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  1. Cortextual

    Setting Up Cars Really Stinks

    Why not just use time trial to work on setups, it's exactly what you are asking for? What am I missing here. Insult me now too if you think yer 'ard enough.
  2. Cortextual

    Jämsä, Finland – Available Now in DiRT Rally 2.0

    Lol, what can I say man, graphics are set up how I want them. (Forest Fire - Ultra)
  3. Cortextual

    DiRTy Discord Rally Championship

    The problem with this is the amount of points the top people get is dependant on the amount of entrants, you could be fighting for a place with someone and suddenly they get a ton of points because there were a lot of people that finished that particular rally. Which wouldn't be very fair.
  4. Cortextual

    DiRTy Gossip

    All the best. Will have to arrange a medal for putting up with the amount of bs you must have had to. xx
  5. Cortextual

    Monte Carlo pacenotes

    I'm going to link this here because I think it will be interesting to you guys. I think he says the notes are reviewed by Phil, not sure. Those "tight" corners mean they narrow, and probably need to be taken a bit slower. I personally think the notes are generally better but there are still some places where they are clearly wrong, not sure how those slip through but I guess nobody's perfect. I hope it's not too hard for them to fix those places.
  6. Cortextual

    patch 1.06 and still FBB not fixed on dirt 2

    I'm not telling off anyone mate, I'm just trying to minimise the misunderstandings.
  7. Cortextual

    patch 1.06 and still FBB not fixed on dirt 2

    I want you to stop spreading false information and being aggressive towards the people who try to correct you. Christina's hyphothetical statements, which you took to be statements of fact, also included these gems: "We only push out the DLC we promised because that makes us money while fixes don't" "We're not adding clubs because there aren't enough players in this game" "We're working on VR instead" "We're not working on VR because of other fixes" Notice the last two are in direct contradiction of each other. Do you really think these sound like public statements codemasters would make?
  8. Cortextual

    patch 1.06 and still FBB not fixed on dirt 2

    What was written last week didn't say the ffb is not being worked on, it had a number of statements that were meant to sum up some concerns players had raised, one of which was "We're not fixing FFB as it's not broken for us" A few people misunderstood this and took it to be a statement made by codemasters, which it wasn't, rather it was addressing the mistaken belief that some players held that codemasters thought the ffb was fine and therefore were disregarding player concerns and not working on it. There were several paragraphs right after this which refuted this statement and said they are working on changes to force feedback. The first sentence of which, just to drive the point home, was: We're definitely making changes in this area.
  9. Cortextual

    Everything frustrating with Dirt Rally 2

    Braking is much trickier in DR2, not sure what you are smoking. We could quite easily go back to 10 years without a decent rally sim, and probably will if people keep ******** about every little thing that isn't exactly how they personally would like it to be. Rally is a niche interest, which means there are less people that play it than some of the massive titles out there, so sometimes things cost a little bit of money, sometimes the team working on the content isn't very big, so things take time to do. We are lucky there are people striving to make a good rally sim at all when they could just be cashing in on a flavour of the month battle royale with lootboxes. DR2.0 is the best rally game around, it's really frustrating to see people complaining about stupid stuff considering what people were willing to go through to play rsrbr. Keep judging this game by the standards of huge budget mainstream titles and pretty soon we will back to no current rally sims at all. You aren't driving progress with your constant complaints, you are stifling it.
  10. Cortextual

    Dirt Rally 2.0 real life locations

    This is cool, I was wondering if anyone had figured out all the stages yet. Thanks for putting in the effort.
  11. Cortextual

    Do you want the FFB fixed?

    I also find the ffb fine for the most part, just lacking some vibration from the road surface, which is an option I would like. Didn't answer the poll since neither answer reflects my opinion. Basically it's the same as DR ffb if you were to turn off the suspension slider in DR, which used to just be road vibration. Now the suspension slider isn't just vibration but that road feel it used to simulate is gone. Not sure why they disabled the suspension and tire slip vibration for wheels as some people like those fake effects and the road vibration made it feel a bit more alive, but the SAT, which is the real meat of the ffb, is the same for me as it was back then.
  12. Cortextual

    Let’s talk about wheel friction

    Yea that sucks man, I personally would hate to have the friction set that high so hopefully they will do something about that when they eventually make changes to the ffb.
  13. Cortextual

    Let’s talk about wheel friction

    I'm actually basing the use of damper on Dirt Rally since it was required in that ffb model for wheel friction to do anything, it may be that is no longer the case for all I know, I turned off wheel friction the day the updated ffb came out for Dirt Rally. Spring is irrelevant, it would indeed be an unwanted effect if it did anything, since you wouldn't want the wheel to autocenter and override ffb but having it turned up doesn't do anything in DR. Actually that would only happen if you set autocenter by the wheel instead of game. Bah, you've confused me, how dare you. Ok, after testing in DR2.0 I can confirm that wheel friction and tyre friction require damper to be turned up in the driver and while wheel friction is debatably useless, tyre friction is a useful effect which is actually based on output from the physics of the game so if you are playing with damper turned down you are sacrificing that aspect of the ffb.
  14. Cortextual

    Let’s talk about wheel friction

    That's really weird man cos T300 is basically the same wheel. Have you tried loading the preset for it or calibrating it? Some weird things going on with wheels and ffb atm it seems.
  15. Cortextual

    Only for thrusmaster t300 owners

    Lol, yea the cattle grids are brutal but everything other than those feels too weak. I imagine some people set the torque higher and I would if I was drifting in AC or something, where you want to be able to let go and have the wheel spin fast but I don't feel I need that in DR, I'm never going to let the wheel spin through my hands in this game and it's definitely tiring af. I want the least amount of effort while still getting enough feeling.