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  1. I hadn't heard that. Now I want to see a filter for Horizon so it looks like Auto Modellista. I think I only saw the directors cut, ironically for the first time in November 2019. Like, holy ****! Blade runner is happening RIGHT NOW!
  2. I didn't know CM bought Sega Racing Studio, or that one even existed. I get the IPs but it's common for studios that have their own engine to keep it when changing hands. Wonder if Sony is using it for anything.
  3. As far as I've ever seen the gossip thread was always the only one that was constantly active.
  4. I guess I can't speak for realistic tune setups, but PC1 always had funky physics that PC2 massively improved on... I'm getting deja vu again. How many times have we had this conversation? Anyway, I don't know why real tunes would work in PC1 but not translate over to PC2.
  5. Hmm. Don't think I had that issue. I even started rev matching, heel-toeing, and double clutching without issue. Though I think (as it should be set) my clutch is set to engage between like 20-70%. Maybe higher on the low end. Might make a difference. For the record, no, up until now I hadn't been heel-toeing, primarily because in my car the pedals are super tiny and I physically can't. But starting to do it in PC2 I realised it really helps keep the back end from spinning while downshifting, where previously I would just stick with a gear until corner exit. I'm really more into road cars
  6. PC2 has preset tuning options for OEM, "loose" and "stable." At least for road cars, the race cars don't have OEM. I can't verify it, but it claims to be OEM tuning specs and not just random values. There's a bunch of cars in other sims that use random or middle values and they drive awful. Fun fact, after setting up the custom FFB file I actually started making my own tunes for some cars and could really feel the difference and get much quicker lap times. It was cool, and the race engineer thing makes it a lot simpler, though it doesn't do all of the available options. I didn
  7. PC2 has aero, unless you mean slipstream, which I'm not sure about. Also has tire temps. Hell, the GT cars have brake ducts you can open or close to cool off brakes or have better aero. I think the biggest problem with PC2 is the FFB, but there's a custom file you can get that apparently utilizes all the tire forces that make it feel WAY better. How is the gearbox more responsive? I also appreciate that PC2 has full vehicle tuning and OEM tuning setups. For example, the Scioyobaru FR86 is basically complete garbage in AC and doesn't drift at all, yet it behaves much more realistically and
  8. Oh, so pirating it is. I very much highly doubt that. I'm willing to bet it's using the same physics core, and it makes no sense for the physics to be completely different. All these games aim to be simulators, so they're all pretty close comparatively. PC2 physics aren't that bad. To be fair, no I haven't looked into it, but isn't it primarily like GT3/V8 supercars? I like road cars, another reason to be disinterested in most of the sims. I think that's what draws me to Forza, being able to really drive and mod and push cars that aren't meant for it. GT cars are kind of bo
  9. I'm still not sure if the locations are real or just inspired. They aren't using lidar or photogrammetry, so I'm not sure what their art pipeline is. Making something look close enough to the general idea is a lot easier than trying to make it exact. Fujimi Kaido yo. Forza actually had a lot of really good original tracks they just haven't had this entire generation. Original tracks are more fun, they're not the same locations in exactly every game ever made you've lapped thousands of times. That's why I want physical. You already can't buy Horizon 3 or any of it'
  10. I thought Nvidia said they weren't doing Ti anymore? Nice. Nintendo did the same thing with the Wii shop. If you didn't download your digital purchases before it died, you completely lost everything you paid for. Although Xbox Live is still around, not sure about how that works for downloading stuff you bought before it was removed. That's the only positive I can hand to Steam.
  11. When have I ever pushed for longer stages? I'm all about quantity and good ol' fashioned arcade fun. If anybody it'd be you pushing for longer stages. The only thing Dirt has going for it is the point to points, being more difficult and different to standard race tracks, but there's not enough. Like, I'm 100% not interested in AMS2. I can almost guarantee that pretty much everything in that game is also in PC2 I already own. I've already lapped all those tracks countless times and got immensely bored of them, Nurburgring is the only one I still do occasionally. Either way, unless I can ge
  12. In completely unrelated news, back in 2019 I got Grid Autosport free from GameSessions. They were attempting to be a middle man game demo/trial period service for Steam games. Shockingly, this didn't do well and they're shutting it down, but since I got the game through GS and didn't actually get a Steam key... I guess the game is just vanished. Which is cool. And it's no longer available for purchase through Steam. Which is also cool. Well, guess I'll just use the ol' Yarharr method. Remember kids, buy physical.
  13. Apparently SpinTires is still getting free updates, including new maps and vehicles.
  14. Both pretty minor and it was pretty sparse before then. They had a typical year of support and then some bug fixes. They aren't updating it anymore.
  15. Yep. Like it means anything. They might get a slight boost in sales, but I feel like if it went to DR2 it'd be a bit disingenuous to win a category for "continued support" months after the final update. Just got Elite Dangerous for free from EGS. They released in 2014 and they're still updating the game.
  16. Isn't it explicitly not getting new content though? Toyota confirmed?
  17. Kind of like when you need to race home to use the bathroom and just don't quite make it.
  18. That list includes HR, QA, and localization departments which are typically outsourced. Even still, compared to the size of teams now it's not that big.
  19. Depends. You'd think Burnout would be pretty simple.
  20. Let's all pour one out for Pork. What do you mean sometimes?
  21. I'M 100% SOBER! I can NOT be the only that can't ever understand what he, @dgeesi0 as a native English speaker, is saying? He's literally told me before he speaks in gibberish to win internet debates! That's not how it works! You can't just start an argument, speak gibberish, and then claim you won because they have no idea what the hell you said! I've worked with African immigrants speaking Afrikaans and Mexicans speaking only Spanish and I have exactly 100% success in translating and understanding what they're saying through broken English and heavy accents. Somehow, Dgeesio eludes me.
  22. What the **** are we talking about? You make that argument and it's false every time. You speak English, and yet manage to find a way to type sentences specifically so they have zero ******* meaning, or possibly 3 or 4 contradicting meanings so I don't know what the hell you're trying to say. It's frustrating trying to talk to you and decipher your Navajo code. Seriously, when WW3 breaks out, join in on making the enigma machine, because Holy ****. As you responded before my edit, I'm going to reiterate and ask you to clarify this sentence, because I legitimately don't know wh
  23. This isn't English. I have no idea what you're trying to insinuate. Dirt 5 is now on a completely separate engine, meaning the physics can be, and probably are, completely independent. The physics engine and other aspects are also generally overhauled and changed over time. UE4 is not the same as when it launched. As to you not saying they don't update it; Which isn't true. They've reworked the physics engine, and it wouldn't be starting over from scratch. You make changes, add new features, more calculations. You don't just throw everything away and start over, and even if the
  24. Forza and Forza Horizon are in the same situation. They help each other out, but aren't directly tied. The physics in Horizon are not the same as Motorsport. Except actually, now that Dirt has an entirely separate engine from Dirt Rally and it's not like there's never been any physics changes since the launch of the Ego engine at the start of the 360 era, this is a bad argument. Updating, improving, and adding new features are key to making yearly or bi-yearly releases not stagnate, unless of course you're COD and people like playing the exact same thing for 20 years. Every major franchis
  25. DR isn't a yearly title though. It's bi-annual. If you don't ever change or update anything then people lose interest.
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