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  1. You moved on from enjoyable things? Bizarre sentiment. They seem to, it's just the old games with a new coat of paint. Might've smoothed some of the stuff out, only played it for a little bit on my buddy's playstation.
  2. I don't even begin to understand what that's supposed to mean. They're still fun to play, otherwise stuff like Tony Hawk, Shadow of the Colossus, Spyro and Crash Bandicoot remakes would've done poorly. Call me crazy, but I play games because they're fun.
  3. I think PCSX2 works with PS1 games now. I've used it to play Burnout, Midnight Club 3, and it's actually got wheel support so I've also been playing Enthusia and GT4 until the save corrupted for some reason.
  4. I stopped the discord a while ago, the fact that you can't chat in the "gossip" because it's not specifically dirt is dumb. Over moderation is really annoying.
  5. I have Burnout 3, Revenge and Paradise on my PC right now, they all feel identical. The controller doesn't matter.
  6. Paradise is exceptionally responsive though? It feels almost exactly like the prior games.
  7. Ew. The physics are just really weird. For them to keep talking about how it's supposed to go back to it's roots, it doesn't play or feel anything remotely like them. It just "looks" similar to them. It feels more like the Crew or the new NFS titles.
  8. Dirt 5 is free on PS4/5 right now for PS Plus. It's... not great. They tried to do the "atmosphere" of Dirt 2 and 3 which is mostly fine, but the Donut stuff is annoying as expected. The biggest issue is the physics are the new standard arcade type where everything is super heavy for no reason. If you go somewhat sideways off a jump at 70mph, instead of just sliding off and flying through the air as you expect, it just about rolls over. The physics don't work in any way you'd expect them to. One of the early races has you using an Ariel Nomad, and as soon as it touches tarmac it's like driving
  9. Alright, well. Discord sucks. What's the point in having forums or get this, a discord, for discourse, without being able to talk? Every time I interact with the internet or forums the world seems intent on proving it's worthlessness.
  10. Gross. That's guaranteed wheel spin and brake lockup. It's so bad even Sony fixed the triggers and got rid of analog buttons.
  11. Do you really think I didn't get it and went along with it? Or that I believe EA made a game called witch racing 3?
  12. ...what else would you use? The digital buttons? Or are you one of those thumb stick cretins?
  13. At least someone is finally agreeing with the truth. At this point, I hope it is in Frostbite and it sucks major...
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