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  1. *cough* maybe better than normal stability levels should be the goal here. They seem less stable than power supply in the Soviet block. What testers? You mean us? We're always smug though. Literally no idea. Other than a few sneak previews real early on, and I mean just pictures or words, we haven't gotten anything in terms of news for months. I can check the secret place, but typically we would all get tagged since we don't have any reason to visit it anymore. *Edit, I'd say at best the last time we actually got anything somewhat gossipy was in June of last year in
  2. Whatchu talkin bout? He linked 2 pictures of cars. Cars confirmed.
  3. Well something needs to be done about the massive droves of roaming homeless co-drivers.
  4. That must be fake news. A Finn yelling to slow down? At least put some effort into it guys.
  5. I wasn't expecting anyone to really care about Keanu Reeves, but then the Cyberpunk reveal happened.
  6. Honestly with how poorly I've been sleeping that could be great. Although my sister and her kids waking me up with dogs barking and the bird screaming doesn't help. Look at Japan. A lot of offices have bunk beds. Side note, Japan has the highest suicide rate in the world. Don't know why.
  7. Y'know... I bought that book and it's been sitting on my bookshelf for years. Never got around to reading it.
  8. With how much time off you guys get it's a miracle you get anything done at all. That, and between the office Ping-Pong, pizza parties, and school field trips to museums, events, and sound recording sessions.
  9. Lightning is based off of a Corvette but I think ironically licensing fell through or something, so he's only mostly a Corvette. ...spooky.
  10. I think it looks more Forza Horizon 2, but I'm more curious as to why the Ghostbusters are in Italy/Greece.
  11. The funny thing is that's about as far as I get before I lose interest.
  12. I'd like to know what tvs those are with edges that thin.
  13. "Industrial strength" means jack all.
  14. True, but it's a bloody awful headache inducing whine. I'm thinking they'll start linking the sound to dead animals and constant migraines in people. And I'm only slightly joking. Please, like it isn't now.
  15. Nah, it's more like ...saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad *brake* saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad I could be wrong, but it seems like there should still be a fair amount of dirt and road noise. I mean, riding a bike with knobbly tires on a smooth surface is pretty loud.
  16. In my experience, Vsync is really cool in Assetto Corsa, because it's so **** and runs so poorly that if you drop below 60 it halves your framerate down to 30, and below 30, it drops to 15. So if you move between 29-31 or 59-61 it constantly bounces around feels god awful. It also tends to add input delays and all sorts of other stuff. I haven't played a lot of other games necessarily, but I have a 144 Hz monitor and the only game I've played that feels super smooth to me is Destiny 2 at ~80FPS. For the record, I play AC and every other sim in triple screen, and AC is the only one that ha
  17. I try. so due to PJ's reminder, I looked up Austin on YT and found this;
  18. Forza Horizon is 30 and it feels pretty great. Compared to when I get 70fps in AC and I get half second long screen tears and turns feel like a slide show. I have no idea what causes it, but it really makes it unplayable. I'll take Forzas perfect 30 to AC's god awful 70 any day. Ew. I love the entitlement these VR guys have, but that's not an argument I want to start again. Holy hell that was annoying.
  19. I completely forgot about his YouTube channel. I at least liked most of the articles for outing the community as being vehemently toxic and just the worst. Like that Domino's Pizza delivery guy that maxed out a credit card or two to build an iRacing simulator in his basement and no one told him that was a terrible idea and instead kept egging him on into debt. Also the stagnation of the "genre" as a whole, but he gave credit where it was due. Interesting. I don't really follow the sim racing sites much anymore because it tends to be... self reciprocating and the sims I have aren
  20. At least they gave your money back. And I'd 100% believe the same thing about Assetto Corsa and "Lord Kunos" What a ****. At least for PCars 2 Ian shut up and they seemed a lot more open after the mass amounts of backlash they got. I only bought PCars 2 because they actually made an attempt to change. I still won't buy anything Assetto Corsa though, those completely incompetent imbeciles.
  21. Yeah, they also have some proper triple screen support, even supporting weird mismatched monitors. I haven't heard much about Ian since the launch of PCars 2. Seems he understood it's best to just keep quiet. then again, after he bought Austin from PRC I haven't had a good source of the scummy community that is sim racing. Although thankfully I'll never have to go through the comments again. Oh... Riiiiight. the mad box or whatever. What a stupid idea. There's even a new Atari system that's turning out to be a scam. Forza has had titles without Toyota and VW afte
  22. I'm still a little unsure what ended up happening to the Evo Studios guys after CM bought them and promptly dissolved them while still maintaining their horrendously outdated Ego engine instead of the one the Evo guys had. Meanwhile I've been curious what SMS has been up to, and considering I'm pretty sure Project Cars 2 did significantly better than the first I thought they had enough money to stay independent, so it seems odd they've been bought by CM. Ian Bell included. But hey, if the higher ups could get things sorted and at least produce a new engine for the studio I'd be happy
  23. Is that the way it's supposed to go? Here I've been having sex after a great cigarette. I find it interesting that the co-driver is just like "...Make that a left 2..." while the driver who somehow isn't Mr. The Block is screaming. And then the co-driver bursts into flames. Gotta be honest, that reminds me more of Chevy of the Chase variety.
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