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  1. This is humorous. Skip to 3:46 as the rest of it's pretty ****.
  2. "So I'm thinking "Alright, I'm no longer in control."" - Lewis Hamilton.
  3. That diagram clearly proves you wrong and the other guy right. Chimps are at the top, split off, not a direct ancestor. On another note, going back to achievement hunting, I hate them. For one, the vast majority are just for completing the game. Woo. My big issue is you used to do things in games to earn stuff in game, whatever it be. Now you just get useless achievements. The only factor I've seen them be useful in is telling you how few people actually even complete the main story in games.
  4. Seems like it. Unfortunately it would appear that Mr. The Block has already done it and in fact hasn't died horribly.
  5. This week, Neil Cole punches a baby and Mr. The Block doesn't qualify for FIA so he races ahead of the pack anyways in chocolate land. Also Climbkhana 2 is teased to take place on a twisty road in China. I'm sure that'll be interesting. Terrible. I mean it'll be terrible.
  6. Why not just **** out the window and have less drag? Oh... yeah that looks... fun...
  7. Dave is a TV channel? You people are weird. Either way, I guess I don't follow sports enough to know or care who the presenters are, or be excited about them. People ***** about the usual guy, and then you hate this guy. Don't like the hype man, don't like the straight man. I honestly have no opinion on him other than he's less annoying than Forrest. I really just spent my time watching Mr. The Block be the absolute worst at rally and genuinely garbage human being.
  8. I don't know who he is, but he's less annoying than Forrest or whatever that usually narrates. What's wrong with him? By my metric it's anyone that talks like this; (I need to use the cc to understand what he's saying.)
  9. I've never heard of Sim-Pure, but I would in no way guess that it has anything to do with arcade.
  10. What the hell arcade games are you playing? In other news, this week Mr. The Block ditches the usual host and replaces him with someone far less... annoying and comes dead last in San Marino Rally Legend.
  11. That's what I like about getting some of the rally maps or Pikes Peak in BeamNG. When you really push it feels like just seconds from spontaneous combustion and death.
  12. All of these are in direct confrontation with each other. You've been posting it for months without asking, and don't want a quick response but want it to be fixed quickly...
  13. You said there were nets to catch runaway pucks. I also find it odd that the glass would break, always thought they were plexiglass.
  14. As far as I understand, you hit a ball with a dumb paddle-bat, run straight at the "bowler" and then back. For a second I thought you were talking curling, and I was very confused. Way to go Canada. I haven't been to a hockey game in a few years, but there weren't any nets. I always ended up getting bored and wandering off since... it might've been before I got my glasses so I couldn't actually see anything. The Zamboni driver is the most impressive one there.
  15. Oh, please, it is not. No one watches Cricket or understands how it works. The only thing I know is that it's a bastardization of the genocide of an entire alien species.
  16. Reminds me of flight testing with my dad. He and another guy both had radios, but decided to just yell at each other with a lot of "WHAT!?"
  17. I hate roof cam. I've been playing with GT4 a bit and they only have roof cam. It's very odd to drive and hard to tell where the vehicle actually is. Then again, GT4 also has terrible collision boxes.
  18. Looks like some of the ugly modern BMW's with sharp angles and weird cuts everywhere.
  19. They're the mileage service indicators.
  20. That sonuva... He's not part of the sound department!
  21. That'd be cool. I wonder if the material system would even work well for that.
  22. You are your phone? Woah, I didn't think we were in that time period yet. You cut that out! The only Escort livery of Mr. The Block's I'm interested in is his old one so I can hit a rock and watch Phil burn alive.
  23. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess... Bolts? Is it bolts?
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