assume? I just tried CMR4 demo and i dont have stretching, just square 1400x1050x32 running as intended. Double check if you don't have a GPU scaling option active in videocard drivers? My AMD card has 'Scaling Mode' with options of 'Center' , 'Full Panel' and 'preserve aspect ratio'. If that somehow doesnt help, maybe get the only 1.01 patch CMR4 had and check Resolutions again under Advanced graphics settings?
  6. The average life for softs is 2.5 longs, depending on amount of Toe added (does wear tyres) and surface/overdriving. 3 longs should be easily possible with 4WDs. That's why im sad the 1/5/1 vote didnt go through, or whatever the option was, would have actual use for mediums, though barely.
  7. Ok, so timing question - when did you buy the Super Deluxe? Before flatout pack was announced, or after, or even after it was released? Because Flatout Pack supposed to be included if you bought it early enough by default? >_> Oh well, it is a sunday. Shame my internet is a sleepyhead, i could've helped more than just ask background info.
  8. Wait, what? 'Super' Deluxe is basically 'GOTY' as it included everything ... ? Did you NEED to buy 3+4 after that?
  9. Just for extra data @Gurfield, mention what game edition this is, like recently bought GOTY or long ago bought season passes individually or other combination. Oh and Windows version. Coz only bn's solution worked for someone else we encountered in a discord.
  10. Probably not, but i am limited to the Escort because i am a dumbass 😄
  11. Wanted to be a speedy boi without a spare, punctured before i even reached first haybale 😆 I feel like i am done.
  12. I am passing on Monte from last time, i am not doing it with cockpit cam restriction, ever. I drive for fun, and Monte isn't in that plan. Good runs by Snoopy and Underclass.
  13. In this case of Spain, if you know how softs on wet handle, first 3 stages would've been on softs (i was before game removed my spare...) and then rest on wets, since they should have some boost on wet roads compared to any dry tires. The rule with Softs in general is Mostly easy 2 Longs + 1 Short, sometimes even 3 longs, depending on surface, which i think is easily possible on Tarmac. I suspect wets last longer, but only if it is all wet roads, than softs on dry roads. But yea, i lost the message i saw, but apparently the softs have longer life than originally planned due to some too late caught pre-release problems, and hence why Hards are literally useless, since similar life kinda extends to the medium vs hard tire comparison.
  14. Snaky115

    DiRTy Gossip about Art of Rally

    Tricky question, but seeing the main game dev team is still 1 person, depends when he gets the porting guys going after release. Absolute Drift took 1 year per port to appear on consoles, so 2015 main game, 2016 PS4 and then 2017 Xbone. But everything can still change.
  15. Wow.. Game decided that i do NOT have a spare, even though i clicked to have 1 after finishing setup, so retirement/Alt+f4 on SS3 because i crashed on the very first turn. I am so going to ragequit, because next one is Monte. Free points for anyone else, i guess. 🧂
  16. Yabby somehow did not beat me on Greece, though he was only 3 seconds behind in the end. These servers after PS+ though, yikes. Might as well uninstall 😅
  17. Holy !#$% fully degraded Greek stages are DANGEROUS. The starting 100 meters on last stage has potholes so big i immediately bottomed out and nearly missed the turn. 😵 That's what i get for not driving degraded Greece before - still did well, but that was one hell of a scare.
  18. What a mysterious front puncture right before the bumpy fast finish of Stage 4... Damn, did not wanna lose my spare before the wet stages started. 😕 Turned out well in the end, besides the 720 spin before i realized the punctured tyre was fully gone. Tyre wear seems nasty though, even mediums got 'Worn' in 4-5-6.
  19. I couldn't see my normal braking point from inside, so that was a nice 200 kp/h terminal. Oops.
  20. I wrecked Skyrex's 3rd position immediately after he posted his message. The joy of switching from Chase cam to Cockpit dash, and the resulting "Wait.. I CANNOT SEE THE BRAKING MARK-" *Goes off the road 4 times, very slowly* Especially in the wet. Ah well, I saw no Fords, so I drove a Ford, simple. Had quite the damage from bumping the edges on the fast bits though - had Wheel Geometry worse than the McRae Legacy scenario. o_o Edit: *curses in 'not podium finish' and 'racenet servers'*
  21. Yes, relatively weird notes like Right 4 Tightens into left 3 narrow over bridge? Rushed a bit since i saw its only 2 hours left so rushing+left Peugeot pillar blocking my usual braking marker means slide wide into a very surprising retirement. Don't pick french, folks! O_o Tbh this car just lacked any confidence in the trial runs so about expected type of ending.
  22. I ... went terminal on the bridge 1 minute in on the 1st USA stage... Why did i pick this Peugeot. 😅
  23. As expected Spain terminal crash, lost focus and missed a big braking point before what seemed a left 2 in terms of tightness, right into a tree. 😅 Spain is nasty difficult when i can't see the problematic tarmac sliding due to inside cam, let alone with dark/night/night stages as starting sequence.
  24. "Part Failure - Wheels" Wait, WHAT? So SS2 i got an unlucky puncture from a tiny bump on the exit of 'left 5 over crest' (or something) and was like "Eh, i am midstage, i dont see a reason to stop". But then i slow crashed after i slid out on another exit and ... it was terminal?? I wasn't even in fifth gear... Lesson learned, take 2 spare wheels for Finland instead.
  25. Very often do, yes. My video some posts back serves as proof that the tires, if not roughed up, do 3 tarmac longs with little issues, though i was tired as hell that day so i might not remember now if they felt off on stage 3 and 6.