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  1. Well it seems to be unavailable now.    
  2. That WRC gameplay is just oui oui baguettes croissants and showing off the damage model in the game. Which is more than DR's currently.
  3. In Phoenix? I could've gone... oh well.
  4. That sounds like a cheesy horror movie. Starring: @KickUp as the father @Porkhammer as the "special" son ... I just woke up from a long night, I got nothing.
  5. You'd be surprised what small changes can do.
  6. Slightly back to GT, my brother had 4 on the PS2 and it didn't have any damage modelling then either. And I sure hope that the GT game coming out for PS4 isn't continuing to use PS2 assets. At least Forza makes new models every generation. I've also heard that GT's 900 cars are like, an 07 Camry and an 08 Camry, where the 08 has a new paint color or rear bumper, but everything else is the same.
  7. Google cardboard relies on a $500+ phone (if you buy it out of contract) but I do agree they need to get cheaper, but I am afraid this has set a precedent, the one you want will always be $500, the cheaper version will be the older tech.   Well, technically. It just needs a high res screen with a gyrometer. Dude, that sucks, what the heck back-asswards country do you work for? It is Morocco. You've probably heard the news mantling all around the world for the conflict between the Polisario front that claims their illusory Western Sahara which is basically inhabited by Moroccan S
  8. I'm just waiting for a cheaper headset alternative. The Oculus would be cool for $300, but definitely not worth $600. And the Vive does more than I need, and while it can do interesting things, they'll never get over the limitations of your room scale, thus requiring every game to teleport you. If Google Cardboard is $5, why isn't there a headset with a motion controller for $200?
  9. I recently remembered why I don't like Germany. In DR anyways. No offense to actual Germans, I'm sure it's a great place, as long as you conform. The FFB is so weird. It feels fine in dirt, but on tarmac there's notheing there, then suddenly it's slightly there, then it goes away again. It's bizarre. And now that I have Dirt 2 and 3 the FFB in those games is much better for me, and simpler to set up. :/
  10. Oh good. Looked like he would get an awful crick in his neck. I remember my dad letting me drive around the neighborhood like that. He likes to throttle.
  11. @KevM I'm no baby expert, but he doesn't look very happy about it. Just like a "You can't make me" look. Maybe it's the school part. I always fell asleep in school. @PaloSamo That driving view looks awful. He's got to look so far up. He does have a sweet Recaro race seat though.
  12. The evo studio guys? Already confirmed they're working on a new IP.
  13. As far as console cheaters go, there's still all the deadzones where people can cut the track. I've not experimented but I saw one on wales someone posted that cut like 3 corners. Also on the original Forza Horizon there were speed traps around the map to see who could get the fastest speed and some of them were like 30,000mph. Never got fixed and it did kill those traps.
  14. Nuclear missiles aren't all that classified... or that hard to make. Their location is moreso. Got a link? More dust is easy, it's just cranking up the numbers. Getting the rolling motion, shape and patchiness is a different matter... Hey, were not asking for much here, just small things like this. https://youtu.be/_Q3y-rP1VKY Or this. https://youtu.be/aeNPNOzIgTU
  15. It's a 3dsmax plugin (https://www.afterworks.com/FumeFX/Overview.asp). I've spent a lot of time looking at that window, seeing the numbers tick past. Sorry, couldn't resist messing with y'all ;) If it would stop moving I could read it. :P I'm excited for it, but I haven't really seen any real time smoke calculations, just prebaked ones. Now I'm waiting for the day where we have hardware capable of not needing to prebake smoke sims.... mmmmm... smoke... and fire....
  16. Well, now you have an off topic and a dislike. So.
  17. Either way.                                                                
  18. That just reminds of the Driver series... but KickUp would probably start saying things like "Left square over bump, caution, don't cut." and before you know it you're somewhere in the woods on a romantic getaway. One way or another, he'll squeal. ;)
  19. There are 46 cars in DR and you could also count Pikes Peak as a stage, so 13 of those I don't know. The page I found said 25. Oh, wait, I think that was when it left EA... maybe? http://www.codemasters.com/game/dirt-rally/ Either way it's still a lot less content. @RinusRally I see your dislike, and I counter your dislike with my own dislike.... hardcore race sims aren't evil, my first real racing experience with a wheel is GTR which I haven't bothered to buy yet, and that game has plenty of content. It's still a niche market. Until a big sim comes out like Forza on PC, like everyone was h
  20. People giving me disagrees for this? What the h... If Codemasters release an arcade/simcade game it's like they saying: "We prefer money more than creating a full sim. Let us swim in the money, weee." If Codemasters decides to switch to full sims with a release span every 2 or 3 years with rally, off-road, dakar, circuit-racing and whatever is pretty awesome than Codemasters can be the simulation-studio's of the world. This can be something good for us simracers. People will take us seriously. And our games will not be flooded by cheaters, kiddo's, female streamers with dx-racers and many o
  21. Cars. I know it's late, but I think it's funny.
  22. I still believe they could do a Forza type deal. Have DiRT 4 come out next with better simcade physics, (DiRT 3 was kind of weird) and then do a DR2 or something after, and make it a cycle. I'd buy both. Right now Dirt 3 is pretty good for when I'm too tired to actually put effort into playing.
  23. Oh god. I'm going to force myself to read it if it kills me. so far it's like he's trying to be eloquent and come up with clever anecdotes, but his poor grammar and typos mixed with a lack of punctuation and sentence structure make it exceedingly difficult. Here's some quotes direct from this "Gods" mouth. or, y'know, fingers I guess. "God-made Universe beaty" ...Really? Did he now? I've heard of this beaty thing, always wondered where it came from. "From last flat demand of narrow and twisty tracks in-game including springs." ...HUH?! :/ "Their aim was so: to count, or to ascertain in e
  24. I feel like I'm missing something, who is this guy? And back from where?
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