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    Why was no Richard Burns Rally and Colin McRae Rally mentioned in that survey.?? Instead... CMR getting bundled with the Dirt series, freakin' sacrilege.!! I answered to the end anyway asking for longer stages, better damage simulation and a Hardcore mode(optional). About the question... what would you definitely not like in a future game - i definitely do NOT want arcade handling. Makes me wonder if they'll ever give us a dedicated rally sim. All these questions i did not feel comfortable answering. Bundling in, rely completely on your co-driver with a - unique environment every time (w.t.f is that about). Again, best ever rally simulation and then bundling in RallyX along with it (well they've got the licence so they may as well use it). It looks like they're trying to hedge their bets. DLC i'll buy, but only if it's stages(not RallyX circuits).