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  1. Well yeah, but that's what I said in the first place. He bought it, said he would "modernize" it, then did that. Then frickin' Steve here is all like "Well actually, garbled mumbo technical nerd speak jumble, yes." Way to go and make things all complicated.
  2. I feel like you're forgetting the part where you're super into it and I'm like "Ooh, look! Shiny!" I have no idea what any of that means.
  3. He said in the initial build videos he was going to "modernize" it with better kit.
  4. Seems like a throwback to the old Subaru DC Shoes paint drips. I still have a pair of those DCs around I haven't worn in a very long time.
  5. I do like the re-introduction of the paint drip theme. Curious if he's keeping the RS 200.
  6. I heard from PRC that D5 isn't actually much like D2 at all, which was a fantastic game. WRC can't license an entire region.
  7. Croatia confirmed DiRT 2 remake.
  8. @PJTierney Well this is some sad ****. Our boy Austin got sacked by the EA/CM HR team over that lunatic Jason Jacoby after Ian Bell defended him and tried to keep him on. Some more info in his blog post: https://pretendracecars.net/2021/04/17/dear-sim-devs-stop-being-insane/
  9. Considering I've only used an Xbox controller I've never had any problems with it on any game across any platform. I could list probably a dozen instances of Steam not caring about the "gamers" in favor of money. In either case, that's simply a feature which is probably a byproduct of something else they tried to do for money rather than Good Guy Valve doing something for the "gamers." ...? It's the same or lower price as Steam? Not one of their "exclusives" nor any other standard title has been priced higher by being on EGS.
  10. It's really not anti-consumer though. You're still very capable of buying it at the same price. It's a dumb argument. "I won't buy that game on EGS, I'll just buy it on Steam so EGS doesn't get any traction and fails." EGS decides they need to do something to bring people to their platform, so they try a limited exclusivity deal that benefits the developers. "I won't buy that game on EGS, I'll just buy it on Steam later so EGS doesn't get any traction and fails." What's irritating to me is that people have this weird Stockholm syndrome thing going on with Steam, and
  11. If it's confirmed they have the WRC license they could already be working on it for release at that time. Otherwise they'd only have a few months to a year to get it done and out the door. Why? The fact that any other store can come and people will boycott it just because it isn't Steam blows my mind.
  12. I think the outside ring is too thin. The letters being thicker than the ring makes it look really unbalanced. Typical government work. What's great about that is my city was looking to revitalize downtown, so they paid some guy like a million dollars to go to the neighboring cities downtown area and "research" why it was doing so well. After a year they implemented changes here that had already failed there and then decided they needed another year of research and another million dollars. Why do people keeping voting for this ****?
  13. *****. Glad I uninstalled it like a year ago. Seriously, why is the Lord's name in vain?
  14. Oh I guarantee it did. And the end result is exactly the same thing they've had since at least the 60's. It reads more like these guys were sitting in a room thinking "How do we get paid to make the exact same logo they've had for 60 years?" and then some other guy is like "Well it has to be different somehow right?" Then after months of thinking someone just says "...what if we made the W not touch the ring?" Champagne corks popping they all celebrated their freshly minted million dollar checks. "That was a close one Steve, wasn't sure we were going to pull through. And t
  15. I just don't understand it. They're spending millions of dollars to either get the exact same logo or just some text. Somewhere out there is a picture of a bunch of large company company rebrandings and they all went from actual logo designs to some text.
  16. I meant why did VW change it? Most people aren't even going to notice it's different.
  17. VW doesn't have the license to their own logo?
  18. Dakar I guess. Think it's harder to make an open world game instead of just stages though. There's a new VW logo? Upon having looked it up; Minimalist logo designs need to die The only real difference is the W no longer touches the ring because...? Why was the old apparently somehow so complicated? What was wrong with the old one? Further thought, I really need to get into this corporate logo business. $1m to do the same thing but making the W not touch the ring must be a pretty sweet gig. Like, how hard is it to take an actual logo with thou
  19. On that topic, since I recently "upgraded" to Win10 I tried out the FH4 demo all day yesterday. It runs shockingly well, I can even run it in triple screens at 30fps on my old GPU. Still not really sold on the map, I don't think it's all that interesting, and I now know why everyone complains about the wheel settings. I had to look up wheel settings and Fanatec put out suggested settings I had to try and adapt to my outdated wheel, but it runs in complete antithesis to every other game I've ever used with my wheel that all work with a single profile. Except E
  20. Why wouldn't he just use Toyo tires?
  21. I speak the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. You can't handle the truth! ^Ditto. Seems likely he's out with ford, so now his shop is more openly available to whatever he wants, or maybe he's partnering with a new manufacturer. Either way, he's been with Ford a while and seems the type to try out a bunch of cars. Has he stated who he's partnering with?
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