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  1. Lol, what can I say man, graphics are set up how I want them. (Forest Fire - Ultra)
  2. All the best. Will have to arrange a medal for putting up with the amount of bs you must have had to. xx
  3. This brought a tear to my eye. You are the Martin Luther King of the Dirt Game forums. Edit: Second DLC is too long though, I'm still very entitled.
  4. Plus you pick him as co driver and upgrade him in game, would be really jarring to have half the stages done by someone else.
  5. How dare you, sir! Nobody talks trash about my neurons! Done with you.
  6. Yea that's all fair enough man. You have some good points. Personally the physics is more important to me than all that other stuff so I'm not playing DR anymore but I pretty much agree with you on the areas that could be improved in the new game. You aren't one of these people that's slating the game and saying it's bad though, those are the people I don't understand. On console it obviously has issues, idk I'm a PC guy, but judging from the steam reviews you'd be forgiven for thinking these dudes are playing a different game.
  7. What I don't get is the "codemaster fanboy" BS. Codemasters games make up less than 1% of the games I own. Is it so hard to believe I'm defending the game because I like it?
  8. You're one of those glass-half-empty guys aren't you. Me too if I'm honest but in this case I gotta disagree with you. Why look at it as 1 long stage chopped up, you could just as easily say it's 2 short stages joined together. The way you're saying it if they didn't include the long versions at all the game would have twice as much content. Why is there no facepalm reaction to posts on here, sometimes I feel I really need it to express my reaction.
  9. Yea I get that. I still think it's a bit of a kick in the teeth to fans to tie up the WRC license in an arcade game and not let anyone try to make a sim with those cars.
  10. I agree but it's pretty baffling. Hey let's make a rally game, shall we have it appeal to people who are interested in rally? Nah there's more of the other guys 🤑 Damn that's a small emoji, it's a guy with dollar signs for eyes... I think.
  11. It's a cool thing to have. You need pretty long stages for dynamic weather to be worth it though. And you could have all the countries in the world, if the cars aren't fun to drive the game sucks. Honestly they have done such a **** job with the WRC license over the years it's about time they started making some effort.
  12. I can understand that, and you explain it well. I'm just not sure that a publically available username constitutes personal data. But I know you guys make every effort to get these functions in the game and that your hands are tied in places.
  13. Interesting, I wonder if there's actually anyone who is ok with their username being displayed to everyone on their platform but would object to it being seen on the others. Seems unnecessary since you probably already agreed they could show it wherever they want when you signed up to their online service. But alas, their legal ppl care little for our petty leaderboard rivalries.
  14. Damn, I'd rather see a guy's name than where he's from. What do I care where you are from, unless you are French and that will be obvious when you win every rally for 15 years in a row.
  15. Could the names be shown on an online leaderboard or will they just not let you mix the ps4 and xbox people? Sometimes I wish Sony and Microsoft would just hug it out.
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