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  1. Thanks! I'll give it a shot tonight.
  2. I have not, I thought that was only for Thrustmaster wheels. Could you post what to change and also in-game settings after making the xml adjustments?
  3. Well season 1 is out with no fixes to FFB or career wet/night stages. I haven't played since a couple days after release because of these issues. Has anyone found any wheel settings for a G29 that give you some sort of feel with the FFB and doesn't fight you on counter steering? On PC.
  4. Absolutely loving the game! Big thanks to the DR 2.0 team. I am having the same concerns as most others though, mainly very weak weird feeling FFB no matter what settings I use on a G29. And career being 80% night and wet rallies that seem to have no normal day progression. Meaning Stage 1 is dry day, then stage 2 is wet night, then stage 3 is wet day etc.
  5. Replaced the FFB motors on my Clubsport wheel yesterday to get ready for next Friday.... aaaaand it's gone! Wheel doesn't work anymore, no FFB. Really bummed. 🙁
  6. They aren't new rallies. They are stages anyone that played DR 1 has already driven a million times, and paid for already, with a shiny coat of paint..
  7. If it is only the stages from Dirt Rally 1, that is straight lazy and disappointing.
  8. I guess I came off harsher than I meant my last post. I just want new stages in the DLC. I think the best thing they could do is if they release say Wales and Finland as DLC1, is include Sweet Lamb and Ouninpohja as well as 1-2 new long stages for each location.
  9. Sorry but no... I have 300 hours in DR and have memorized pretty much every corner of every stage. While they are great, I'm so burnt out on the stages in DR1 and it's why I stopped playing the game years ago. Even with new physics and a graphical update, I would MUCH rather the DLC stages be new and not recycled. I'd love more Wales/Monte/Finland but just not the same stages.
  10. Also Poland is narrower than Finland and just about as fast, cannot wait to try it!
  11. Damn, that is disappointing.  That was really my only gripe with Dirt Rally, in an 6+ stage rally you were driving the same stages over and over and over.  At least we have at least 2 DLC rally locations coming to help bring some more unique KM's to the game.
  12. So is it pretty much confirmed that there is only 2 longer stages per location, then cut up and reversed like Dirt Rally? 
  13. I very drunkenly ordered a Rift w/ Touch a couple weeks ago during the sale, I regretted it till I tried it.  It's pretty incredible.  I've tried it with iRacing, but since I can't play WRC7 due to no wheel support and I've given up on D4 months ago maybe I'll reinstall Rally and try it with the Rift.
  14. If anyone has any advice for me on this I'd appreciate it.  I'm going to have to refund the game before I go over 2 hours if I can't get my wheel and pedals working. @griev0r Have you tried pressing the right hand 4 way switch on the BMW rim to start the game? I have to use that one to log my BMW rim onto the PS4, maybe you have to use the same button? Tried that, doesn't do a thing.  Going to have to refund at this point.  Maybe down the road I'll give it another shot if there is basic wheel support. Edit: Nevermind, I forgot I got it from that cdkeys site so no Steam ref
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