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  1. Again, NFS and Burnout have their own physics calculations that they follow, probably using a lot of the same math. It's just the amount that's being simulating and the input variables. For example, BeamNG realistically simulates pretty much everything. They have a slider built right into the environment settings so you can change the gravity, with presets for different planets and the moon. Setting it to Mars gravity doesn't make it not a sim, it's just not simulating Earth. So bring this back into perspective, look at the Crew, in which when you take a car off road or off a jump it has
  2. Physics, all physics, follow physical laws and rules, what are you talking about? Whether the game has suspension at 800 pounds or 3 million pounds doesn't mean it's not simulating physics. It's simulating physical objects with the same mathematical equations and expressions. The only difference is how many elements are being simulated and what the input variables are. All I'm saying is that there's plenty of examples of arcade titles having adjustable variable inputs that produce simulated outputs and change the handling of the vehicle. Therefore stating that a game is "serious
  3. The previous Dirt games did and so does The Crew. Does the game have Physics? Yes? Then it's a simulation.
  4. But what are we supposed to talk about here?
  5. Every racing game is a simulation. Dirt Rally was never marketed as a sim and had very weird physics. I don't know who hoped that would continue when it did very poorly and satisfied neither side of the playerbase.
  6. A serious off road game is not exactly equivalent to a serious rally game, since it was a Dirt title and had multiple motorsports, but I guess none of that actually existed. In any case, D4 did not do well and at failed at being so, despite whether or not it was trying to. But this argument is still really freaking stupid. The My Stage didn't pan out. It was too repetitive, didn't give enough variation, and the stages were still to wide for a "serious" rally game. That collectively hampered the experience for simmers and arcade racers. But apparently we're now supposed to believe D4 was a
  7. And you seem to know better than the entire community that collectively disliked D4. It got a lukewarm reception at best.
  8. Dirt 4 is not a serious rally game. It attempted to be by ignoring every other aspect of the franchise and failed and got panned. Why would they return to that when they can go back to the old model that did really well and had a large fanbase? Goal posts haven't shifted. D4 was not a very good rally game. And I didn't set those goal posts, you did.
  9. I've never seen anything with Colin's name attached to D2 or D3. I'd also very much argue that D3 added in Gymkhana and a lot of other "fun arcade racer" elements and was in fact not solely nor primarily focused on rally.
  10. Dirt 4 was a tonal disaster and not a very good outing for the series. Why you're pretending otherwise is super weird. DiRT has never been solely focused on rally, and it also was never a sim franchise. What are we even talking about here? This has been going on for a while and it's completely nonsensical. Dirt Rally is a spin off, and it's pretty evident now that it will continue to be a spin off while the mainline games continue. I still fail to see the problem here. No one freaked out that Forza Motorsport was going to die and that Horizon was going to kill the franchise. DR1 was also
  11. Fixed that for you. I didn't know that, that sounds rad!
  12. There was tons of dirt in the game? And once again, Dirt Rally was not the original basis of the franchise... never was. Why this sentiment seems to exist from you makes no sense. The previous Dirt games all had rally content. Hahahahahaha, no it wasn't. Dirtfish also had very different physics from the rest of the locations, and while yeah, it felt good, you know what it wasn't? A sim. Yep. I've finally got fed up and I'm starting my own subreddit to hopefully be able to host this type of content without having to take anything down. https://www.reddit.com/r
  13. This isn't DiRT related, but our... well at least @PJTierney's and mine, good friend has once again been forced to "shut down" PRC Trackside, this time because he made a compilation video of professional race drivers stating what they don't like about iRacing. https://twitter.com/randomcallsign/status/1258121167057162241?s=20 I'm kind of dumbfounded, sad, and confused. I really enjoyed PRC as he called things as they were and tried to bring attention to issues, while the terrible community did as much damage to him as they could, including things that really shouldn't be mentioned. I
  14. If the trailer is anything to go by, I'm saying that's unlikely. But also from the blog: "The narrative features a voice cast led by the legendary Troy Baker and Nolan North" I'm tearing up. They aren't in a good place right now. I also don't know why them. I'm 100% sure Troy knows as much at cars and offroad motorsport as he does football. "partnered by the car culture heroes at Donut Media" Ugh. I hate to jump on the "dudebro" train, but that guy is rather obnoxious. Split screen is cool though, if only I had friends. Hope I can change the split di
  15. I wouldn't say Utah is impossible, but they've already shown footage with big rock features like that in China. Man, for a second I thought you said "New audio engine" and I almost got real excited. It showed rally in the trailer.
  16. D2 had far more content than DR1, D4, and DR2... Do you have any concept of what the DiRT series is? It's always been a multi-motorsport series.
  17. Why would it not have cockpit cam when every CM has had that for 2 decades? Wonder if it's a new engine. I'd much rather it was in the base game. I'm getting real tired of paying $60 for a demo and needing to cash out to get the full game.
  18. The trailer seems a little odd, but it looks like it'll have more variety in line with D2 and D3, so that's cool. Mildly excited. I'll have to wait for some more in depth footage, but visually it looks pretty good. The focus in the first half of the trailer on the ice track seemed a bit weird.
  19. That guy knows how to party.
  20. Because a top down arcade racer and a "simcade" are on the same level or something. It's very easy to just not purchase the next title if it doesn't interest you. For me personally, I was real excited about D4, and after 8 hours I uninstalled it from boredom. I'll not make that mistake again. If D5 has a similarly limited amount of content, then I'm perfectly content with not buying it. I hated Grid. Never felt right, I honestly thought Grid 2 was way better. Autosport was okay, but I never finished it. I still think it would be fun if you could Halo Forge it and ma
  21. O Rly? such as? I'm very keen, I've been looking for good arcade racers for ages. I've played all the 90's and early 2000's to death. Besides, the main line dirt games are criticized for having the roads be too wide and not "hardcore" enough, so what difference would it make to have DR handling? I'd take something arcadey that feels good on all surfaces over the bizarre transitions that DR2 has any day. In fact I explicitly remember playing the early build and we were all very pleased with how tarmac felt, only to be flabbergasted by how awkward Spain is on final release. Why woul
  22. D4 tried to have 2 handling modes, and that was a mistake. They should've refined 1, whichever it happened to be. Must disagree. Driver games aren't exceptionally "realistic," but they are tons of fun to drive around in and feel great. Is it though? I seem to recall a bunch of people criticising it. Granted yes, it's much better than DR1's other than my throttle control not working at all.
  23. I don't know. Those open world off road games typically get boring pretty quickly. More of a return to form with more open motorsports I think would be better, and I think is also more of what people expect from the series. D4 was pretty disappointing content wise, especially with gating everything off from each other. Whether or not beta testers do or do not catch things like that doesn't mean the team will fix them.
  24. ...isn't the font the same? Anyways, with the new studios they've recently acquired it would make sense to do a typical yearly/bi-yearly release schedule like Forza Motorsport and Horizon. Which if that means they have 3 or 4 years dev time while we get games every year or 2, that's cool. Hope it's on a new engine.
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