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  1. Didn't know who Luther Vandross was, but I can see it. To be fair, it seems a bit **** with a controller. Then again, PCSX2 doesn't actually do analog buttons, and I don't have an analog button controller to try it with. Feels great with a wheel though.
  2. That seems way too intense for just a car dealership. It actually has a rising tension, it kind of sounds like some of the pre-race menu music in Enthusia. The song I posted would be in the menu equivalent to the replay theater, it's energetic, has sick bass, and some cool guitar riffs with interspersed piano, yet remains relatively relaxed. Like a cool jazz club or something.
  3. The dirt racing in GT4 is kind of terrible. It's much more akin to ice racing in that you never actually seem to have any amount of actual traction and the Grand Canyon course is very tight with very close barriers and slowdown dirt banks. It's way easier to get used to DR and DR2... or any other game with dirt racing I've tried. As an aside, the Enthusia Library music is way too good for something people won't ever hear. The whole soundtrack is actually pretty good.
  4. That's why I like Forza more, at least more than GT4. You're placed into performance classes, not just completely open so the racing is tighter, and even the first game had damage that you had to pay to fix at the end of the race. I bought a car to do a "spyder" race, but was outclassed by everything else. So then do I buy another faster car and hope it's good enough, or do I spend way too much money upgrading the **** one? It's much easier to just hit a performance class. I also wish racing games would stop the irritating trend of 2-3 lap races and you always start in last place. That by
  5. But how do you beat a time when the car your following doesn't even come close and forces you to back off? Most of them are just "Do this one corner with no sense of how the car feels, and when you inevitably fail we'll play a dumb sex song." I looked up a video and the guy did it in 8:40 something, but I don't know how because I had to keep backing off and the pace car wasn't anywhere close to that time and I got 9:11. I tried one in a TVR going around a corner, but I'm pretty sure the over/understeer control was on and it massively gimps your speed. The only way to get around the corner
  6. Dunno. The GOG version has no DRM at all. In other unrelated news I'm trying GT4 with my wheel, and I hate the license tests. I nabbed a save file that has them all done, but I thought I'd try some of the higher level ones anyways just to prove I can do it. IA-15 is total garbage. It's a lap around the Nurburgring in a 190E aiming for under 9 minute lap time, which would be pretty easy, except there's a pace car that automatically fails you if you pass it, and if you don't you fail for being too slow. I don't understand.
  7. So I dragged my wheel out to try it with Toca 3 in the interest of trying the whole package. It's worse with a wheel. I could see people having nostalgia for it if they didn't have any better realistic racing games like GT or Forza, but it's not great with a controller and worse with a wheel. There's a "pro-sim" handling model that's anything but and in either flavor regardless of input device the physics are just weird and make no sense. Really disappointing, it has a nice variety of content like if F1, Dirt, and modern Grid were all combined, but it's all pretty poor to drive.
  8. The festival atmosphere in racing games is a trend that needs to die. It's fine in Horizon, but it's been going on way too long and everyone is just copying everyone else. The Crew 1 had a pretty mediocre story, but then the Crew 2 is just a straight rip-off of Horizon and has no story at all. I also just don't get it. I assume people buy car games to race and look at cars, not listen to wub wub and do stupid dances wearing dumb clothes. In other news, I've *cough*acquired Toca 3 to try out. Apparently the Steam version has some type of DRM that will brick your PC. Super cool. Than
  9. Considering how many other franchises Take Two has killed in favor of forcing everyone to work on GTA and milk money from players I'd hope CM keeps control. These big buyouts always lead to the death of franchises. That being said, I'm still surprised how many studios CM has bought out themselves since I figured they were closing in on bankrupt.
  10. I still feel like tarmac was way better in the alpha build. I don't know what they did to it. Then again I haven't tried Germany since frankly, I'm not paying for it.
  11. Once again, lifetime and active are 2 very different metrics. Your favorite movie was probably seen by millions on release, but now no ones watching it currently so therefore no one's ever seen the movie. Or at any point since release. The Fulvia also easily outclasses the Mini.
  12. That's comparing current activity to lifetime activity, 2 different metrics.
  13. Someone posted it on the forum a while ago. Doesn't seem like they put it on Nexus... HAHA! Found it. Why it's not on Nexus, I don't know. Maybe I should think about adding it there, but then end up too lazy and not actually do it. For proof that D2 actually looked as bad as the picture I posted, here's with and without the filter.
  14. Pretty much. It should really look like this, The sad thing is, that's actually really close to how DiRT 1 and 2 looked. I got a mod for D2 that kills the filters and it looks so much better. What's kind of weird is some of the menu stuff was intentionally designed with the filters, so without them they end up being kind of dark and weird, but the tracks look great.
  15. Not really a massive difference. I'd like to see more content in general like the first 2 games had. And ACAT. Like Kamaz on tiny hillclimb courses.
  16. Ah. I haven't tried it with a controller, but I've only heard it's not great. Then again, so is basically anything else that isn't CM. So at least they've got that going for them.
  17. I did a race around Laguna Seca in the Lotus 49 which was pretty good. Then I did a race around Nurburgring in go-karts. If you manage to not touch dirt or spin it's really easy to beat the AI. I didn't, but I did get a screenshot of ~5 karts on the carousel. The base driving is actually really enjoyable now. I'm just currently at the point where I want my desk space more than a racing wheel. I'd say it's worth checking out. It has a lot of cars and tracks with a bunch of little customization options in terms of setups and race rules n such. If you're curious, here's the link to the FFB f
  18. Just to sum up along with some additional points, I said that AC isn't very good and is only really supported by mods, to which you responded with "Well yeah, but there's mods." Like, that really doesn't invalidate my argument. As an aside, I also don't like AC personally because the triple screen mode doesn't function correctly. It reports 60+ fps, yet it still gets half second long screen tears across all 3 monitors. It's the only game with that issue. The argument about it being an indie studio, thus it doesn't look good, again, the shader patch, and also there's a small team from
  19. Agreed, a lot of stock AC cars are terrible. Once again, not very convincing that it's a good game. The most noticeable one that immediately stands out is the GT86 which in reality is fantastic at low speed drifting, something PC2 handles quite well. It doesn't drift at all in AC and is an outright bore. Base game content should however have a baseline performance metric to match up to in terms of quality. The number of gears, sure, that's easy to find. The correct gear ratios, suspension geometry, spring rates, wheel angle/rotation, etc. aren't so easy to find. It's not like modd
  20. That by definition means it's not that great and is held up by mods. "It doesn't suck, it's just not as good as anything else." I also find it interesting that everything they said was impossible (like night time and multiple light sources) was implemented by modders in an engine created by the devs. I'll see if I can find it, but Lord Kunos himself said they shut down the mod section because people were "inflating their ego" and not releasing finished products. I'd call that butthurt when you add on top the fact that the largest modders were continually on the verge of being bann
  21. Assetto Corsa sucks though. The only reason it's alive always has been mods the devs got all butthurt about and banned from their forum.
  22. Would've been cool if Sony and MS weren't such buttholes moving from last gen to current gen. My Fanatec initially worked fine on PS4 until Sony patched it out because it wasn't an official "PS4 wheel." Same thing with MS, except it never worked. No reason the Xone couldn't use it.
  23. I knew a girl once with a battle beaver, except... nevermind. This is a family friendly forum.
  24. I need to get a new thumbstick. Over time the left one has worn out and it's not super accurate anymore in diagonal directions.
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