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  1. WOW, top Support! No answere at german or english mailsupport. Now answere in the forum.... 
  2. I have created an account with Racenet for DIRT SHOWDOWN. Unfortunately, I can no longer access the old e-mail. Now I have applied for a new account for GRID2. I tried to enter the data from the new account in DIRT SHOWDOWN, but that's not possible.  How can I enter the new data in DIRT SHOWDOWN?  Both games I have on Steam. /German -> English Translator by Google
  3. Hey guys, i have a problem. G2 will not run in fullscreen. If i press Alt+RETURN, the window is black for a lil moment (1 - 2 sek) an it return to windowmode.The problem is new, i play at this morning in fullscreen... now i want wo play a lil... it runs only windowmode.. i dont know why in German:Ich kann plötzlich nicht mehr im Vollbild spielen wenn ich Alt+Enter drücke.Heute morgen ging es noch. Wenn ich jetzt Alt-Enter drücke wird kurz der monitor schwarz und das Spiel läuft weiter im Windowmodus.
  4. Hey Guys, because my very bad english, i look for a german community/forum for racegames from codemasters.everyone know an page?
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