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    The hype is real!! 2short2postthismessagekkk
  2. nameless82

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    Guess there won't be that many cars in WW. Hopefully we'll be getting the 3 missing '10 wrc's!
  3. nameless82

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    What else could be the white car, if not the VW Polo? I can only think of the Peugeot 206 with the 1999 livery.
  4. nameless82

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    What if Codies secured the Toyota license somehow, and they are the super secret cars? Also, one of the Toyota's could be the 'white one' that Paul mentioned. One could dream ...
  5. nameless82

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    Hi guys, I'm quite new to the forum, although I've been reading the gossips for a while. May I ask where the 2015 Impreza have been teased? I think I missed that one