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  1. Must be why it's not burned to a crisp. Remember when he intentionally drove his Escort into a rock just in an attempt to kill his co-driver?
  2. That's not possible. All of his vehicles are crumpled heaps, why would you want to buy any of them?
  3. I believe that's called "Mode." Seems like it'd be simpler to just average the top 100 times or whatever.
  4. But it doesn't have good wheel support. Not really. The Crew has a pretty cool map too, but that doesn't make it any more enjoyable to put up with it's ridiculously awful physics. Although it actually does have pretty good wheel support.
  5. Pretty sure that's all. MS says the old controllers will work on the new console. The new controller I'm pretty sure is just another slight update.
  6. It's definitely better feeling in hand. I'm just glad they changed it from the past design which was total ****. The new DS5 is pretty much the same as the Xbox controller now. Me and my buddy put thousands of hours into the PS4 because that's what he happened to buy BF4 on, so we were very familiar with the controller, but every time we played Forza we both agreed the Xbox controller was better. He also tore through his DS4's joystick because of how much we played BF4, and he had been crimping the thumbstick down with full pressure for months before I told him he only had to click it. He
  7. Didn't know they were making a sequel, but I'm glad they are. Hopefully they'll have better physics and wheel support this time as that was a major detriment.
  8. MGS really shines when you mess around with it's mechanics. I mean, you can make your horse poop on command on the road to skid out the jeep passing by. You must've been really bad at it, and probably games in general if it gave you that much trouble. MGS is pretty forgiving to mistakes. Especially 5. Pretty much every playthrough of any game I've seen outside speed runners have been pretty terrible. The controls were A+, but I think the mechanics, while being far ahead of most other games in general, was still lacking compared to MGS3. I wanted to find enemy supply depots
  9. Really? From the weakest of the series? It's a good thing MGS also excels at combat gameplay, but whatever.
  10. I tried doing that but only got a few months in before it irritated me and I trimmed it all off. I do have very slow facial hair though.
  11. I still think it'd be cool to race them on the rally courses.
  12. Them? It's just Steep. It's the same thing. Riders Republic added in bikes and a larger map with dirt trails and stuff for said bikes. It's literally Steep 2 with a completely different name for no reason. It seems like someone at Ubi thought people would be confused by having a series that adds stuff about mountain sports.
  13. Well they're claiming Covid and not wanting to crunch for the delay, which... fine I guess, but why has there been absolutely nothing shown and it's past launch day? But it did look cool, even if I always forget what it's called. I don't know why they couldn't call it Steep 2: Steeper. Prequel to Steep 3: Steepest.
  14. Holy **** the pictures. Please tell me this is something lost in translation because I have no freaking clue what that's possibly supposed to mean. I think it's less about doing it well and more about being easy to mod. Not a lot of racing games allow modding, and ever fewer rally games. DR1 and 2 get boring pretty quick with only a handful of super locked down tracks. Meanwhile there's "dirt" mods for AC, but they suck.
  15. In unrelated news, Riders Republic (aka Steep 2) was supposed to launch in February and has been indefinitely delayed with no footage, photos, or anything since reveal announcement. Games are getting more and more "Give us your money but we're not even going to show anything about it first."
  16. Ironically, Porsche may or may not be present.
  17. Jus sayin, every time there's a question it's like "Don't look at me!" You dodge more questions than a scandalous politician.
  18. So what exactly is it, that you do do?
  19. So I went on the internet and I found this.
  20. It looks shockingly similar to DR without the filters though. On RD there's some guy who just ported over textures from DR's levels to D3. There's also someone who's done physics modding for DR, no idea if it's any good, but I guess you can put that physics mod into D3 too. What auto barrel roll software?
  21. On a completely different note, I'm reinstalling Dirt 3 for some slidey drifty fun, and I'm curious how it must've felt/feel to be on the art team, put all this work into the environments and colors, make everything look really good and well balanced, and then have someone come in and put ****** color graded filters over everything. I mean, this extends well beyond Dirt, and any game that lets you mod these filters out always looks better. Same with Dirt 2, it looks WAY better without filters.
  22. But there's still 40+gb of other tracks I don't own. And my point remains valid. The day before it was fine, and now there's a 9gb update for something that seemingly only affected single player, and not even something you would have to worry about. It's just bloat and it's becoming common in everything. A lot of games now I don't even bother with because I don't want to download 100gb of poorly space optimized games because they need to jam in skins and DLC I don't own so I can quickly buy it to access something that's already on my PC.
  23. Well good thing I uninstalled the game like a year ago. I'm sick of trying to launch a game and needing a 10gb update when it was fine yesterday just so I can host content I don't "own" on my PC.
  24. Did I miss something? Why is there an update, and why so large?
  25. Signing a deal with EA is like making a deal with the devil. The laundry list of companies they've taken to the cleaners is extensive and in a few cases even shuttered some companies outside EA. I'm going to be optimistic and give CM 2 or 3 games under hellish conditions before EA shutters them or folds them in with the crippled Criterion to work on Need for Speed. EA's website claims 20 studios under it's belt, at least 8 of them are mobile devs or part time support, the rest are questionable as to what they actually do outside the few known names. They've shuttered at least 14 studios.
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