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  1. Rygar86

    DiRTy Gossip about WRC 8 and WRC 9

    First impressioons by this guy are good
  2. Rygar86

    DiRTy Gossip about WRC 8 and WRC 9

    This guy drives well, I think the game looks like it will be really fun to drive with a wheel. Keen to see some footage with the classic cars!
  3. Rygar86

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    For those who mentioned not using their wheels because of the massive effort required to set it up each time, I totally agree and was in the same boat. Every time I set it up at my desk it would take me ages and just be a mess of cords and then I would leave it there for days so I could play Dirt Rally not wanting to take it off knowing how much effort it was to pack up too. But of course I was forced to eventually and then I would not play again for days because I dreaded the chore of setting it all up again just to play a few stages. It really sucked and made me think I would hardly ever use the wheel and enjoy the game and that it was basically a waste of money and time to get a wheel despite how much I loved using it. But then I found a solution with the Wheel Stand Pro (link below) and after spending quite a bit of time setting my wheel up on it and I had all things adjusted and all cables perfectly routed, I could then use it just the way I needed. The end result is that it makes a very compact setup (when folded) that can fit in most closets and takes very little room considering what it is. But the best part is that (and I timed it) from storage to fully setup and ready to race, it only takes me 90 seconds! And same again to put away. So it means there is never a limitation to using the wheel even if I only have half an hour to an hour for a few stages. So for me it was worth the money so my wheel didnt go to waste and to avoid all the frustration. It may not look it but its remarably stable especially when pushed up against the edge of the desk, so no complaints there, and overall for those needing a solution like this that you could also use in your loungeroom etc, I would highly recomend it. Hope that helps... https://www.wheelstandpro.com/ideas
  4. Rygar86

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    I found this post below (by Christina in a redit forum) on the current situation of developing fixes and additional features, to be quite interesting and informative... __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hey all, although my hands are a little tied in responding as openly as I'd like to, I'll do my best to tackle some of the above. /u/madpew has condensed the issues you're talking about somewhere a little lower down the thread, so I'll use that to structure my response: "We're not fixing FFB as it's not broken for us" We're definitely making changes in this area - but OP is right that we had to do a lot of investigative work and talk to a lot of people to ascertain what was 'missing'. Also, as we've alluded to elsewhere - not everyone has been affected/been discontent with the FFB out of the box, so we've had to discuss about how to implement it as well (and that's still something we're trying to define). Please bear in mind that we also have a wealth of data here about people's wheels, settings, etc - so it's all a big balancing act to please as many people as possible. In terms of the process of how we refine and change FFB; it’s something that needed key individuals in the studio to be given the time to look at in detail, whilst also trying to balance this against giving them the time to fix other issues and work on upcoming features. There are also a lot less people available to take part in this process now the game's out, as the service team is smaller than the base game team. There are demands from all areas of the company, with numerous projects going on and F1 2019 launching two months earlier than ever before. In that respect, it's something that's ended up taking us a little longer to tackle, just by sheer number of people available - and that's something we're really sorry about. Throw into the mix that we want to get it validated by pro drivers, and you can see how the weeks have gotten away from us. And finally, just on the point of FFB: with DiRT Rally 2.0 we very much focused on simulating the effects that come through the front wheels as purely as possible, and we (and external validators) were pleased with how authentic the simulation felt in that regard. However on previous games, rather than just science, we used a little more art in some of the effects (especially with regards to the chassis effects, environmental effects, etc) - and that's the area where we've seen the most feedback. We didn't think we were launching it 'broken' and felt we had achieved and validated a realistic representation of steering feedback when driving a rally car. The sheer volume of [negative] feedback we've had definitely took us by surprise, and it's taken us a considerable amount of time to find something that a/ tackles the feedback we've had, and b/ is still an improvement on all previous iterations of DiRT games. We're getting there, and I look forward to sharing with you in the coming weeks when these changes/options will arrive. Our car handling team have done an absolutely stellar job when it comes to DiRT, and they've been valiant in going through the more nuanced feedback we've received about how it feels. "We're not adding clubs because there aren't enough players in this game" Clubs is in for testing now. It's very likely Clubs will arrive in June - which we know is late, and it's disappointing because the same thing happened with DiRT 4's Clubs coming quite late post-launch - but it's a huge undertaking to get right. We have also needed to refactor the backend RaceNet system and make significant changes to the web interface as a result. However, we're seeing some brilliant retention numbers despite the lateness of this feature, and we're confident it'll be more than ready to provide infrastructure for our competitive plans later this year (as well as all your plans). Just while we're on competitive - the next update will include human-only MP rallycross. We've always been listening, and that comes later this month in Update 1.4. "We only push out the DLC we promised because that makes us money while fixes don't" The health, longevity and player sentiment is just as important to the commercial stuff as DLC is. There's no point releasing DLC if people aren't playing the game - if no-one's playing it, who's going to buy DLC? And conversely, who will let us make DLC if no-one's buying it? Plainly: everyone who's worked on DR2.0 loves it and wants to make more for it for as long as we're allowed! But back to the main issue raised: the new environments are made by our amazing Environment Artists and Level Design team, and the vehicles are made by our Vehicle Artists. It's a predominantly different set of skillsets that tackle the bugs. However, player satisfaction and happiness is just critical to our commercial goals as DLC. "We're working on VR instead" "We're not working on VR because of other fixes" We're working with an external development company to make this. There's a VR build in the studio right now - the lion's share of work is done, and we're onto looking at comfort features. More on that soon!
  5. Rygar86

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Huge potential if they had just fixed up gravel physics and added some extra tiles to stage generator it could have been a very good game. Then if they had added some more locations it would have been a great game, perhaps even on par with Dirt Rally. I cant undrstand why there are less selections for time of day, its another one of those weird handful of things that are a step backwards from the previous 2 games.
  6. Rygar86

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    The 3 Dirt Rally 1 locations would include Finland, Wales and Greece
  7. Rygar86

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    +1 On the Subaru Legacy, what a cool car! Anyone know why such an excellent and iconic vehicle hasn't been put in DR1 or DR2.0 yet? Looks like a lot of fun to drive...
  8. Rygar86

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Your knowledge of rally cars is comendable, unfortunately my knowledge goes as far as "looks vaguely like the one I remember, must unquestionbly be the same car" 😉