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  1. Huh. I almost always kept things pretty stock, but with how little grip even the race tires have and how much AWB cars understeer, I could buy that. Though it's inconsistent, some RWD cars drive pretty well, while others like the Camaro and some Holden just wheelspin incessantly, impossible to drive. I just went for weight and tires to try and counter the understeer. Another thing I noticed is whenever I was in a race with a Ferrari, it was always miles ahead of the rest of the field, keeping up with cars it should be much slower than, like the Mclaren F1.
  2. Spending some more time in FM4, I've come to the conclusion the PI rating or whatever is kind of broken. At least in FM4. There's a bunch of A class cars like the Ford GT that come on "stock" tires, below even "street" tires. I'm not kidding, the car has 550hp and it's on the same tires as a Prius. And they put the PI of most of the cars so high that you can't put on reasonable tire choices because it forces you into S class. The only good solution is to upgrade a C or B class with better tires, but the tires take so much PI that you then don't have the speed to keep up on straights. It m
  3. Typically you don't release all of your similar franchises in the same time period. CM has always had this set so they're different niches. But Grid and NFS are... similar, and then there's presumable SMS which is also... similar. F1 is it's own niche, and Dirt logically would be an alternating bi-annual release like Forza and Horizon. Though it is seeming likely there might not be a DR3 and just go for WRC. Which actually then raises another question, WRC is a yearly title, like F1, so where does the mainline Dirt franchise fit into that? EA now has a lot of racing studios that all make
  4. I played through about half of it on the PS3 and then found it kind of repetitive. Honestly I'm more annoyed that the death of the franchise was directly caused by EA, then shuttered the studio. Maybe the team working on the remake are ex Visceral?
  5. Oh, hey, Dead Space is getting a remake after EA killed the franchise, made the studio make Hardline, and then shuttered them. And... it's being made in Frostbite? This is unprecedented!
  6. Well just saw the trailer for Grid Legends. Looks... dumb. Gonna straight skip the story, I don't know who these companies seem to keep focus testing that makes them think racing game fans want some ridiculous overblown story. I am curious what engine it's using though.
  7. I haven't tried ACC, but Forza is probably on another planet entirely. There's a bunch of rear wheel drive A class cars that are borderline undriveable because the front tires lose traction with any amount of steering input, and the rear tires just incessantly spin on corners. Any time a gentle curve comes along you need to brake massively, because even at low speeds you'll understeer off the track. I tried to do a "quick" comparison between stock tires and race tires at Laguna Seca, but it turned into a much longer testing session than I planned for. The FFB is so vague I can't tell wher
  8. In completely unrelated news, I'm watching my buddy's house/dogs while he's on vacation, and since my wheel is old enough I've been playing Forza 4 and have confirmed my long time theory that the tires are made of some hybrid between 70's ecogreen tires and wood blocks. Just did a section of the Nurburgring, part 3 of 4 starting just before the 2 tight turns, then leading up the hill to the the long sweeping right before the carousel with an M3 e90. Never in any other game, and I've played lots, have I understeered, much less ran into the outside wall, in any car. Upgrading the tires doesn't s
  9. Clearly someone isn't a fan of Re-Volt.
  10. Well from what I can tell the Frostbite engine looks better with photogrammetry and has a more steady framerate. The issue is these are self funded engines in a "AA" style market. Things like Gran Turismo and Forza have much more advanced graphical engines after years of continuous iteration, a near limitless supply of cash, and a large team.
  11. Oh, okay. I wasn't aware stating facts was making illogical circles. I see the error in my logic now, I should just make things up, then they'll be true and logical.
  12. People have a hard time changing their viewpoint. If EA (or CM) come out and say they're using their own engine, then fine, I'm wrong. As it stands there's no real reasoning for believing it to be so. EA has been pushing Frostbite heavily because it's a great graphical render and now has an abundant amount of support for photogrammetry. Even Dirt 5, which I thought looked pretty good, got blasted almost universally for "bad graphics." I just don't see EA being okay with that, nor giving the team the time and money to seriously overhaul the engine when they already have one that's "better."
  13. I'm always that guy. If people weren't wrong there wouldn't be an argument. In this instance it's not a subjective thing. It's a fact that EA has been pushing Frostbite on it's studios even though they don't want. It's also a fact that there's been 3 racing titles on the engine with bad physics, who's developer was then shuttered after the failure of the franchise, which apparently they didn't bother to make a serious attempt at a racing game. It's also a fact that Criterion has been pulled from a dev studio on it's untitled Beyond Cars game years ago to be a support studio for physics issues
  14. I've been making an attempt, but as usual people don't want to look at the blindingly obvious facts in front of them.
  15. What the hell are you talking about? Gee, I dunno, maybe the Need For Speed series, Star Wars, and multiple Battlefield series? Not to mention ME Andromeda and Anthem. Just because something isn't a "serious sim attempt," whatever the hell that means, doesn't mean they don't have physics. And they physics they do have is ******* broken. It's a very simple concept. If it was so damn easy for the engine and to implement then all of these franchises would have vastly more stable physics that don't constantly glitch and freak out. It also wouldn't need an entire studio as a physics support te
  16. As I figured you're making **** up and putting it in my mouth. Just because they made racing games decades ago on a completely different engine doesn't mean they'll do so now. It's a completely different company now, how many people still at Dice worked on those games? If Frostbite was such an amazing physics title EA wouldn't have had to pull Criterion entirely off their own project to try and fix Frostbite's terrible physics and work as a support group for all of the vehicle handling projects. But somehow to you, that's not a "serious attempt at vehicle physics." Once again, vehicle phy
  17. OR, they could not, and just let you buy a game without having to buy a whole bunch of DLC for it. They're already on a 2-3 year dev cycle as is. Supporting a game for 3 years believe it or not does in fact take resources away from creating newer titles. On one hand, it's cool that ARMA 3 is still getting content updates 8 years after launch, but people have been asking for a major engine overhaul or new game it's desperately needed for the past 6. And you have to buy the DLC for a bunch of online matches. Again, they're already on a 2-3 year cycle, and they haven't done anything like tha
  18. To me, some games like AC have a chase cam with zero yaw tolerance, so it's constantly whipping around on control changes and makes it look far more pivot based. Games like Forza are a bit looser and act on a spring force, you can make small movements and the camera will slowly pan back to center which feels much more natural. It's kind of funny, it shouldn't be that hard to implement, but a bunch of games just don't do it. But I always thought the "Pivot based turning" criticism to be exceptionally vague and a useless criticism.
  19. Really? The devs of the engine itself in a game known for vehicular combat and a racing game aren't to be used as a reference? How does that make sense? It's not a matter of using unrealistic values, it's a matter of the physics engine being exceptionally poor and buggy. It's like arguing that Arma 3 has good vehicle physics when a tank going over a curb has a 50/50 chance of flinging it literally a km into the air. It just doesn't. For the love of God, please no. Please, for the sake of all things holy, dear God, no. Don't request this. This is why all the DLC for DR2 was just
  20. I'm aware. Frostbite is designed for shooting and looking pretty Anything else they need entire teams to try and tame and it never seems to actually work. Anyone who's played any Battlefield after 3 knows that's a ******* lie. I love Battlefield, but it's never handled vehicles anywhere near remotely accurately. The NFS reboots were also lambasted for the poor vehicle physics. Maybe for the immediate title I could see. EA's logic is that all of their studios should use the same engine so they can all work together, which in theory is fine, but in reality is awful
  21. Dirt Rally 3 in Frostbite. I can almost guarantee EA is going to try to force that, they're making everyone use frostbite and it's only designed for battlefield.
  22. How is THAT not the weird Japanese one no one's ever seen before?
  23. Hey, this forum is my only form of online socializing. Everywhere else is way too restrictive. Hey, I didn't start it, why am I always the one being blamed? It's a book?
  24. I never said that, I said he posts a lot of political stuff. And most of the "conspiracies" of late have been true. His story is that he wants sim games to be better, and people don't like that. At some point he started noticing and making aware that one dude was a psycho who was baiting kids and beating his girlfriend. The psycho dude told EA (Since he worked for SMS, bought by Codies, bought by EA) that Austin bullied him by providing public court documents which led to a suicide attempt that he talked about years ago, the reason then stated because someone ordered a pepperoni and ham p
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