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  1. I've already said as much. Yeah, I was pretty much hitting theoretical max speed and I couldn't upgrade anything but they were still walking away from me on the straights up until the corners when I blast past them. That was only on pro, had to turn it down to expert so it would actually be possible to keep up. Meanwhile the other tracks I could've won easily on "Unbeatable." But the horsepower thing is interesting, didn't know that and usually the straights are where I end up overtaking, some tracks the AI is unreasonably fast around corners. Typically the tighter ones like Hocken
  2. Excuse me for not wanting to dig through a decades worth of games and developers interviews to share with you. Similarly I don't have them just tucked away in a coat pocket to whip out at a moment's notice. I linked the reddit post with a few interviews with devs saying the engine was a problem and all you said in response was "That's old." And yet those issues still persist. You're more than welcome to do your own research, it's what I usually do. What you keep missing is rest of that quote where it's an analogy. He says Frostbite is like a F1 car, it does specific things very well, and
  3. It's an engine created by DICE for Battlefield, and it honestly wasn't even great at that. All kinds of bugs, glitches, physics issues, etc. along with being very hard to work with. The only thing it was initially designed for was a FPS multiplayer game, and the only thing it really does well is look good and run pretty fast. And semi-large open areas. When other studios like BioWare tried to make games on it, it didn't have anything they could use other than the rendering engine. And considering how buggy and broken Anthem was it never seemed to get any better. And again, former Visceral and
  4. It explicitly does not say that. Right, when all of these devs have gone on record saying they're studio and game failed because of the engine, that means it's not the engines fault. And all of these studios under EA using the engine, means that they are unlikely to continue doing that. And Anthem along with other failed 3rd person games like MEA came out after SW Battlefront, but like, **** facts, that **** doesn't matter. All that matters is you proving me wrong by completely misinterpreting an analogy. And my reasoning is confusing. Let's look at the timeline shall
  5. You literally did not say that at all. I'm not suiting my purposes, I'm quoting exactly what you said. You should be clearer about what you're saying if you don't want misunderstanding. Saying that porting tracks over is WHINGE leads the only assumption to being that it's a bad idea, especially since you disagreed with my initial suggestion of adding new content on top of existing content. You can't disagree with me saying that porting content is a bad idea and then flip around and say that they should port content. Your argument is fundamentally flawed. Are you even reading what I'm
  6. Except for all the dev studios that have said that they were made to use Frostbite? It's public knowledge, it's not like some insider trading secret. Where did I say that wasn't the reason? Of course that's the reason. It still doesn't make Frostbite any better. I never argued why I just stated that they do. The why makes zero difference.
  7. There you say people will complain if they port over existing tracks. You mean that isn't you saying it's a bad idea? Here once again you say it's a bad idea to port over existing Sweden tracks while simultaneously saying they should port over Scotland as a WHINGE dlc track as per previous comment of yours. You also disagreed with my suggestion of porting over existing content and continuing to create new content, but then suggest "Some new stages in amongst the old." I didn't put words in your mouth. You disagreed with me, ignored my suggestion about still creating new locatio
  8. It's factually none of those. You're outright defending things by denying truth and facts. And yes, they are objective facts. You're trying to deplatform me my stating that my objective facts are "outright lies." Just because you don't have issues doesn't mean it's not broken for others. I documented and recorded my issues and shared it in the beta forum and no one did anything. Stop arguing with me about it. And the FFB isn't a matter of taste when people near universally dislike it, which is why they eventually tried to fix it, and it still isn't great. And once again, I shared this in
  9. No, the fact the acted like he was the hottest **** and the community had to fix his ******* problems means he's **** at programming. The community members that fixed his **** because he was incompetent he called idiots, including industry professionals. I never mentioned reading a freaking book, so you obviously know about these stories and pulled on it. The entirety of AC was a masterclass in incompetence and the console port was once again, beyond awful. There's no defending that, it's an objective fact. DR2 does have broken aspects, and no it wasn't ever fixed. I don't understand what
  10. No one has ever complained about returning content in addition to new content in a racing game. PC1 had ~30 locations including karting tracks no one used because the karts were awful. And some DLC tracks. PC2 had 61 as base game tracks, including the DLC and base game tracks from PC1. DLC tracks from PC1 were base game tracks in PC2. No one WHINGEd. DR is the only racing game I know of where they sold the same tracks again as DLC. It's the only game I know of where anyone did this really. It's not like they had licensing issues either like FM's Porsche packs before the EA deal ended
  11. Because it's already in a higher fidelity standard with a PBR pipeline and materials. You ignored my entire comment. And it's what Forza is doing. Then again, they're apparently now on a 4 year dev cycle for FM8, so maybe they are reworking everything to a new standard for the new gen. But FM5 and FM7 have the same standards set. If they are reworking everything for FM8, it's unlikely to change for the entirety of the new console generation. Unlikely, when every other racing game does exactly that and no one complains that Spa is in the game, once again. What people complain about is buyi
  12. I honestly didn't bother with the DLC. Partly because of issues I had with the game, but mostly because... why wouldn't I just play DR instead of buying it again? I know it was remade, but still. And then DR2 forces you to download and house all that content it won't let you have anyway, bloating the install size so I just deleted it. CDPR is remastering the Witcher with higher res textures, better effects, ray tracing, some minor new content, etc. and it's free for everyone that bought the game in 2015. Granted, I've seen the CM monetary issues on the wall since then too.
  13. It's one of my biggest arguments against Steam's stupid 2 hour refund period. It can take longer than that for troubleshooting and wheel setup, and once you realize it's broken or not good you're already screwed. What's funny is the guy now doing the audio for BeamNG says he really pushed for better audio in CM games when he was there and it made a few enemies as they seemingly thought it wasn't worth scrapping everything and doing it better. Which is also finally what Turn10 and playground are doing. Your notes about the recording setup also reminds me of AC, they got trac
  14. Depends how full fledged it is. CM style or Forza style?
  15. It's winter in Forza, which is annoying. The first picture's kind of cool though. But I wouldn't recommend playing like this.
  16. I wish Abzu had an actual photo mode, could get some really nice shots if it did.
  17. I've put my monitor into portrait mode to take screenshots in Yakuza and Abzu for phone wallpapers. Yakuza actually shows off how much detail you don't normally see in game above you.
  18. That would be a dirty lap in Forza. The number of times I just touched the curbing and it invalidated my lap...
  19. Unrelated, but I booted up Forza 7 on my buddy's xbox. It's going EOL on Sep. 15 or so, so it's a 75% discount right now. Decided to snag the ultimate edition with all the DLC for $20.
  20. What journey? Yeah, but I'm the dumbass for saying this.
  21. So you need to be vaccinated to go stand in the middle of a field?
  22. Huh. I almost always kept things pretty stock, but with how little grip even the race tires have and how much AWB cars understeer, I could buy that. Though it's inconsistent, some RWD cars drive pretty well, while others like the Camaro and some Holden just wheelspin incessantly, impossible to drive. I just went for weight and tires to try and counter the understeer. Another thing I noticed is whenever I was in a race with a Ferrari, it was always miles ahead of the rest of the field, keeping up with cars it should be much slower than, like the Mclaren F1.
  23. Spending some more time in FM4, I've come to the conclusion the PI rating or whatever is kind of broken. At least in FM4. There's a bunch of A class cars like the Ford GT that come on "stock" tires, below even "street" tires. I'm not kidding, the car has 550hp and it's on the same tires as a Prius. And they put the PI of most of the cars so high that you can't put on reasonable tire choices because it forces you into S class. The only good solution is to upgrade a C or B class with better tires, but the tires take so much PI that you then don't have the speed to keep up on straights. It m
  24. Typically you don't release all of your similar franchises in the same time period. CM has always had this set so they're different niches. But Grid and NFS are... similar, and then there's presumable SMS which is also... similar. F1 is it's own niche, and Dirt logically would be an alternating bi-annual release like Forza and Horizon. Though it is seeming likely there might not be a DR3 and just go for WRC. Which actually then raises another question, WRC is a yearly title, like F1, so where does the mainline Dirt franchise fit into that? EA now has a lot of racing studios that all make
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