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    F1 2015 No Career mode??

    Thanks @LiteralZero, although to be fair, certain threads including this one has become mainly a Pcars discussion group..., and how can people compare it to F1 2015 when clearly they are not the same game...? However, you're the manager so its in your hands; any mention or post is happen to view in relation to 'that' title I will just pass by... So, Questions...Mmmm, let me think... The podium celebrations..., what can we expect to see in regards to them? - Do they differ in any way from podium to podium, the drivers reactions etc...? Your logic is off... nobody is trying to compare project cars with f1 2015 (because the game is just not out yet..also the lack of info)... we are however trying to compare it to some of the past Codies titles.  That's exactly my point though...How can all this talk about Project C**P have anything to do with F1 2015 at this moment in time as we haven't seen the game in its entirety as of yet, and therefore F1 2015 could  be leaps above what we've all been expecting!... ...And by the way, trying to compare a 'Next-gen' title such as PC*** to 'Old-gen' titles is completely redundant in itself... (Even the development team behind F1 2015 are stating 'faults' in the handling characteristics of PC***! :) But we have seen pCARS in it's entirety and we can say SMS did a very good job. This is the thread about F1 2015 having no career mode and we know that F1 2015 does not have a career mode.  So why the hell can't we say SMS did a better job on the Formula classes career mode? And why are you using the pCARS name like it is some kind of filthy word? I really wonder what your gripe is with pCARS? If you are a motorsports fan or even only a F1 2015 fan you really should have some respect for SMS.  When I am at the SMS forum I never talk bad about Codemasters F1 series because there is lot's of stuff Codemasters does better than SMS. I like Project Cars, but the career mode is shallow and a poor substitute for the depth and strategies you get in a dedicated f1 focused game really. The regulations in pcars aren't consistent, like AI cars not obeying blue flags. There's no safety car and debris stays on track after a wreck, The AI also isn't affected by rain, and strategies are further thrown out by the awfully clunky pitting.