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  1. So PJ, with your new position, maybe you could ask around and answer my question of exactly who and why they though an echoey moan was a good thing for a racing games main title screen, instead of say... a 1970's porno.

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  2. This week Mr. The block travels to Poland for Arcade Popcorn. He talks **** about Poland and it's car culture, and then goes for the "smoke and syle" contest because he's too **** to do anything better.


    Speaking of, will GRID have GRID?

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  3. 10 hours ago, F2CMaDMaXX said:

    I feel you're using the term "brutal" incorrectly - no car that isn't in need of dire repair, needs brutal force to shift.

    One too many days on the old Fast and Furious arcade machines methinks.

    Don't you know if you brute slam the shifter you gain .0003 seconds?

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  4. 8 minutes ago, PJTierney said:

    So if you’re using 900 but only turning about 360, does that not limit the amount of turn-in you get?


    I’m sure if you go full-lock into a corner you’ll end up dragging the tyres by the sidewalls, but surely you want to be using about 70-80% of the travel at least?

    Do you drive an actual car? Outside of moving around around occupied parking lots, how much do you turn the wheel? I mean, even when I race down twisty mountain roads in my actual shitbox I don't go more than 180 in either direction. Guy above me is right, most of it's in the +/-90 range.

    The only time in game I really go wider than that is drifting in Assetto Corsa, and you just do that by feel more than anything.

    You shouldn't have to slam lock to lock.

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  5. 53 minutes ago, dgeesi0 said:

    yeah i was sponsered by them but gave the stuff back as i didnt like it. not ideal for dirt rally games. too clunky. gearstick is over engineered to slow in use. you want a simple faster gearstick. i did give feedback on all of the gear i tried. the gearstick i mentioned is very simple small and ideal.

    I find it pretty quick, and it's not clunky at all, but whatever. Different opinions I suppose. Everyone who's tried my Fanatec shifter has really liked it.

    Also it seems more representative of what's actually used instead of a teeny little thing.

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  6. 4 hours ago, dgeesi0 said:

    the fanatec stuff i could never get the right feel with the set up. gave feedback to help make them better more simple for rally and hopefully make a better gear stick. for dirt rally i think if you want to be competitive you probably better off with logitech or thrustmaster wheels.

    if i was buying right now i do like the look of the heusinkveld stuff. especially the gear levers which so many companies get wrong its frustrating. you want for rally a quick easy to use smallish gear stick . not a big muscle breaking mechanical device.

    Wait, you don't like the Fanatec shifter and told Fanatec, or CM?

    I think the Fanatec shifter is the best out of the "cheaper" options. It's a seamless transition from h-pattern to sequential. And it's not muscle breaking if you loosen it up, which is also very easy. I have mine feeling about the same as my actual car. The only thing I don't like is the SQ has a lot more tension than the h-pattern, which again you could adjust on the fly, but when all you're really doing is pushing forwards and pulling back it's not a big deal.

    The Heusinkveld is more expensive and does less being only a SQ, but it is smaller and probably a lot lighter. Reading their webpage it seems to boast about using a ball spring detent for "authentic" feel complete with a useless little graph. That's not particularly impressive. I'm basically just very unsure why exactly it costs so much.

    4 hours ago, VirtuaIceMan said:

    I think when I have a play around, the cockpit hands seem to match 360 degrees, but it depends on the car I guess. I often use 270 as my old MOMO Force only went that far, and many games expect that, but obviously with things lik DR2.0 you can use the full 900, if you want a crazy workout!

    Why does everyone think that with 900 you use the full lock to lock all the time? Minus hairpins if you go for a sick drift you never really go much more than 180 degrees in either direction, and that's if you're taking a hairpin normally.

    Are you guys on low rotation just slamming the hell out of lock to lock all the time? Games feel way more natural and comparable when you use a rotation that matches actuality.

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  7. 9 hours ago, Mike Dee said:

    I'd argue that is not the case, specifically in rally. You need those mid-corner shifts for weight transfers and a sequential setup is designed to make that even easier. If the paddles were fixed it'd be 100x easier to pull off because they're always in the same spot so no "getting lost" with them. It is doable with wheels where the paddles aren't fixed, plenty of people run it at 540° and do just fine, but for max performance you either need them fixed or on a low enough rotation as to not have to move your hands off the wheel. 

    The solution is simple. Buy a shifter. Flappy paddles suck anyways. He's got a full rig.

    Going to suck playing anything else with an F1 wheel though. Especially if he ever wants to try drifting.

  8. 10 hours ago, chukonu said:

    I actually won that copy @JZStudios

    Just another way I'm better than you.

    I already had it on PC. I voted to send it to tbstetst and a couple people followed suit, so they sent him one too.


    8 hours ago, tbtstt said:

    To show how much I appreciated you (and everyone else) voting for me, I have given you another down vote. 

    (And, despite the free copy, I still went and bought a copy of DR1, as I am unable to resist a shiny steelbook!)

    I'd say a good gauge now to see how long people have been around is to see how many remember Lee and how many remember the original forum. 

    Oh man, now I feel like everyone's just going to downvote all my posts now.

    I came in right at the tail end of Lee so never really interfaced with him, and I kept off the gossip thread for the first month or two. Feel like I've missed out, but I did find out I've been on this thread since at least something like page 250.



    5 hours ago, Deltone91 said:

    are there any chances that non-english co-drivers will be improved? Many notes have wrong angle, wrong translations, some notes in advance, others late.. and it's not a matter of adjusting them in game options..

    Also in Greece I found a wrong note in Italian that I will report in bug-thread, it indicates a left hairpin while in reality it is right. English co-driver is correct, and much more accurate.

    This game is fantastic, but these carelessness ruin it. If we talk about a rally game, the indications of co-driver are fundamental! I don't want to memorize a track because co-driver's notes are wrong, not in a rally game!

    Ehh, pretend it's like real life and your co-driver just missed that call. A sock full of batteries will be waiting for him after the race.

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  9. 2 hours ago, Mike Dee said:

    I just think a lot of your sarcasm just sails WAYYY over a lot of the less frequent and new member's heads. Either way, rep that **** with pride!

    Probably. Happens in real life too. Also, when I do look at whoever downvotes me, 90% of the time it's someone with only a few posts.

    56 minutes ago, gfRally said:

    Yeah, that and other cultures/languages don’t always translate joking well.   Had a French friend for a while, man his jokes were the worst, didn’t get them at all.  So it’s all in the same.

    Haha, there's a podcast called "Please Stop Talking" where the guys just get drunk and tell stories. One of them is French-Canadian and every story just ends up being how terrible he or the other French Canadians are as human beings.



    Holy ****, I've been here for a long time. I forgot that back in 2016 I was the first to vote for getting @tbtstt a free PS4 copy of Dirt Rally, since he was drooling all over us PC guys during the EA. You're still welcome Steve. They sent out an extra free copy just for you.

    And wow, Chu-chu was around too. Guess he's just not very active.

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  10. 8 minutes ago, tbtstt said:

    The Subaru numbers aren't enough yet. Those are rookie numbers. 

    I don't think anything really carried over from the old forums, especially considering there's new "flags" now. I have no idea how member reputation works, or why mine is so low, but whatever.

    Haha, I have 3,500 posts, chu-chu has 500, pretty sure he talks a lot of ****, and has the same member rep as me.


    I'll take that with pride. Biggest, most disliked member.

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  11. 8 hours ago, JZStudios said:

    Pretty sure I'm still the one with the most downvotes per posts, so I got that going for me.

    In fact, at least 4 people didn't like the fact that I don't love the new BMW.


    And now that I just looked at it, you can no longer go through and see what posts have been flagged by others like you could on the old forum. You can see all your recent notifications, but that won't even take you to the comment. Cool. I like literally nothing about the new forum, but at least they fixed the loading times.

    And I prove my point by chukonoku disliking my post. Nice.

    Big Green ChuChu

    7 hours ago, PJTierney said:

    "Have you got the files for the SUBARU Impreza?"

    "Which one!?"

    Reminds me when I worked at a restaurant and there was like 5 Chris's and 2 of them had the same last name.

    "You know where Chris is?"

    "Which one?"

    "The Waiter."

    "...which one?"

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  12. 1 hour ago, Riggs said:

    Damn. @PJTierney has just passed me on reps 😶 Hail to the new king!

    It has been a good journey.

    Pretty sure I'm still the one with the most downvotes per posts, so I got that going for me.

    In fact, at least 4 people didn't like the fact that I don't love the new BMW.


    And now that I just looked at it, you can no longer go through and see what posts have been flagged by others like you could on the old forum. You can see all your recent notifications, but that won't even take you to the comment. Cool. I like literally nothing about the new forum, but at least they fixed the loading times.

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  13. 3 hours ago, seecs2011 said:

    Its my favorite thing ever. Good to know I'll be able to play this game when they inevitably kill servers.

    Well you can always do the custom championships n stuff. It's not like The Crew, which is always online requirements for literally anything, so whenever Ubi decides to shut down the servers, unless they remove that requirement, that game is dead and gone forever.

  14. 1 hour ago, Pieman99 said:

    Is Racenet playing up for anyone at the moment? It was working fine for me this morning But now it says “communicating with RaceNet” for ages. Then it just takes me back to the main menu screen, with 0 credits. Have tried restarting the game a few times now 😩

    I’ve had the “racenet is unavailable” before but never this. I’m guessing something is up with the server and probably won’t be sorted till they go back to work tomorrow (based on previous issues).

    I’m also getting an error saying “your My Team Rallycross championship has been reset, because a discrepancy between local and RaceNet save data was detected”.

     I haven’t played RX since about March so that’s a pretty random message.

    So annoying

    I am on ps4 btw 

    Yeah, isn't it great when single player content is behind server side issues?

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  15. 4 hours ago, F2CMaDMaXX said:

    This gives me an idea, if I remember, ill maybe report back later, if I'm allowed.

    Real nice.

    2 hours ago, bogani said:

    I think I just scrolled through the longest post ever written on the forum. 

    I'm questioning if I've posted anything of a similar length. I mean, not including a bunch of quotes, or Porkhammers slightly amusing Bruce Willis picture.


    2 hours ago, bogani said:

    See what you did now you co-driver burning, dudebro, pickup loving mofo. You made PJ cry! 


    Not my fault he can't take a joke. Besides, that co-driver deserved it.

    Also, I don't think I've 100% anything, not in terms of "achievements" because they don't do anything in-game.

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  16. 34 minutes ago, Mike Dee said:

    It seems like that last patch wasn't consistent for everyone. I don't know if this is 100% true, as CM would need to verify, but I do know a few people who were talking about a 9gb patch back with 1.8, while others talked about a 4.5gb update. So it sounded like a few people were getting the full patch while others were getting a half patch (and I think one of those full patch players was a beta tester)

    I'm a tester. Mine was 9gb. I complained about it.

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  17. 4 hours ago, elrojodp8 said:

    I bought it, and for me it's a good game, much better than wrc 7 ... DR2.0 is better, of course, but it's a really suitable game for a rally fan.

    Yeah, I bet it doesn't even have any other ridiculous BS disciplines. Just all rally.

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  18. 21 hours ago, tbtstt said:

    Very cool @mwoodski, though you missed the opportunity to run through the building!


    Oh look, Mr. The Block sabotages his own race, just so he could ruin a competitors position and ensure he doesn't end in last, which he inevitably would've otherwise.

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  19. In other news, Mr. The Block this week nearly ran over his camera crew on vacation.

    I'd link the video, but most of it is just wakeboarding. Just imagine him getting bored and the incurable urge to kill someone overtakes him.

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  20. 9 hours ago, Malling said:

    Let's put it this way - the RGT cars are RWD and generally have more BHP than the Group B RWD cars. If you don't have any DLC, then let's just say they have about 50-100% more power than the H3 RWD cars. You may have to redefine what is "acceptable throttle control" for this class of cars.

    Throttle control is a universal problem in this game that I've talked about in our secret place. Apparently it confuses the **** out of people when I say the first 40% of throttle input is completely disregarded, and then after that it acts like an on/off switch. I have... 10 racing games currently installed on my PC, including Assetto Corsa, BeamNG, Dirt 2, Flatout 2, Grid 2, Grid Autosport, Project Cars 2, and The Crew. I have at least 5 other racing games currently not installed, including Dirt Rally 1, Dirt3, Dirt 4, GTR2/Race07 and all of it's DLC, Project Cars 1, F1... 2015 I think, and DR2 is the only one with throttle that acts like a binary switch at the 50% input.

    That makes it not very good in my opinion. The BMW around Dirtfish was just like "Grip? What's that?" and spun in circles. I can drift fairly reliably in most other games, but I have no throttle control in this.

    8 hours ago, AlexSpartan316 said:

    The new bmw it’s very stable and responsive,when you find the right setup ,even on gravel ,it’s fast as the Porsche (that have surprised me...) Imo the most important aspect of the setup it’s lower the diff. Value. To have a smoother power release.

    Also in my opinion the r-gt cars need to be hard to drive...that’s a good and accurate thing

    I didn't drive it on tracks, just scooted around Dirtfish, but it refused to grip. The complete lack of throttle control doesn't help.

    2 hours ago, Mike Dee said:

    Just playing around in DirtFish I could keep the tires spinning in full hoonigan drift mode all the way through 5th gear. It was just nuts. Literally started spinning the wheels on spawn in, and was still spinning them as I entered the warehouse, 20 seconds later.

    NO! This car is great, you shut up! Tons of grip!

  21. 2 hours ago, Mike Dee said:

    Yes, and yes if the host has the DLC.

    ehh. Never really been a big fan of online in racing games, funny enough. Never been competitive in terms of attitude. I'd much rather co-op things.

  22. 2 hours ago, Mike Dee said:

    Promo community events and MP lobbies can help change that for you 👍

    Do the community events put you on tracks you don't own? Does it let you MP on tracks you don't own? Does this game even have MP rally?


    Entirely unrelated, but I just realized your rig consists of over $1000 worth of equipment, with a $50 wheel. Which I find interesting.