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  1. i want to see painstakingly done and revised pace notes. both DR1 and DR2 are unplayable at the elite level because of the messed up co-driver calls. well, unless you know every turn by heart.
  2. hello everyone! does anyone know if codemasters plans to fix the co-driver calls at some point? many, many stages have late calls (even when you set him to call it early) and many, many stages have wrong calls. if i made a report with the exact places that need fixing... would that be of help? some stages are really unplayable at high level competition, unless you don't need the co-driver at all for orientation.
  3. I'm using this handbrake... https://www.hsxsimracing.com/ It goes from 0% do 100% just fine in the options screen, but inside the car, the handbrake full range is limited to the first 10% of the physical handbrake controller. Everything past 10% (ish) is just full handbrake. I don't think I need to record this, because it's been reported so many times since 2019 that codemasters should know about it. Also, this is on PC, no XBOX.
  4. Can someone from support for this game please have a look at this thread?
  5. Hello, do the devs reply to these threads or are we left in a vacuum here? Just like the OP, i have an analog handbrake and it detects full range in the input opions in Dirt Rally 2.0. Inside the car, it seems to be limited to 10% of the range or something like that. Pulling it past 10% is just like pushing a button and 100% handbrake is applied. What should we do?
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