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  1. AdrianJSClark

    league question

    DiRT Rally league events cannot be played until their start time. Each event's start time cannot overlap another event in the same league. So no, you will not be able to start Event 2 on the 7th. You'll have to wait until the 8th.
  2. AdrianJSClark

    Bug - Sound Cut out

    I haven't been able to start anything career related, but I think it happened twice to me on the same rally stage in Australia. Yara-whatever Descent (circa 7km long; sorry I can't remember the name). Sounds were all of a sudden very quiet. Menu music played (once I got to the end of the stage) however every time an incidental sound played (e.g. a click from changing an option) the music would cut out as well. Restarting the game fixed it for me until it occurred the second time.
  3. AdrianJSClark

    racenet problems

    I've been having issues as well. Managed to get in to the "Events" menu once. It is a shame that the RaceNet-dependent content is in the same menu as all the career stuff. If RaceNet has a problem the game is useless. 😞
  4. AdrianJSClark

    DiRTy Gossip

    I can't remember the exact figure from Rally Australia last year, but I think the WRC standard for roads which are not otherwise limited (e.g. forestry roads or private roads) is 80 km/h max. That limit can always be changed by the individual event's Clerk of Course, especially on safety grounds. After 3 collisions with the public during recce in 2015, I'm pretty sure the maximum speed limit on the Rally Australia forest stages was set by the CoC at 60 km/h for 2016. My memory is hazy because they had enough volunteers so I ended up not needing to go out on recce supervision.