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  1. JZStudios

    DiRTy Gossip

    Isn't DirtFish lacking in DR2? In other news, BeamNG just had another big update yesterday apparently, adding 2 new cars designed to be French style SUVs. They've got electric and standard power platforms and even some rally setups. Holy ****, the rework of the small island they did is nuts, it no longer looks like a nuclear superbloom.
  2. JZStudios

    DiRTy Gossip

    Well, apparently actually you don't. You just make sweeping statements that can apply to almost anything and then straw man or lie.
  3. JZStudios

    DiRTy Gossip

    You suck at arguing or making a cohesive point. Player agency applies to literally almost every game. Why would that be a qualification solely for simulators when it's also required in Animal Crossing or Doom? Bad point, it serves your argument no meaning. You have done literally nothing to argue as to why DR2, or any racing game, would win GOTY compared to the entirety of games released. You're completely misrepresenting what I said. I said Batman was overhyped and 2001 was a technical marvel. What in the actual ****? The genre? Mention to me a horror/slasher flick that won Oscars, I never said SciFi couldn't win one. So you tried to prove me wrong by sideskirting my argument. You suck at argument. Then you mention 3 movies that also sideskirt anything relevant. And after looking it up, I have watched Chinatown actually. Jack Nicholson films are hard to find. Then you make a straw man argument. Here, I tell you what. Let me put it this way: "Hey everyone, Jake believes one game must always be better because of reasons he can't argue that don't apply to the entire medium at large, and then he'll make straw man arguments, sideskirt the actual argument, misrepresent what you said entirely, completely miss the point, say you've shifted the goal posts for bringing it back to the original topic, and then tell you that you're stupid."
  4. JZStudios

    DiRTy Gossip

    Where did I make a sweeping statement about great films? I specifically mentioned the two that you did, and that slasher movies should never be film of the year or whatever. No, it's entirely an argument, one that you fail to properly counter-argue. Why should it be game of the year? Because the physics are more stable than the prior entry? Okay, great. So what? You literally give zero reason as to why it should be outside of "There's no reason it couldn't be." This has dragged on far too long and you don't give any reasoning for anything.
  5. Well, sure, but it also should've happened 3 games ago and didn't. Even after acquiring Evo Studios who I believe made their own engine for Onrush.
  6. JZStudios

    DiRTy Gossip

    No Mans Sky has a nomination for "Continued support" or something. And maybe they changed it at some point, but it absolutely did not have a non-linear story. There was barely anything and no reasoning behind anything. You don't learn any mysteries, don't gain a deeper understanding of anything, there was no mechanics or world building or anything. You just get to the center of the galaxy and reset and that was it. Haven't seen them. The point has flown completely over your head. A simulator is not, will not, should not ever be game of the year. It will never challenge anything about anything or have any relevance or meaningful impact, or move the industry forward, or anything. You want it to win because you enjoyed it, fine. It's your game of the year, fine. The community and global reception at large really couldn't give less of a **** about it. Why didn't Until Dawn win Game of the Year?
  7. JZStudios

    DiRTy Gossip

    Outer Wilds has an expansive non-linear story that you discover on your own at your own pace for one. No Man's Sky has no point, and also has far fewer physical properties or puzzles. No Man's Sky is more akin to a "survival" game like Minecraft, especially with the more "recent" building additions. Outer Wilds is more like Kerbal Space Program if it had a deep story and interesting planetary mechanics. Yeah, a slasher/teen horror flick should never win "Best Picture." You quote an overly awarded action blockbuster and an at the time marvel of film making and special effects, though it's incredibly boring by today's standards, but it's still big in cultural influence. Great. It's not a life-changing experience nor a must play though. How has the game actually impacted you, made you think about certain choices, question ideologies or morals, or have any semblance of something you'd actively remember after the next in the series comes out? How does Untitled Goose game do any of that? I also disagree about the physics. It's not particularly realistic and I've uninstalled the game months ago. It's also far from the only game to have decent controller support, and RBR came out on PS2, so...
  8. "Unfortunately, while still acceptable in AC, the more advanced physics engine of ACC put in evidence the limitations of the above solution. Our tyre model started to have issues and downright buggy behaviour under certain conditions over curbs." Noo... you mean to tell me that after 10 revisions and "Lord Kunos" himself calling anyone who mentioned those limitations and inaccuracies an idiot that should read a book they finally understand they were using really basic **** the rest of the market had moved past? And now they claim they made entirely new code and tire model. Yeah, I'm pressing X to doubt. This new system seems pretty much the same as what (Granted, I assume) Forza has had for years. It has 3 heating zones on the tire, outer, middle, and inside, so logic would dictate it also has 3 contact points being influenced by those zone temperatures. I also like this tidbit, which I'm sure they argued against as being realistic; "As an example, many people see in real life the left inner curb of Eau Rouge being dirty from tyres and think real drivers abuse the curb. They try to do so in ACC and get an instant spin." Is it though? They've had Ego since the 360 and didn't make a new one for the current gen.
  9. It wasn't quiet. They were all active to begin with. I don't understand where that was lost. And even in the slow periods between games before the other guys were still relatively active. No one was particularly pleased with the changes that were made, especially the tarmac physics, and in our private forum section there was a lot of discussion. Also within that private section (and a little in the gossip thread) a few of them said they just weren't super enamored by it and got bored and stopped playing it. They haven't come back because no physics updates have happened. You're also entirely missing his point, but whatever. I'm not going to argue further. DR2 is not that great on or off road in terms of realism. As a bonus fun fact, he's been successfully doing actual racing for a number of years now, while also consistently getting record lap times in "sim" games, but yeah, he's a troll and doesn't know anything and just ***** on games.
  10. JZStudios

    DiRTy Gossip

    Outer Wilds is fantastic though... Wow. Sounds like you didn't even play it. It's really not though. All things considered, it's just an iteration upon the previous title. And holy ****, you guys expect a racing game to get "Best Game?" Are you nuts? You'll complain about Outer Wilds, an expansive space exploration game with unique physics based world and puzzles and a non-linear story with multiple endings over freaking "Untitled Goose Game?" What's wrong in the world?
  11. So I managed to find a really good video describing how sim game tire models work, and why it's so limited along with why every game uses it. People seem to think the tire models in games works like this; Whereas in reality it works like this: That thumbnail actually says it all. That curve surface is the tire slip angle, which literally every game uses. They just slightly change a few variables. *Edit, there's also this, showing how much of a "sim" The Crew 2 is, which actually simulates just about as much as other racing sims... just not with the same values.
  12. It's both I guess. But when I get attacked, called a conspiracist, insulted, and banned from the AC forums for having the gall to say that Forza looks better and AC felt to have a smidge of understeer and little body roll, it's more that he's critical of it. Sim fans are nuts and their communities are toxic, which is why I only stick on the Dirt forums. Everyone here is generally pretty fun and we all give negative feedback. A further point to it not being how it's presented, but just that it is presented is there was an actual Mercedes/Porsche test driver with extensive knowledge of the vehicles present in AC. He very politely chipped in and said the values aren't very realistic and they don't handle correctly. Lord Kunos (That's actually his name) himself descended and called the man an idiot, said he didn't know what he was talking about, probably told him to read a book, and I think banned him because he said AC wasn't that accurate. They also shut down the modding section of their forum, which immediately killed a bunch of mods because "People were using it to inflate their ego." I assume they mean Fonsecker saying the game sounds terrible and making new+better audio packs from YT videos because Kunos don't know what they're doing. There's a lot more examples from a lot more games, but I'll leave it there. Why does he have to talk about the physics? I think he also did one on Need for Speed, which obviously isn't a sim. He also doesn't have an adherence to RBR, but whatever. He also compares it to SLRE, but because he said RBR+mods his point is invalidated. Ironically everything he mentions in the video is what all of us early testers said behind closed doors when we got access to the final build, because it was WAY different from the early build we had access to that we all liked. Then the game came out and literally everyone started trying to figure out what went wrong, including Dgeesio. Pretty much everyone else at this point has gotten bored with the game and haven't been very active on the forum. I remember playing NFS3:HP and there were a few major jumps. Your car would start to rotate based on where the engine was, which at the time I thought was pretty freaking cool. A Porsche would end up nose up, while a front engine would point down, and mid engines staying flatter. Forza also has a decent weight balance system that moves the active COG depending on where the weight is. It also shows the weight on each wheel. It's hard to really know what any of them actually simulate. As far as I'm aware every game uses the same tire model since at least 2003. Some games just use different variable inputs. Which is why most games feel pretty much identical. Also again AFAIK, every sim uses the system described by BayouRally. 4 tire contact points, 1 COG point that carries a LUT for aerodynamics. The only one I know that isn't like that is BeamNG. It's also important to note that computers are quick, but only do one calculation at a time, so it literally can't calculate all 4 tires all the time. I could also be wrong, but I think tires are also based off just a few points of contact, if not just 1. I'm thinking Forza has 3 zones per tire, LFS has tire flex, so maybe? And BeamNG simulates every "physical" point on the tires.
  13. Oh, it's freaking terrible with a controller. I mean, I've only tried it with an Xbox controller, so maybe with the proper PS2 hardware it's better. GT4 for example used the pressure sensitive face buttons (I'm not sure if Enthusia does) but since my Xbox controller only has digital buttons it's either full throttle on or off, same with brakes. But with a wheel, it's proper gold. I've also got it set up to properly display 16:9 in progressive scan so it looks pretty good too. That's what iRacing markets it as, but any top level driver that actually plays it uses it as a toy to mess around in. There's more than a few cases of the pro drivers saying as such. It is a shame it never went anywhere. A sequel with some better funding would've been ace.
  14. My problem is it's somehow changed so much that there's very little "fun" racing and driving games anymore. There's no more Burnout, Midnight Club, Driver, etc. and the only ones around that aren't "sim" handle terribly and for some reason people defend it with "But it's an arcade game, it's supposed to feel terrible." Eh, anyways, if you want a look at Enthusia you can check this out; A lot of people seem to not like Austin despite him consistently being at the top of the leaderboards in pretty much every game because he's really critical of sim games and how much they've stagnated, and how terrible some of the exploits are. I've always though he was the most reliable source to get a look at where sim games currently are. Enthusia really is eerily similar to AC, but I think actually a lot better and more fun to play with. It certainly does a lot more suspension travel and body roll than AC does, where everything must be maxed out all the time.
  15. If iRacing marketing is to believed THE most accurate sim is iRacing, including terrible tire models and all. There was a point where you could get faster lap times on cold tires, and they also warmed up inside out. But as someone else keeps arguing, every racing game is simulating physics in some manner. Personally, I think for "low speed" BeamNG takes the crown. Anything below ~60mph feels pretty realistic to me through car movements and FFB. Above that the tires don't really have temp models and they start freaking out a bit. But it also simulates tire, suspension, frame, and steering rack flex in real time. If you send enough power through to the wheels the tire rubber and wheel rim itself will start to expand due to centrifugal forces. So for a good introduction, flight sims came out well before driving sims, because you can get away with using LUTs so you don't have to do real physical simulation in computationally expensive time. It's a perfectly fine method. Planes if you think about only have primarily the fuse that you have to worry about simulating, but with vehicles it's at least the 4 tires, and then still all of the aerodynamics of the vehicle itself which is exactly equivalent to an airplane. The only game I know that properly simulates all that in real time in BeamNG, and they haven't figured out how to do tire thermals yet. And people have made airplane mods that actually fly based on in-game physics. From what I played of it, I have no idea why RBR gets praise at all. Vanilla and with mods it just wasn't great. I also spent some time with PCSX2 and tried out GT4 and Enthusia with my wheel. I was not impressed with GT4, but Enthusia was truly shockingly good. Has great suspension modelling and honestly gives AC a run for it's money, a decade prior. Honestly really good fun, but sucks with a controller. Though so did GT4... From here I could rant alongside Austin Ogonoski and say that racing sims really haven't changed much at all since 2000, but I won't.