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  1. Can all these livery mods and other mods like camera or graphics changes be used while still playing online and career mode etc?
  2. Forza Horizon 3 is being delisted on September 27th, it's discounted now on the Microsoft store. Probably music licensing or something stupid like that. Correct me if I'm wrong but the car licencing for Dirt games is indefinite right? If Codemasters can manage this why don't other companies too?
  3. For those who mentioned not using their wheels because of the massive effort required to set it up each time, I totally agree and was in the same boat. Every time I set it up at my desk it would take me ages and just be a mess of cords and then I would leave it there for days so I could play Dirt Rally not wanting to take it off knowing how much effort it was to pack up too. But of course I was forced to eventually and then I would not play again for days because I dreaded the chore of setting it all up again just to play a few stages. It really sucked and made me think I would hardly eve
  4. I found this post below (by Christina in a redit forum) on the current situation of developing fixes and additional features, to be quite interesting and informative... __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hey all, although my hands are a little tied in responding as openly as I'd like to, I'll do my best to tackle some of the above. /u/madpew has condensed the issues you're talking about somewhere a little lower down the thread, so I'll use that to structure my response: "We're not fixing
  5. Huge potential if they had just fixed up gravel physics and added some extra tiles to stage generator it could have been a very good game. Then if they had added some more locations it would have been a great game, perhaps even on par with Dirt Rally. I cant undrstand why there are less selections for time of day, its another one of those weird handful of things that are a step backwards from the previous 2 games.
  6. The 3 Dirt Rally 1 locations would include Finland, Wales and Greece
  7. +1 On the Subaru Legacy, what a cool car! Anyone know why such an excellent and iconic vehicle hasn't been put in DR1 or DR2.0 yet? Looks like a lot of fun to drive...
  8. Your knowledge of rally cars is comendable, unfortunately my knowledge goes as far as "looks vaguely like the one I remember, must unquestionbly be the same car" 😉
  9. So camera mods are working like in Dirt Rally 1 now and not effecting online play? Has anyone tried to out @zissakos1 camera mod tool with Dirt Rally 2.0 yet? Really want to be able to race lime I did in DR 1 using this mod tool.
  10. For sure, I think as soon as they have all of the DR 1 stages back in and effectivley doubling the games content then building on that with any new locations is the way to go, this game franchise is too good to not fully back and see where it goes. I have the feeling that if they just stick with it, add new content and features, and make fixes as they go along they will produce gold. Im just hoping that the game is selling well, but Im not sure where to find that information?
  11. I always liked those icey sections and how technical they were in DR 1, now they look even more challenging and fun! It really looks tricky to get right and thats what made me love DR 1 when I first played it. Really hard but every run you learned something new.
  12. Now seeing what Monte looks like and drives like really makes me hope even more than before that season 2 is Wales, Greece and Finland! Those are my favourite for sure. But if Im honest Monte and Germany are almost as good and all those wonderful DR 1 stages are brilliant and deserve to be in the game... except you Sweden, F○○k you. So say in the future you have 12 locations available in DR 2.0, will you be able to make a 12 country custom championship to play either against AI or online @ChristinaMc ? And will it be the same for career mode? This would be something special and really fee
  13. Going by this video of @dgeesi0 it really looks a lot different to DR 1, looks much more slippery when on the ice sections when you see how careful and gingerly he is driving. Chase cam below (Time stamped) shows it best... BTW did they fix the snow banks to be like Swedish snow and are they deformable now?? Although @Porkhammer seems to be quite quickly getting to grips already and is powersliding a lot in this one...
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