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  1. Outer Wilds has an expansive non-linear story that you discover on your own at your own pace for one. No Man's Sky has no point, and also has far fewer physical properties or puzzles. No Man's Sky is more akin to a "survival" game like Minecraft, especially with the more "recent" building additions. Outer Wilds is more like Kerbal Space Program if it had a deep story and interesting planetary mechanics. Yeah, a slasher/teen horror flick should never win "Best Picture." You quote an overly awarded action blockbuster and an at the time marvel of film making and special effects, thou
  2. Outer Wilds is fantastic though... Wow. Sounds like you didn't even play it. It's really not though. All things considered, it's just an iteration upon the previous title. And holy ****, you guys expect a racing game to get "Best Game?" Are you nuts? You'll complain about Outer Wilds, an expansive space exploration game with unique physics based world and puzzles and a non-linear story with multiple endings over freaking "Untitled Goose Game?" What's wrong in the world?
  3. Well come on, second place is just first loser. Who shows up to an asskicking contest?
  4. I've played every one from the beginning of the franchise up until Black Ops when it got too stupid, boring, tedious, and repetitive. I haven't liked a single one of them. Good thing I only played them on other peoples systems.
  5. *Next Summer. I doubt it'll be this year, but it's possible. I won't buy it because it's COD.
  6. This is the reason I've uninstalled the game. I just can't handle 18gb updates for content I don't actually have access to.
  7. A game coming out a year later with all the DLC bundled isn't uncommon. Games have been doing that for over a decade. Even GTA4 had the "complete" edition selling for under the cost of the original base game.
  8. ...what about Pikes Peak on Dirt for men, tarmac for boys? Except maybe some of the ridiculous cars like that VW thing. There were some pretty nuts times going on when it was all dirt.
  9. I'm just glad I'm not the only one with a celeb crush on Aniston.
  10. We gave feedback, but given how different our build was from final release, i.e. I liked the alpha build and don't particularly like the final build... And it wasn't in-house, we got alpha keys for Steam. But again, thy never claimed it was by the players and it's not the early access deal the original had.
  11. When did DR2 ever make that claim?
  12. Wait... don't you guys have the Micro Machines license? You could literally make a game about racing around the studio.
  13. Why would a subscription service of $10/month give people more money than a single $40-60 purchase? Much less the $400 for a wheel? Sure, but people don't really use the sub forums, so I guess they're trying to promote them. Why they don't do a standard forum layout and have a "home page" with all the subforums listed for general, technical, suggestions, etc. I don't know.
  14. Well I'm sure Pandemic, Visceral and Dreamworks, I mean Danger Close, I mean Dice L.A. are still around at EA too. They just aren't their own studio, I didn't mean the guys were fired. So anything to share? Oh, I forgot to ask yesterday, it's completely unrelated, but what kind of car is this? Also ignore my gigantic windshield crack. It's been like that for like 4 or 5 years. It's not broken. It's different.
  15. Psh, says you. Seemed to be kind of like an EA thing, they tried one game and then they "shuttered" the studio and absorbed it into the main conglomerate. But uh, why were you visiting? Yeah, but if it's part of the Rallycross license you'd think they'd make it work.
  16. Their purchase of the Evo Studio guys was a perfect time to make a new engine, which I think they did, used it for their one rather impressive game, and then shut it all down. Yeah, well after the EA Porsche deal... Outside of Horizon making a major shift into "appealing" to hipster D bags, the driving is pretty fun. I boot up Driver San Francisco and just drive around. That does lead to problem 2 though, the Horizon series has gotten more and more straight roads with very little character to them. I still think the first game is the most fun to drive with tighter
  17. I have very little idea what you just said. Forza 5 scrapped nearly everything from cars to tracks and started over. Anything that was close enough still got manually reworked. For Forza 6 and 7 they added more cars, tracks and features. They may or may not even do something similar with Forza 8 on the new console, after all they're taking a 3 year "break" between releases instead of the standard 2 they've done so far. A new game is much easier to use a new engine with (But I somehow doubt they'll actually do that, even after acquiring both Slightly Mad and Evo Studios, both of which
  18. I don't know about you guys at CM, but I remember seeing some Forza promo where they have a big robot either laser scan or probe all over the surface of the car. They still do opening doors, hoods, trunks, engine bays, some occasional hatches, the entire interior too though, and I'm assuming that's probably done mostly by hand, or maybe with some photogrammetry and retopology tools. I was watching Mighty Car Mods do a video on "Yaris Hilton" and Marty said they should've got a Subaru. Moog just reaches over the roof of the car and slaps him.
  19. Factually false. Turn 10 scrapped everything and made from scratch for Forza 5 to match a new "standard" for the now current gen consoles. They may have kept some of the higher poly count Forza 4 cars, but there's a reason Forza 5 had 200 cars vs. Forza 4's 500, and Forza 7 has something like 700. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2013-11-06-why-forza-motorsport-5-has-less-cars-and-tracks-than-forza-4
  20. ...you were gone? Because they can also just make a new title and potentially theoretically add in new features and engine improvements. It's not like Activision is starving for cash for releasing COD every year.
  21. I'd say even this would be pretty easy I'd say the Mini is also a contender.
  22. Well it's a bit easier when the actual car is an 80's brick.
  23. Does that mean their new game will be like CM titles, but not on horrendously old engine? Very intriguing. Hmm. These kinds of "global organization" game companies never end up well.
  24. Is the Jr WRC a different licensing entity?
  25. Hmm... I don't see Mr. The Blocks name or a Monster Energy logo, this photo is false.
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