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  1. Yep. Going to be a **** year, maybe into next year. New games coming out and no one can play them.
  2. In completely unrelated news, this morning I called my local computer store, with the only other alternative being Best Buy and asked if they had ever gotten any of the 30 series cards. The guy told me they were getting their first shipment in next week since November. He didn't know what they were getting, or if they were using them for prebuilts or not. It's not like I live in sub-Saharan Africa.
  3. What other games are using Mexico as a location? Far Cry 6 is "South American/Cuban," but I haven't seen anything else besides Guacamelee be set in Mexico. In terms of locales, there's some cool spots. I'm just curious what those locales are and if they're going to have people riding burros. Just seems like a good excuse for people to get pissy about misrepresentation for some reason or another. I mean, are you going to do a drug running mission, or be a coyote? Like, things just aren't that great in Mexico right now. I also find it funny people have been asking for Japan since
  4. My two big takeaways from the Horizon trailer are that the roads are now much narrower than 4, and at least the road going down from the volcano looked like a fun road with a lot of switchbacks. Still waiting for something more akin to the mountain road in Horizon 1 though, they nailed it with that. Still think Mexico is kind of an odd locale choice, not sure how much tarmac there's going to be.
  5. I just clicked through the Gamespot stream which was around 8 hours long and the only thing I saw was a trailer for Riders Republic which was supposed to come out in February, and a trailer for a new Avatar game, because 10 years past the death of a franchise is striking while the iron's hot. I don't understand how these things continue to exist.
  6. It depends on the setup. It could be either or. You can run an electric motor through a transmission. Well, but what's the fun in that?
  7. Gross, flappy paddles are bad enough.
  8. So I just had to watch my buddy's dogs and decided to try Dirt 3 on his ludicrously large 4k tv. I now remember why I didn't like it, it's WAY too sensitive on a controller, which D1 and D2 didn't have a problem with. Doesn't look bad in 4k though, some textures could be higher res. Which reminds me of the Burnout Paradise "remaster" and how all it added was AO and some more smoke basically. Couldn't even be bothered to upres the car models or their textures.
  9. I remember my first time playing dirt 3 at some low budget game store in the mall. I also remember explicitly not liking how it handled, which is interesting because now I'm fine with it.
  10. I get that, but I asked what it meant and you gave me a geography lesson. Am I supposed to filter that into google translate? Or maybe I need the K9 unit?
  11. I like how that's a very long completely non-answer. Classic dgeesy. But I guess some other guys explained it. Definitely not something I've ever heard. On a separate note, all this talk of WRC 10 reminds me on another forum I mentioned that CM was getting bought by EA and someone was happy because CM "has been making bad racing games and WRC is better." Personally haven't tried any of them, but they do seem all a bit lackluster. He liked their stages over CM's though.
  12. What does this possibly mean?
  13. I 100% won't be there if that happens. I think the last EA game I actually was interested in was BF4 in 2013.
  14. I can if it's true. Just because it isn't a regulated standard doesn't mean it's not a standard.
  15. 99% of websites stick to grayscale and of all the major websites, Steam is the only one that does something off grayscale. And it is a "standard" for eye strain relief. It's much less hard to look at white or black than bright colors like red, green, yellow, and purer tones of blue.
  16. That doesn't answer the question. There's basic website design standards, and one of the big ones is "Don't use a bright irritating background color." You stick within the grayscale as it's easiest on the eyes.
  17. Nevermind. I don't really care about "dark mode" and I'm perfectly fine with white, but I don't know who thought red was a good idea.
  18. Not when I joined in 2015.
  19. Red was not always the default. It used to be black, then it became red and I hated it. You could make it black again somehow. With any luck they removed that feature so now no one will want to be here. They did fix the icon... unfortunately it's also red now too. think just black on alpha would look better than a red square. It could also then be bigger for improved clarity. Compared to something like this
  20. I've been wanting to say this for a while, your... webpage tag logo seems missing or broken? It's a small thing but it's very annoying to me. Just the CM logo should be there. And how do I make it not red again, and more importantly who thought that was a good idea?
  21. Stuff like that is why I don't do online races. I do what I find fun rather than fast. Like Forza online everyone else will be in S class GT3 cars and I'm in a A class Focus. Slow car fast > Fast car fast.
  22. I mean, what's the point in a Subaru if you don't go sideways?
  23. I think I mentioned before I tried the Horizon 4 demo and took some screenshots I liked. But I like this one, try to guess which one is me.
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