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  1. In my opinion gravel is a sub par game, it feels like a game from last generation with average graphics, physics don't quite hit the arcade sweet spot, bugs, ai that all take the exact same line, and the whole gravel tv is half baked and annoying.  But you should still buy it for the online, it has king of the hill and capture the flag which is great fun
  2. Basically the game would need more weather variation to make tyre choice interesting which is a tough ask to develop (not impossible as pcars 2 has shown), and it would need to not give you all the information about the weather so that some people get it wrong which would make some people angry. Definitely not as simple as just giving tyre choice (which the wrc series does but you basically just pick soft on short stages and hards on epic stages which is not interesting at all)
  3. Ouch. But yeah fair call. That's why I'm excited about potential DiRT 4 esports, it has "different" stages every time that mean you can't memorise them before hand. (I know some people will still complain about tiles but it is a step in the right direction) And to your second point you can also have custom liveries that don't break online anymore so that would be cool I'll be watching with interest for any more news from codies.
  4. So lets get gossiping then  ;) "Competitive thing" sounds like esports. But there is an embargo. So I'm putting two and two together and saying after the bad reception of dirt 4 the parties involved in the "agreements to be signed" are having doubts about it and there are difficult discussions around weather to even go ahead with it or what changes need to be made. Now the patch itself "if all goes well that'll be here in a couple of weeks" seems to be the line we've heard for the last couple months so in all likely hood won't be here for another couple of months especially considering t
  5. Paddons fuming about the Hyundai driver line up according to an interview with the paper here in New Zealand. Apparently the team hasn't even talked to the drivers about the plans for next year, and it sounds like they are still going three cars at this point. Sounds like a crappy situation all round really. Being in a bad head space wont be good going into rally wales. It will be very interesting to see how this progresses given how much Paddon does for Hyundai particularly here in NZ. 
  6. My guess is that Ogier will stay at M-sport, surely they wouldn't let both their top drivers go? Also a move from M-sport to Toyota seems an odd one given the form of both teams, maybe Tanak got sick of playing second fiddle or got offered big money? Hyundai must be confident they can run 4 cars next year? Surely Paddon/Dani's contracts aren't so lenient that they can strip half the season off each of them. Will be interesting to see how they handle 4 cars in Wales
  7. IT BEGINS. ;) Begins? like beginning the research for developing a new game? Norway confirmed in dirt 5  :D  :D   :D
  8. From memory paddon has also broken his suspension a few times this year, it's something I've been saying they need to work on even before all three cars broke theirs in spain. The stage wins numbers on the previous page are very interesting, seems everyone else needs to push themselves further in order to keep up with Ogier and they end up making more mistakes as a result
  9. I don't think costs are that high. Licensing will be all related to wrc rather than individual car brands (I assume), the dev team isn't huge, and clearly they aren't paying enough for publishing because it is a shambles with the frustrating staggered release (clearly I'm salty I can't play it yet). I've enjoyed wrc6. Clearly it's not perfect but it doesn't have to be perfect to be fun so I'm one of those people confident enough to get wrc7. If your a fan of the wrc, and not really into sim racing, then wrc7 seems to be a good choice. Post launch support will likely be s*** tbh. It was not gr
  10. Imagine if Citroen got Ogier and Loeb came back for a number of rallies and, if you can stretch your imagination this far, they sorted out their car. They could be a dream team. A straight fight between the sebastians in identical machinery could be epic, although I'm not convinced it's really going to happen
  11. Yup exactly this. And they did the same with wrc6 taking from wrc5 so some of us would have been playing these stages for 3 years  :/ Also kylotonn are rather small (approx 80 employees vs codemesters approx 400) which goes some way to explaining why they have focused only on one thing, the stages, and haven't really improved the sound
  12. The brake is a pace note telling you to prepare for a tight corner (so scripted not reacting to your driving). It is also in previous wrc titles.  Glad to hear clubs is coming soon
  13. So it seems that hyundai want to run 4 cars now. That would be interesting. Also heard somewhere there are rumours of the manufactures title going to a 4 car format which seems mad, aren't msport somewhat struggling (financially) with 3? Also I wonder if they are taking such a hard look at the engineers as they are their drivers. Seems their suspension isn't up to the task this season. Just look at how easily Neuvilles wheel tried to depart the car in germany Also does Ogier care about records like the different manufacturers? Doesn't seem like something he would be concerned with. I'm guessi
  14. I hope Paddon recovers from this season. It has been a nightmare and being dropped just adds to it all. He even crashed out here in NZ in rally Coromandel which really should have been an easy win for him. He'll be back for Australia at the very least. I expect they will be using Dani this round for the tarmac and Paddon for the following two gravel rallies even though their manufacturers title is basically done for. What will be really interesting is how they approach next season. Will they use Dani for tarmac rallies where is is superior and use Paddon on gravel? It's not a move I want to
  15. Sitting reading these comments about how fun the update is while waiting for the update to download. Dang it hurry up I just want to get into
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